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Spam, unsolicited/unwanted bulk/commercial eMail, all that trash you don't want that's always filling your inbox, and how you feel about it. Pick your side: red is for people who hate spam, green is for people who like spam. Speak your mind to the world. Personally, we think spam sucks!

A note to those continuously trying to post spammers' email addresses to be harvested: While we agree that this has it's use in the proper place, we feel that it strongly detracts from the purpose of this forum. This forum is a place for people to express real-life feelings about spam. Your posting must express your feelings about the subject or relate experiences with it. All email addresses will be munged to prevent harvesting. If you want to post address lists for harvesting then go make your own website.
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Laurie - 2015-04-23 12:37:28
I live in the country where my internet is charged by the download and when my ip address is sold to you and you bombard me with streaming ads it costs me a fortune Please stop it
zrmzgwuvff - 2014-12-11 11:59:20
bcuiutqbntvdlt, cqnyfobkdh
smitty - 2014-12-08 17:54:28
Tastes gross smells gross is gross
David - 2014-11-24 09:25:12
It's a huge time waster.
armindo gomes - 2014-11-03 18:00:05
armindo gomes - 2014-11-03 17:59:05
armindo gomes - 2014-11-03 17:58:00
armindo gomes - 2014-11-03 17:57:34
armindo gomes - 2014-11-03 17:55:30
armindo gomes - 2014-11-03 17:54:49
Spammer go to Hell!!! - 2014-07-02 06:50:17
This is the number that spammed me!! +63(975)222-1508
SPAMMER Go to HELL!!!! - 2014-07-02 06:48:53
I got spammed
grumpy - 2014-05-27 07:21:58
Microsoft encourages spam, scams, and phishing. Their employees sell emails names and lists that they steal or acquire from Microsoft. Microsoft does nothing to discourage this practice and actually benefits from the practice.
{CENSORED}YouSpammers - 2013-04-17 01:39:55
They are {CENSORED}in' me off. A LOT!!!! Especially those in youtube saying "subscribe and visit my channel watch my videos blahblahblah" or "visit {CENSORED} for porn or whatsoever
Seh - 2013-03-19 16:17:23
This page is 10 years long and the funny thing is that people still joke about spam.
grumpy - 2013-02-26 22:51:40
Yahoo seems to have a large number of spammers with nothing beter to do than try to impersonate the F.B.I.. Good ry butt wipes, but the F.B.UI. will be sending you a greeting card.
i like spam - 2013-01-15 19:26:47
i-like-spam at
bums - 2013-01-15 19:26:28
ertr - 2012-12-01 20:03:49
ewqweq - 2012-12-01 20:02:50
grumpy - 2012-10-23 19:56:15
Nice try spammers. Keep sending your {CENSORED} and I keep reporting it. So far a bunch of you have been shut down and more to come.
grumpy - 2012-10-23 09:15:34
Nothing I like better than seeing a bunch of spamming butt heads at work. It just completes my day because I know that the federal authorities well be around to see you after I have filed my report about spamming idiots that steal ads from websites and send them out as their own. I forget off hand what the penalty for copyright infringement is, but I'm sure a few years of being someone's girlfriend in prison won't matter. Oh yea, by the way have a nice day.
grumpy - 2012-10-18 11:51:07
Lately I have gotten a lot of spam from spammers trying to obtain personal information so they can sell it. and West Wind Network Brokers are the biggest domain sellers to spammers. Razor, Inc. is the biggest internet provider for spammers. Get rid of these people and the problem geets smaller.
Kenneth - 2012-10-18 04:18:54
Hi...hello! Everyone...!;-)
natalya - 2012-09-15 02:30:18
i simply hate it! ang kulet??!!
Danial Hrominchuk - 2012-07-05 01:35:35
I hate spam and someone is apparently using my name cause I never spammed any. I don't even know how to spam
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:39:05
I love spammers. They provide services to the community by preventing stupid people from misusing computer by infecting their computer with poorly programmed piece of garbage that take hours to remove. If we eradicate spammer how can we continue making money selling fear of viruses and so on?
Spam Revolt soldier - 2011-08-11 14:36:43
Marie sorry my error its www.SpamRevolt.mrg
Spam revolt soldier - 2011-08-11 14:34:19
Marie, Go tp www. SpamRevolt.mrg
Marie - 2011-08-11 13:53:16
Wow this sounds good where do I find out more about it.
Spam Revolt soldier - 2011-08-11 13:41:32
Spam is illegal, you can't stop the spam but with Spam revolt you can click one Icon and report the advertisers to over 200 regulatory agencies. stop the flow of money and you stop the spam
pEEnUCKLE - 2011-06-10 10:08:31
info [at] Would like to know more
I hate it - 2010-06-24 12:46:20
Shijiazhuang Wanye Phosphate Industry Co., Ltd.
faud evarybody - 2010-06-24 12:45:05
Shijiazhuang Wanye Phosphate Industry Co., Ltd.
SPAM BE - 2010-06-22 00:15:24
lynda [at] - 2010-06-05 08:02:26
lynda [at] loves spam, I hate it
spammyjammy - 2010-05-04 10:02:40
spam it so nasty.. eww canned ham
Mot - 2010-04-28 09:57:00
"Where do they find our email addresses" [at] [at]
jgarci14 [at] - 2010-04-15 16:39:19
i hate spam
Jimmy Ham - 2010-04-13 12:42:08
Cuz I need to build anti-spam systems managerca [at]
toast - 2010-04-04 23:12:56 I am coming for you. be prepared. I know you will enjoy your animated flash horseporn JAMAHAR signed, FEMANON
Hate - 2010-03-26 17:11:42
I hate this nigerian thing. I come froma connected family and I would love to meet one of these people. it will be alot of fun on my side. lol. give me a chance you Nigerian f&*ks.
Joan - 2010-03-19 15:08:52
I don't think discussing Spam is a waste of time. At least you can tell others they are not alone in their quest to have clean email and not {CENSORED} from someone in a third world country claiming to be a USA pharmacy. What is wrong with you people in the green. Is country bashing a new Spam from you?
Joan - 2010-03-19 15:02:51
It is infuriating and some of it is really insulting! It is aimed at the people who have no control over their email and boy do they ever take advantage of us. Where do they find our email addresses and why are they allowed to do this. It is no different than paying your phone bill and receiving unsolicited telemarketing call, all hours of the day and night!
vandeevenus - 2010-03-18 04:12:34
its a absolute waste of time even to be discussing about it
JRMSR - 2010-02-05 17:10:34
Anyone interested in reporting for spamming to the FTC or FBI for deceptive practices and distribution IP Address These stinking {CENSORED}s are at 74 R. Paraiba, San Paulo, Brazil. There parent company is: NET Servios de Comunicao S.A.. Rua Verbo Divino, 1356 04719-002 Sao Paulo, Brazil Phone: +55-11-2111-2785 Have at 'em they post anonimously on the
HungWeiLo - 2010-02-02 12:19:49
I hate spam because spam is hated. It's just the cool thing to do
Lithium - 2010-01-26 15:28:57
I hate spam because digital djs are constantly spamming me to play and listen to their crappy tracks on "beatport". ALL DIGITAL DJS SUCK! Which is why they use spam and that is why I hate spam. VINYL FOREVER!
Spammer - 2010-01-26 12:38:46
This is spam, and that's why i hate it........................ Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam
Marvin - 2010-01-26 12:36:09
I hate spam cuz i open my inbox and always is full of spam! {CENSORED} the spam
Terry - 2010-01-04 22:44:27
I have over a hundred forwarded addresses on over 400 domains. I get over 1500 spam emails a day from these a [at] #holes! Even though they are in my spam folder I still have to do scans before I totally delete them because of client emails springing the spam filtering.
tania - 2009-12-31 06:53:28
Mason - 2009-12-13 23:40:58
Spammers can go F#$ [at] themselves. They are destroying a great resource in communication. Whats worse are the dumbf#$s who buy this {CENSORED} giving spammers the reason to send 100,000 more e-mails.
JeanPierre - 2009-12-08 04:45:33
I easily delete those f**kin' spams automatically with spam monitor which i downloaded from :p
urbanndn - 2009-11-17 02:50:09
Will - 2009-10-30 00:26:45
I spam spammers. Haha.
Circuitsboard - 2009-10-12 14:29:14
Spam SUCKS. Spammers should take one behind the ear!!! [at] - 2009-10-08 11:14:36
be cos ... he is bu**
Arnold P. - 2009-10-01 11:32:05
I hate it... why spam me? aperson [at]
antispammer - 2009-09-30 08:23:42
While spam has its place with legislation,this is basically ignored for the want of quick conversions without invitation
f spam - 2009-09-16 21:44:46
i hate spam it makes me want to kick the persons *bleep* for doing it!!!!!!!!!!!
G - 2009-09-05 00:48:49
Spam... why. why me.
Me - 2009-09-03 23:21:38
you did not get the message...OOOOooohhhh.You think because I'm over 50 there is just SPAM.
judy - 2009-08-22 19:54:45
I just can't get enough abuse jr [at]
Txo - 2009-08-22 05:50:26
Les spammeurs sont des cons
Charlotte Turner - 2009-08-11 00:39:59
It is always unwanted and a waste of my time. I'd rather be playing games online.
Bodo - 2009-05-31 11:24:24
Useless POS filling up my e-mail inbox :
Alex - 2009-05-26 22:13:41
I dont know why I keep getting loads of spam. Cheers Alex. abeviss [at]
too many - 2009-05-22 11:04:51
im finding hard to access my mails
waste - 2009-05-20 02:56:10
time waste
am - 2009-04-22 21:05:07
kj - 2009-04-13 20:03:33
Spam needs to die
peter - 2009-04-09 11:50:28
i can say i hate spam, but some time educate people
Spamer - 2009-04-05 12:39:47
aad - 2009-04-05 12:38:58
I hate spams and I want this to stop !!! It is parasitic. But another problem is the registrars that register domain names for these spammers. These registrars must stop working with them and help the public authorities to take legal actions versus them. It would be a great action if we were numerous to join the FTC so as to complaint about these registrar. FTC must oblige registrar to stop to work with spammers, to destroy all the domain names they have registered for them, to give all information they have about these spammers. And then, FTC must take legal action versus these spammers !
caffeine addiction - 2009-04-01 19:29:39
I get over 2000 a week. Is that reason enough? Enhancement to make my [private part] bigger, for one. Imagine if parents knew what their kids deal with.
prateek - 2009-03-02 14:33:34
Dravekx - 2009-02-23 17:27:05
You all are {CENSORED}ing idiots, you can't even spam me. I dare you. My email: dravekx [at]
Shirley Temple - 2009-02-20 04:45:15
Spamming is just a waste of time, money and effort. It takes the fun and safety away from innocent youngsters who visit a forum and end up seeing indecent content because some scoundrel is flooding the discussion with all sorts of blatant pornographic adverts! If you want to succeed in life go take me as an example and work hard in the showbiz industry, instead of bothering us all with your unsolicited messages. You won't see the real point in advertising something if you are hurting someone else in the process. - Shirley
Wade B - 2009-02-10 15:29:05
too much trash & time WASTED-From the Brain-Dead, No~lives, With no purpose or use of space or time.
John - 2009-01-28 03:11:14
Waste of time, space, effort.
you've won 10,000 - 2009-01-17 16:36:34
Congratulations, you're our 1,000,000 visitor, no joke!! You've won 10,000!! To claim go to lol I'm kidding, I could be a multi-billionare if I clicked ever ad like that ive seen/received, or just have a computer with millions of viruses SPAM BAD, DON'T CLICK IT
Danial Hrominchuk - 2009-01-16 01:24:17
Spam cloggs up my email so much. It's messed up my computer far too many times. I waste over 98% of my time fighting spam. Then there's the money I put out for programs that were suppose get rid of spam and the programs tend to be doing the exact opposite or else you need a Harvards degree to understand the program. I'm an absolute spam hater! Spam should be called computer demon
ANother Spamhater - 2009-01-04 08:14:11
I hate spams and I want this to stop !!! It is parasitic. But another problem is the registrars that register domain names for these spammers. These registrars must stop working with them and help the public authorities to take legal actions versus them. It would be a great action if we were numerous to join the FTC so as to complaint about these registrar. FTC must oblige registrar to stop to work with spammers, to destroy all the domain names they have registered for them, to give all information they have about these spammers. And then, FTC must take legal action versus these spammers !
Drioux - 2008-12-07 09:28:20
Send me anything you got! I got tons of stuff! Drioux_Galvan [at] or Drioux_Galvan [at]
SpamHater in Arizona - 2008-12-03 14:18:25
bj_tangog [at] - 2008-11-27 01:47:45
how to remove this message cause my profile distroy may profile please help me
bj_tangog [at] - 2008-11-27 01:46:01
# # Posted 11/26/2008 12:47 am # If I were to die today, I would die happily...for I lived my life knowing and having you as a friend. But I would also leave this world sadly coz I will be leaving you the one who gave me reason to live. I am very happy to know someone like you.
gixxerDC - 2008-11-25 08:57:35
I hate spam!!! I dont care if johnylee1 wants me to see a site about steroids.
Max Anderson - 2008-11-05 00:09:26
Spam tastes like rotton chicken!!!!
tapeworm - 2008-10-17 12:32:37
It is parasitic. Spammers cost us many fold what they collect, then add the costs to put them in jail. It's like a crooked congressman or government administration, their million is our billion.
Personny - 2008-10-14 20:31:54
Are your correspondents trying to escape from Nigeria with instantly enlargable body parts, so that they can share their low mortgage rates that made them giddy with incredible stock tips for discounts on pizzas and heavy watches thanks to your using an unrevocable drivers license that also attracts women of the opposite sex, while helping you build a structure consisting of four triangular sides that meet at a point for just $5? If so, then You've got Spam! <img src="">
Antonio Bonifati - 2008-10-10 05:52:02
Because I loose a lot of time wading through email messages to tell what's spam or not.
munnavhai - 2008-10-01 12:57:12
i like sex too much
Mike - 2008-09-15 20:50:54
Most of the time it makes no sense! Just a bunch of gibberish. WTF!?
Ron - 2008-09-03 12:47:05
I want to kill all the spamming {CENSORED}ers
mechelle henderson - 2008-08-13 21:10:12
horselover4eva1682 [at] keeps spamming me
roberd - 2008-08-03 02:42:52
i like it
Chris - 2008-07-29 15:51:49
They continue to flood Craigslist Discussion Forums
grichey [at] - 2008-07-21 16:55:22
it keeps me busy
BananaMan - 2008-07-20 13:57:23
It's an attack on my inbox that cannot be blocked seeing how it's coming from infected computers all across the net. Don't go to porn site and download viruses and you won't have your computer owned by someone else!
Chandu - 2008-07-16 08:05:23
Its bad
bely - 2008-07-13 16:42:31
guapo moreno ojos verdes deportista
god - 2008-07-08 10:34:49
every time you send spam I kill a kitten.
Bob Tuckerson - 2008-06-28 21:25:30
??? - 2008-06-28 21:23:46
Because it is anoying and ont stop bothering me. I continue to exit but it always pops up!
Dolores Jefferson - 2008-06-25 11:26:19
neo - 2008-06-23 20:32:07
Spammers are threatening to dominate the internet. They have nearly destroyed E-Mail and are starting on blogs and forums. While spam will never die down completely, we can do things to slow it down. Put a spampoison sticker on your blog or put an antispam system on. Report spam to the spammers ISP. Use disposable Email addresses. Munge Email addresses at your forum. Put a Captcha image on your signup form. Anything productive will work while hating and bashing and cursing will do nothing at all.
guerrilla T - 2008-06-13 01:49:51
we need to take up arms. as far as i see it they are invading us. at our jobs, our homes.... everywhere. is it not enough that we have to watch Ads or get popups. people are getting screwed out of money privacy identity and information are all compromised and able to be bought. im tired of it. take up counter measures. bring the fight to them. go guerrilla. use the internet to our advantage. spam the spammers. get on craigslist and take it back. I dont know. do anything and everything. theres more of us than there are of them. You have to get MAD.
Agrican Boivin - 2008-06-03 22:52:38
Spam''est une tiquette fixe drogatoire d'email en vrac, c'est-message qui est envoy en grandes quantits aux personnes qui n'ont pas demand recevoir ce type de courrier. En rgle gnrale, la pratique se fait de prsenter une sorte de crasse publicit commerciale. Spam ne fonctionne pas Contrairement aux affirmations et les promesses de ceux qui tentent de faire une entreprise commerciale la publicit tous les autres frais, le spam ne fonctionne pas. Pourquoi? Plusieurs raisons. * Le spam est bloqu automatiquement par un logiciel o c net: Worldtalk assure email o c net: Bigfoot annonce de nouvelles fonctionnalits o c net: Nouvelle arrive filtres anti-spam * Rseau de fournisseurs de rseaux de bloquer tout spam qui gnrent o c net: Spam Netcom fait bloc libre Emailer En outre, le spam ne fait que rendre sa destination est souvent supprim non, inclus dans une lettre de plainte l'origine du poste d'accueil, et utiliss comme base de listes noires de socits, de
Michael - 2008-06-03 22:48:09
It increases the death toll in Africa
vic - 2008-05-28 13:23:28
victoriatherese [at]
angryone - 2008-05-23 12:51:08
Its horrible and now its coming thur the fax and phone worse then ever! {CENSORED} heads!! I hate the removal number with the french girl. How did she get our number1!!
Jon - 2008-05-19 17:12:35
dear Matthew Paul Argall, i hope your parents get AIDS and you have to watch them die slowly.
Jon - 2008-05-19 17:09:06
i hate anyone that feeds off someone weaker. if possible, this site should list should list spammers and scamers real addresses so if you see one in your home town you could go do what should be done.
Rabid Hamster - 2008-05-09 08:56:16
SeeMarkFly said "I make 1,000 copies and then BOUNCE the mail back." Thanks - so you're the tosspot who fills up my mailserver because you think the return (sender's) address is genuine. You're mailbombing other victims of spam. Please stop (assuming you haven't had your account with your ISP terminated already for spamming).
Rod - 2008-05-01 23:40:07
Spammers are mentally deficient pinheads with no life, no intelligence, no {CENSORED}, and no hope of ever becoming anything more than snot-nosed pests incapable of getting a REAL job. What makes these pathetic morons think I'm going to buy medication, fake Rolexes, weight-loss schemes, mortages, green tea, work-at-home schemes, or send money to some loser in Nigeria is beyond me.
Elizabeth D Cantrell - 2008-04-20 08:55:27
Now that I have Gmail which sends all my spam to a folder that I happily delete forever, spam is less a personal bother. But, I am a nurse who works with elderly at home and I am sick to death with the scams which have bilked them out of money. I have heard people chuckle and make snide comments about age and wisdom but it is the shameful state of our healthcare system and lack of care for some of our most vulnerable citizens which drives too many of them to try to get money-and sadly, most are doing it to relieve the "financial burden" they have become to their children.
Wim - 2008-04-18 07:58:54
especially beginners who didn't install SpamFighter losing time because of the useless spam which doesn't do what it promises. Go ahead, install SpamFighter imediately it's FREE software which SAVES YOU time.
Ken - 2008-04-14 14:22:05
I frankly got better things to do then waded through piles of {CENSORED} to get the mail I want to read. I don't need body parts "enhanced", I don't need a loan, I am not going to trust pills bought from someone I have never seen and I am not interested in your porn (especially with a with a small child and wife in the vicinity. Thank you, goodbye and forget this email address exists.
Phil - 2008-03-12 01:34:13
I don't want it, I don't want to buy a fake rolex, {CENSORED} off and leave me alone, if I want something I'll go looking myself.
Death Sux - 2008-03-04 20:15:19
Are you imbeciles spammers PAYING ME for my time???? You know where to go & how to get there so I don't need to tell you. Spam sucks almost as much as death but not by much since it's STEALING precious moments of my life!!!!!
SeeMarkFly - 2008-02-29 19:12:05
I make 1,000 copies and then BOUNCE the mail back. The basic attitude I have is: If you will stop delivering the ammunition to me, I will stop shooting at you.
Tommy - 2008-02-14 07:28:39
Please don't spam me. (reverse psychology) tommy_field [at]
brandon auman - 2008-01-16 09:22:52
I am terrible at telling stories
geocities and canadian pharmacy - 2007-12-31 12:23:44
I have never ordered online. Pls unsubscribe my address
nospam - 2007-12-29 12:15:16
spam is for those without lives that feel it is necessary to make asshats of themselves and make everyone else miserable
someone - 2007-12-29 12:10:28
spammers shouldnt even be aknowledged. they should just be tossed aside like the trash they are and not even be aknowledged.
me - 2007-12-29 12:03:32
me and everyone else here already has to put up with plenty of {CENSORED} everyday and we dont need spam making it worse.
because it sucks - 2007-12-29 12:00:57
because it is just stupid.
Death - 2007-12-29 11:54:53
to all spammers:I WILL COME FOR YOU!!!!!
spam sux - 2007-12-29 11:52:44
why do you people do this? spam is for whores and people with tiny wangers....nuff said
Lance Quagmire - 2007-12-23 23:20:58
It clogs up my personal series of tubes with dozens of movies streaming across the internets.
Munged - 2007-12-19 16:27:10
It's bad enough getting real junk mail, without virtual junk.
denny ajd - 2007-12-13 04:14:21
i am busy
.,.:;:htnnlcober.exe:;:.,. - 2007-11-27 05:55:19
I do not want to buy pills and {CENSORED} emnlargers. Really, I don't give a {CENSORED}! It would be nice for us to decide whenever we want to receive spam. FFF{CENSORED}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trevor - 2007-10-17 02:09:47
i hate spam, i will send you naked picture if you send spam to my email account: trevor_166 [at]
raine1200 - 2007-09-27 08:29:33
Cause it is too much work to delete it all. AOL has not made it easy to stop it but Yahoo is very easy
Anonymous - 2007-09-06 17:02:44
Whoops - My "several problems" are really two big ones (to clarify) 1. Tthat "solution" *allows spam onto our server - when it should never pass through the door at all* and 2. *It lets the spammers win*.
Anonymous - 2007-09-06 16:58:43
Official answer at my company when I ask to change my email address because I'm getting spam: just train your client's junk filter, yeah it takes a while to train them, but they work pretty well. I have several problems with this: 1. I've distributed my email nowhere outside the company. My address was successfully guessed by a spam bot, but if I changed it to something less obvious, I would get no spam. But with this "solution", spam still gets through - I just have to ignore it. It is not right that a server should accept unsolicited email. It shouldn't even bounce. It should just be deleted, no hint of any response, no questions asked. So the spammers win. We let them through our virtual "door", we just jam them in a closet. They should never pass through the door, and the whole neighborhood should drive them out so they never even approach the door.
slots - 2007-09-06 07:10:09
Anonymous - 2007-08-07 12:17:02
Do a barrel roll.
Cassie - 2007-08-08 10:16:25
QQ - 2007-07-28 20:13:27
ted [at] - 2007-06-28 01:42:24
i love spam, send me more.
Sex free jalse118 - 2007-06-27 20:52:04
News Sex links !
Me - 2007-06-27 06:43:27
Because if I want something I'll research it, I don't need useless facts about some piece of trash that don't work, and that I don't need.
am [at] - 2007-06-26 11:01:00
i hate spam. better not send me stuff.
spl - 2007-06-25 11:27:13
i hate spam, please send spam to my email account: splutz [at] ; schlucks [at]
jonsf - 2007-06-24 18:04:40
lOQlOB hi jonsf!
Yahir - 2007-06-23 17:54:33
Keep it going, thanks. I found exactly the information.
Christine - 2007-06-23 17:53:46
What can I say?
ccsman420 [at] - 2007-06-22 20:18:02
yeah spam sucks Ballzac
NOT ALONE - 2007-06-18 19:57:22
Anonymous - 2007-06-12 08:03:14
Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu DesuDesu Desu Desu Desu Desu
morgan - 2007-06-04 16:53:06
i might get spamed
fyr - 2007-06-01 20:22:25
thank god soloway is going to jail now, helluhluyeah!!
Andy0 - 2007-05-31 16:28:01
Because I have a large enough dick already!
Nick - 2007-05-31 08:39:01
Execute Robert Alan Soloway
ivatra [at] - 2007-05-12 20:30:20
Hi My Name Is ivapem.
k - 2007-05-02 09:12:00
Neeeeee! That is stuped!!!!
xoxoxoxoxo - 2007-05-02 09:05:28
i hate spam
k - 2007-04-25 14:12:35
what was seth talking about
brad - 2007-04-12 10:59:48
everyone spam main [at] . These people are dead.
Brad - 2007-04-12 10:57:50
Let's get extreme everyone pay 1 dollor to find them, and kill them period. done deal. no more spam.
Phil D Baskett - 2007-04-08 20:21:26
Spam really sucks because of it's lousey shelf life.If I had a choice I'ed prefer Spamalot,Oh! Spamelot !!!!!
Robert Nolan - 2007-04-08 20:11:57
I think that the only spam worth anything comes in a can.recently I am getting a ton of lottery spam from amongst others,Coca Cola lottery,Great Britian National lottery,etc.If only 1% of them were true I would be the worlds richest man.And we all know how money draws spamsters.If you are writing in the green section (why I like spam) send me your email address and I will email you copies of my lottery spam.Now THAT should change your outlook !
Mike Stranger - 2007-03-16 15:31:15
Thanks 123 adware
Pisi-Deff - 2007-03-16 14:46:14
Becuse it floods my mail
AGAIN THE CLULESS PERSON! - 2007-03-10 14:51:48
SAME CLUELESS PERSON - 2007-03-10 14:49:16
A CLUELESS PERSON - 2007-03-10 14:46:48
BubbaRey - 2007-03-08 01:49:18
Silly McSillypants - 2007-03-06 19:57:21
it is just plain silly!
Paul - 2007-03-01 11:31:56
How come "cocksucker" is allowed but "pen1s" is censored?
Paul - 2007-03-01 11:28:28
Its an invasion of my space and i don't need viagra or a larger {CENSORED}
maricuzvy - 2007-02-28 10:07:54
I'm really sorry but i need it...
kuratkull - 2007-02-24 17:00:32
spam ate my mail
Alex Georges - 2007-02-17 02:15:07
i <3 {CENSORED} because mine got sucked off *cry*
D-rad the Murderer - 2007-01-29 11:12:02
Ello. I am 24 years old and live in my mothers basement. I enjoy Anime and Cartoons, and especially my moms brownies. I am borderline 400 lbs. and growing everyday. I am a lvl 49 in WoW, and I continue to play aimlessly all day. I have a 700 page blog, and this will be my next entry. Tata for now, D-Rad the Murderer
nothing - 2007-01-29 11:11:07
im a rapist
WiseApple - 2007-01-23 22:08:23
Spam is what junkmail is to snailmail...only with no sense of decency or responsiblity and there's a whole hell of lot more of it to hate.
V - 2007-01-20 15:52:03
Spam sucks because is sucks {CENSORED}.
Cam - 2007-01-17 08:54:57
Most spams I see have no contact details - how are you supposed to buy something from someone you can't even prank call?
JOHN - 2006-12-27 00:36:06
tenn - 2006-12-26 12:58:45
but then i despise spam because mine enemies use it against me!
sam - 2006-12-22 10:59:32
spam makes me want to go nuts
kevin - 2006-12-22 10:57:12
i hate it
sam - 2006-12-22 10:53:38
spam makes me wanna take a chainsaw and cut down a christmas tree then make me eat a worm
Sean - 2006-12-18 18:05:00
Gmail is fast and has a ridiculous amount of space, so I don't even care. Send me spam and I won't read it, but at the same time, I'm not going to get all {CENSORED}y over it.
Costa - 2006-12-14 11:15:23
OMG!! - 2006-12-13 09:50:37
sane one - 2006-12-04 05:04:39
I hate spam because of the lies the subjects has, and since many of the spam is worm related I hate that too. By the way I hate many comments below and to the right because it is spam in itself..:)
Fabian - 2006-11-17 14:09:29
Because spam takes 90 percents of all the mails i recieve a day :-(
Bonedaddy - 2006-11-14 13:26:44
Suckers-Please-Avoid-Me Spammers and their companies are a boil on the {CENSORED} of society.
Bigcock - 2006-11-14 05:56:33
Most spammers are nothing more then cocksuckers and faggots .
Cowboy - 2006-11-03 19:00:11
Hallo! site the best! :)
reviews site - 2006-10-17 10:30:28
I just don't have anything to say these days. I've just been letting everything happen without me recently. It's not important. I feel like a bunch of nothing, but that's how it is. I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. My life's been generally dull recently.
info [at] - 2006-08-28 17:24:54
info [at] is an email of {CENSORED}ed russian spammers
los - 2006-07-04 23:43:16
Because of Don Reid (aka. major assface)
Robert Soloway is a Moron - 2006-06-23 16:43:50
Because of idiots like Robert Soloway! email advertise your site today to 8,000,000 people for free... this non-commercial offer is solely intended for non-commercial charities only. press charity info option on site for details. this email offer is not a commercial service for sale/lease/trade
Bemuse - 2006-06-22 15:06:35
Spam does suck but if you would learn how to use your Email responsibily, the spammers would not get a hold of it. pacer [at]
dwayne - 2006-06-21 21:40:08
because its like a rude mixture of spice and ham...its not right
edwin - 2006-06-05 02:56:03
dont send me a spam i hate that that
mike - 2006-06-01 21:30:06
Tam - 2006-06-01 16:35:17
I tried MailGravity and purchased products from them in hopes of getting a 50" plasma television. I was stupid to believe this wasn't a con game. I hate spam!
gb_spamsucks_us [at] - 2006-05-28 20:51:34
waste of time and ressources!
Egor Bombarkowitz - 2006-05-07 23:50:46
I'd like to get one of these SOB's alone for 5 minutes! We wouldn't have to worry about him/her any more! I'd pull 'em out through the wing window and feed what was left over to the hogs!
0thlon - 2006-04-28 09:57:55
its a waste of time and space and is ageneral pain
Josh - 2006-04-27 09:56:20
Spam sucks cock
MARY BROW - 2006-04-24 10:12:15
Incredimail Ltd - 2006-04-23 13:08:21
It offers cartoons then sends unwanted spam and loads Email
Stephen - 2006-04-21 07:18:11
Because I get an erection everytime I read spam which makes it awkward getting up.
Somone Moneake Wyatt - 2006-04-17 16:23:17
I hated spam for it reminded of the book green eggs and ham. By doctor suzzuis
WHSB - 2006-04-16 19:43:46
We lose clients/money because they SPAM - that sucks. But, I dislike SPAM because, well, it's just annoying and as a narrowband user the download time is a pain in the butt.
JD - 2006-04-08 16:56:06
It's nothing but a bunch of {CENSORED}. It does nothing but scum up my mail.
terminator - 2006-04-06 00:51:34
My time during the day is wasted in sorting through the thousands of unnecessary advertisements (SPAM) and finding my real mail. If I could be a lawyer and charge spammers for this time, I'd charge $140/hr for my service. Spammers just don't get that we have lives to get on with, time to spend with family and business instead of reading unsolicited mail?
the equalizer - 2006-03-30 01:27:03
i have set out to kill and maime spammers. i have/will kill them and their children amd drink their blood
WhaWhaWha - 2006-03-29 03:43:59
I have limited time for reading and responding to EMail. I spend most of it opening and deleting unwanted correspondence. Often when my inbox goes unattended more than two days I can find more than a hundred unwanted spam messages. To all those out there who may wonder if I am interested please be advised: I am making a good living and dont wish to wake up to find their cheque for 30,000 dollars tomorrow just for sitting on my [at] ss. I did not buy any lottery tickets so therefore could not have won any prizes. I am not interested in receiving a degree from an accredited university. I am satisfied with the ones I earned by working and studying in 1986 and 1990. My SO and I are completely satisfied with the size of all of our appendages, external organs, and glands. My physician is monitoring my weight. If there is anyone I wanted to keep in touch with from high school, I likely am still in touch with them. Anyone who I don't want to hear from and is looking for me after all these years is likely a lonely stalker
R S MANI - 2006-03-24 23:58:00
One Company is doing a good service against SPAM. Kudos. Spam is like cockcroach. should be elimated.
JAPHspam - 2006-03-11 21:25:52
email:ca920105 [at] I just like spam! I'm collocting junk email...
websheriff :( - 2006-02-27 16:21:17
think spam sucks big time
Tsuname - 2006-02-01 13:06:32
I hate the spam because on my mailbox - phoenix.control [at] - it's coming! The spam is coming on phoenix.control [at] - so what a hell!? If you send spam on phoenix.control [at] I kill you!
Henry GG - 2006-01-31 06:32:38
Nothing else but hate it!!!
aussiedora - 2006-01-28 11:56:14
cowards snd trsh & U Cant report thm 2 abuse whn headrs R missing. I would lke 2 no how 2 stop thm!!
steffen - 2006-01-14 17:28:23
It's annoying like hell. I feel tempted to hack their servers !
william - 2006-01-13 14:12:07
why i hate spam .. because it is poo poo
prof chaos - 2005-12-23 17:05:19
did i ask for any spam? hell no. i send ppl trojans who send me spam. {CENSORED}es.
Kenny - 2005-12-14 09:51:41
I hate spam because the people who send the spam lie to me
jessica cooper - 2005-12-11 23:20:30
it surx! big time! o yea it tastes like durt!
K - 2005-11-23 09:15:56
J_Smoke, why would anyone have to hack your hotmail account to do that? All they would need is your hotmail address, and they probably either bought it or guessed it. They're probably all viruses or trojans.
J_Smoke - 2005-11-23 09:10:28
It seems some one hacked my hot mail i get stuff from the fbi and evry dang place you can think of with a attch saying Or a attch saying they are all 0.05Mb what kind of {CENSORED} is this ?
Adkins - 2005-11-18 12:04:48
As if spam wasn't bad enough, now I receiving "delivery status notifications" and Mailer {CENSORED}s from spammers using my email address to do their DIRTY work. If I ever get a hold of any of those using my email address to send spam, I'm going to cut off all their fingers so they can't use their computer to send any more spam out.
K - 2005-11-01 07:01:20
Perhaps the site owners prefer to retain control over formatting and don't want posters hijaking the page with their own HTML. As far as the purpose of this page is concerned the existing formatting is more than sufficient.
Test HTML - 2005-10-29 19:32:19
Nicer<br>Formatting <br>would<br>be<h3>nice</h3>
Darth Breath - 2005-10-29 19:30:01
Unsolicited email, over 2000 per month, costs me money. I had to purchase a higher level of service that allows more storage from my ISP. This is $5 more per month. The volume of spam was costing $10 more per month in excess disk usage fees above the cheapest service plan. We should make the internet a hostile place for spammers, so that sending email to those who don't want it ends up costing them more money than it makes. Perhaps some enterprising programmer can write a program that jams up the advertised websites by sending back the spam that was sent by email.
Whore - 2005-10-16 08:08:02
{CENSORED} SPAMS {CENSORED}S WARMS {CENSORED} SPYWARE they are {CENSORED}ing dicks, I get off on them. Whore !!!! Spam is {CENSORED}!!!
GalonzO - 2005-10-16 08:05:47
{CENSORED} spam, spam is most bloody {CENSORED} in our life. It sometimes help us to make entertaiment of our product or site, but it is horrible to have in mail box as many unusefull texts about {CENSORED}ing, suckers and mails with infected components. IT IS ILL !!!
American - 2005-09-25 20:04:59
Well, I live in American and all of my spam comes from China.
Angel of the North - 2005-09-25 12:15:49
Spam is a violation of my privacy and costs a lot to combat. My spam consists mainly of items written in inderpunctuated English by someone who should be done for murder of syntax. They are trying to peddle either pirated software or "love" drugs. The originators of this sleaze must think the intended recipients of their unwanted emails are dense as dense can be. If we are insufficiently stupid to believe what is in the average spam, why do these dingbats send them in the first place?
K - 2005-09-24 08:11:23
Mike, almost all email software has a function to let you "view source", which will show you the same thing with one click of a button. I have my email software set to display "extended" headers so i see all of that information every time i look at an email, no extra steps necessary.
Mike Spamhater - 2005-09-23 16:56:42
I hate spam. I don't mind so much if they stop when you tell them to stop, but it is still unwanted JUNK even then. This is not advertising. Who would buy from someone who pesters you month on end. One would have to be an idiot to support that behavior. Do you know that if you convert the (SPAM) email to a text file by changing the .eml to .txt you can open it in notepad and see the ISP the mail was sent from and send them a nasty letter telling them that one of their subscribers is spamming.
weirdbeard1941 - 2005-09-22 03:53:11
i did not know what spam block was utial i downloaed it now i cant load any of my pogo games without waiting 15 mins after 2 games error pagepops
matthew purves - 2005-09-15 11:48:48
i hate spam because someone sighned up onto my forum named spam (not alexs or adams they just joined and like to think its theres
mattpurves - 2005-09-15 11:43:42
and by the way its not adam gilberts forum i crated it
paiyesin - 2005-09-13 00:54:14
It just annoys me. I don't wish to receive any more mails from. Please do not send me any more of the garbbage.
JC - 2005-09-07 15:03:04
I get 100-150 emails a day. I get 20-30 phone calls. I have to service irate nasty people all day. Spammers get in the way of that, interupt my day, and waste my time. That makes me angry. The biggest thing is this, they ignore me when I tell them to stop. Isn't it rape if someone doesn't stop when they you tell them not to violate you? simply deleteing an email is one thing, putting everything on hold to answer a call, only to find out it's some idot who won't take your name off their list is a lot worse. Having your wishes not to be contacted {CENSORED}ed on is the biggest violation of all. All telemarketing and spam should be outlawed.
Helen - 2005-08-30 19:21:31
bong water - 2005-08-30 12:42:36
wast me time :)
Daniel - 2005-08-28 11:02:37
i dont want viagra, {CENSORED} enlargement and this {CENSORED} in my inbox!!!!!!!!!!!!
PHONE MAN - 2005-08-26 09:39:30
marce - 2005-08-15 07:47:48
coz at mi skool the teachers wrer spanners
Qaddosh - 2005-08-14 07:25:51
Because spammers are just stupid people with nothing better to do. 'Nuff said.
Tiffany - 2005-08-10 11:06:18
Because I don't HAVE a {CENSORED} to enlarge.
Fibonacci - 2005-08-03 01:22:26
Because it's just like telemarketing with collect calls.
Humphry - 2005-08-01 16:22:43
U little buttwipe, the only reason that I thought about drinking and smoking in High School was because of spam!!!! The only thing that stopped me was the romans and all of their knowledge~they know everything, so they knew I was going over the egde! Thank you Romans~you were there just when i needed you the most~ Romans are my anti-drug!
Humphry - 2005-08-01 16:16:57
Okay hot shot! For one thing, I CAME UP with the term ASK THE ROMANS, not you you little confederate roman wanna-be! Ya know what, just because you wanna live on Mt.Vesuvius with me, doesn't make you special enough to be the girl on Senotita`! By the way Edwin, i think you're hot~I mean NOT!!!! SPAM is the gayest thing ever~how DARE you like it? I'm out~Royal Blondeness has spoken!
Humphry - 2005-08-01 16:10:53
Cause it's like the fricken weirdest thing ever, and Edwin is so messed up for likeing Spam, and if you don't believe me, then just ask the ROMANS!!! SPAM SUCKS! Edwin you freakin idiot! Peace out ya'll, and remember, you don't need spam in your life to make you whole!
Lenny - 2005-07-30 12:00:41
I so {CENSORED}ing hate it!!
wol - 2005-07-28 08:44:18
Because, while it DOES remove a small amount of money from people stupid enough to buy spammers' garbage, it funnels stupid people's money to evil aardvark-sucking spamming bustards.
alvera kramer - 2005-07-26 10:23:14
i get unwanted spammail from spammers who get my email name from some list someone has and forwards it to the world
Dr. Bob - 2005-07-25 13:12:11
If I paid attention to all the spam I got, I would have 56DDD breasts and a 42 foot cock.... What a waste of time....
BoBo Da' Clown - 2005-07-23 05:03:29
Spam is like a CLOWN. It is annoying.
the great green orange - 2005-07-19 07:42:29
spam is {CENSORED} meat and annoying on computer
George W Bush - 2005-07-18 17:19:00
I dont like spam, because when i was young i chocked on a piece of spam, and i havent been able to eat it since.
mattpurves - 2005-07-18 17:14:51
spams a ginger
Alex Harvey - 2005-07-18 17:11:20
I hate spam because I ordered a large number of {CENSORED} Enlarging pills. Sadly, they never came, and I am routinley humiliated.
Adam Gilbert - 2005-07-18 17:06:19
I hate spam because somone singed up under the user name of spam at my forum:
Lesley Dewar - 2005-07-11 06:23:06
If your organization wants to worry about protecting its members from spam, (not because it is an occasional pain in the b*m but because it lures people into losing their money through the internet) they should maybe look at this, which appears to offer income opportunities but which is really reverse money laundering. But an innocent or nave person could easily get sucked in! The link at the bottom http://harvestbaptistacworth.mrg/info.html appears to take you to a real organization and the very poorly written email is an almost exact copy of what is on the "real" website. Here is the link to the true website How can you tell? Check them both out and if you can't see how to pick the phoney, let me know. I'll show you how to do it, with just a little internet savvy! So, spammers do a lot of work to rob you - not promote real businesses. End of my story!
powerflux - 2005-07-07 16:57:42
i just don't like the effort i have to make to select all that junk and delete it. kinda ruins my happyness to see there's new mail.
NiceCarpet - 2005-07-06 22:24:41
Because it find's its way to my inbox no matter what tricks I play on them ><!
revenge - 2005-06-23 10:14:27
I am about to track down the site advertized and take a sledgehammer to their computer or whatever they use for this {CENSORED}.
Jon - 2005-06-22 18:58:33
Spams only purpose is to find someone email who you hate and sign up to everything you come across. Other then that spam blows.
Richard Rowan - 2005-06-20 01:52:55
I don't have time to separate all the Junk from my business and personal information. Why should I have to put up with the morans who spew their junk on me.?? What about my rights to my privacy??
Max Ledbetter - 2005-06-17 19:45:06
If you are saying that neither I nor anyone else can refer to my websites, you are out of your mind.
Max Ledbetter - 2005-06-17 19:43:14
In other words the majority of my GreenZap posts/advertisements occur on my own websites.
Max Ledbetter - 2005-06-17 19:39:45
If you do a google for Max Ledbetter GreenZap, you will see that except for my press release, which was screened and accepted by, all of my GreenZap posts are on my own sites, including, which hosts my guest book.
eduardo baltezar - 2005-06-14 11:51:43
gamesoffortuneuk you got me day dreaming but you suck because you want my money, sorry its still mine.losers in the third world!!! here in mexico, estan bien pendejos!!!
Cranky Crusader - 2005-06-10 13:06:24
Max Ledbetter of Kitchener, ON Canada has been spamming tons of Canadian websites with a big, fat pyramid scheme called "". It's illegal and it's ruining the few good web forums Canada has.
jay - 2005-06-07 01:40:57
I don't like spam because the moron "RGB" on the other side does. Interesting how he took a simple spam question and digressed into republican bashing. Interestingly enough I am a republican politician who speaks my mind which frequently causes a stir in our state senate. I also donate to and have created a lot of charitable foundations. This guys says repubs are evil but he's praying for someone to croak. Hypocricy at its finest.
Annoyed - 2005-05-31 14:14:36
If Nancy Byerly of At Home Computer Solutions (Peoria, Arizona) is reading, we don't want network support from a spammer. I have called you at your business phone # of (623)910-8902 to tell you this, and yet I received 2 of your junk mailings in the last 4 days. You suck.
mARIEBLOM - 2005-05-23 14:49:28
vaetsj - 2005-05-13 17:04:59
because it is dangerous- because it usually involves some scam or fraudelent content
Consumer - 2005-05-11 08:19:19
Spam Sucks
ChargeSpam - 2005-05-08 20:30:53
I think there should be a .01 cent tax on all emails. Then large company's who send out millions of emails would have to pay for it just like the rest of the world who does junk mail. It is still cheaper than junk mail and if I know someone is paying for it they may be more selective.
Annoyed Bill - 2005-05-05 18:44:14
SPAM in any of it's forms is a waste of human resources. There are so many distractions in todays day an age that people become overwhelmed by the JUNK SNAIL MAIL, junk E-Mail and unsolicited phone calls/automated faxes. All these things add up to destroy the quality of your free time and SOMEtimes your work time. DEATH TO SPAM IN ALL IT'S FORMS.
Elizabeth - 2005-04-21 06:41:04
They bother me and all my work. I'm disabled and watch the world through the internet and i'm too tired of spams PLEASE, DO NOT SENT IT TO ME!!! I HATE ALL FAKES< SPAM AND FRAUD> IN THE NAME OF JESUS< LEAVE ME IN PEACE!
amy - 2005-04-21 02:53:57
its ok i like it IF U DONT SEND IT TO ME!!! im_gonna_gethca123
Peter - London - 2005-04-20 01:10:37
PS. SPAM is illegal within the European community. Sending bulk email is difficult because most European ISPs add a time delay once the number of emails originating from an IPAddress or domain passes a predefined limit. If you are in business or use an mail exchange server, use a professional block list. One of the best is at the address given below. It's free, easy to use and it blocks most SPAM.
Peter - London - 2005-04-20 01:04:44
If you want to know a bit about SPAM from a European perspective read http://www.spamhaus.mrg/news.lasso?article=150. 90% of SPAM affecting the European community originates in the USA. Try to put yourself in our position and imagine how we feel about your daft anti spam law. It would be useful if public opinion could force a revision of the law. SPAM wastes time, costs money and makes US attempts to prevent it a laughingstock.
manbond at - 2005-04-05 18:38:41
I hate spam coz I get like 50 spam mail for every real mail so Id like 10 minutes alone with a spammer and see if I could send his spamming PC up his rear
K - 2005-03-30 16:08:22
emailmax.b, i don't follow your reasoning. I would almost have called it circular reasoning, but you don't even come around full circle. How does the fact that they moved the function to another menu prove that they are making money? How does it make the email not free?
emailmax.b - 2005-03-28 13:09:14
Believe it or not, ISP's make good money from spam by tricking you into paying for spam-control services that are not much better than the ISP's free services. Want proof? How easy is it now to add an addy to your Block List on Hotmail or Yahoo. Before it was easy to do it right from the message, but now you have to open up the Block List from the "Options" menu. Still think FREE E-MAIL is free?
Jean the bean - 2005-03-19 08:12:47
i'm so tired of being spammed by these "poor people in Nigeria whose brothers uncles cousins fathers nephew deposited 8 million dollars and they do't know how to get the money out of the country..gimme a friggin i send out beams saying "she's a pinhead, we suc it out of her.grrrrrrrrrr
JIM MCCARTHY - 2005-03-19 01:16:26
Hillary - 2005-03-17 12:25:43
Fills up the mailbox. Half of it is either selling drugs you aren't suppose to have without a prescription or phishing. It's {CENSORED} that people can get your e-mail address and send from a fake e-mail address. Bunch of criminals if you ask me.
Mike - 2005-03-14 19:54:52
For those who have a problem with New Fun Pages Spam I pulled the whois info for the company, and called to get removed from their list as their unsubscribe feature failed to unsubscribe me. Administrative Contact : Walter, Christian (CPYIOBGFFI) jjabinc [at] 5154 Castlebrook Ct Cincinnati, OH 45247 US Phone: 5133891327 Fax: 123 123 1234
littlelady - 2005-03-12 12:42:53
I hate spam I can't get emails from my family or my freinds and It is important to get this email when you have a someone you are close to that is very ill and wont live long
stu - 2005-03-11 23:39:10
please discontinue the sending of spam! i am unable to recive messages from my friends and family! please, think of the children
{CENSORED} - 2005-03-11 23:38:03
spam sucks {CENSORED}. we dont need {CENSORED} enlargements or viagra details, weve got our own
awwk - 2005-03-09 10:12:19
Spam is Deadwood bad. It's Wu's pigs bad.
Moentran - 2005-02-28 06:32:50
I hate all forms of Spam (the 'attempted' meat kind as well) but I most certainly dislike faxspam the most. They had a reply fax page, so I printed out two pages with big letters saying, STOP SENDING US SPAM! and joined them in a loop through the fax machine, and kept it running all night. We never heard from them again.
K - 2005-02-25 22:41:50
Bigjew: i have many email accounts that have never been made known to anyone, yet receive enormous amounts of spam. It's called "dictionary attacks". If you don't know what they are then call yourself stupid.
eef - 2005-02-25 15:34:44
makes the rest of my mailbox smell like raw pig parts wrapped in monthold gym clothes
Bigjew - 2005-02-25 09:52:29
I hate spam but i hate whinners even more yopu dont like spam dont give your email to everybody stupid.
BoB - 2005-02-24 09:56:32
becouse is verry cheep mashed up ham. 99% of it is for things no one wants any way. i hate it also becouse spammers kept defacing my wiki even tho we had a page for spam, ike im really gona say well wtf iv worked on this site for years but hay lets just keep all this spam, instead of our content. dumb tea hats. they hide behind electrons, if they came round my house and started spraying my walls would they get away with it i think not, scum sucking grrr grr grrrr. and im not even based in the US buts most spam is about US related kack, like im intrested, and even if i was it would be of no use to me anyway becouse i carnt get it...
Spam Viligante - 2005-02-24 02:12:44
I've helped to crash multiple spam sites and I will continue to foward all of my spam to the FTC lets see how much they like getting it. Add this to your contact list and just foward all spam to it: spam [at] (If your not a US citizen, send it anyway!) And lets hunt down those stinking spyware inserting (********)!
Bigjew - 2005-02-23 10:22:01
i dont like spam because whiny {CENSORED}es like all you guys put your self in a potion to get all that {CENSORED}. shure am glad im not you stupid {CENSORED}es.
Eugene - 2005-02-22 08:40:57
they over run my mail box, and can't get the email I'm looking for. I spend half the time deleting unwonted mail.
Ben - 2005-02-18 04:01:56
{CENSORED} {CENSORED} {CENSORED}! I would like to kick the creator of spam e-mail in the genitals. {CENSORED}. {CENSORED}ERS! p.s. {CENSORED} YOU >.< YOU {CENSORED}ING {CENSORED}S. <3, Ben
Stu - 2005-02-15 05:24:04
Spam sucks!
John in Arizona - 2005-02-12 21:29:13
If I wanted any of their {CENSORED}, I'd go find it MYSELF - Thank you very much. And for you MFers that install that {CENSORED} spyware on my system - lookout!!. I'm coming for you.
ExterminateSpammers - 2005-02-09 17:44:34
Well I don't know how anyone can be sad or lame enough to like spam. I {CENSORED} hate it. If anyone lives anywhere near Steve Carlisle of i-dealdirect in Harrisberg PA, could you pay him a visit and directly deal him a severe kicking particularly in the goolie area. Or better still, perhaps us spam haters could strike up a fund to eradicate him and others of his ilk forever??? anyone game???
cheese eaters little sis(i relli am) - 2005-02-09 15:44:46
i will join u brother i lovvvvvve cheese in the little packets!!
Cheese Eater - 2005-02-09 15:34:12
i like cheese, not spam... go forth and join me on my quest for cheese liberation!
SENTENIO - 2005-02-03 12:49:23
hgl - 2005-01-15 13:44:22
{CENSORED} stop all the spams. My delete box is so bloody overloaded everyday.If I was interested in any {CENSORED} they send I'd go find it myself. Please Please STOP!! STOP!!
htpham - 2005-01-13 14:48:14
Please sign me up to the MOST SPAM ever seen in THIS GALAXY! I Freeking DESERVE IT, REALLY BAD!!!
Akos - 2004-12-23 04:30:38
Does anyone know about WWW.BBAHOSTCITY.COM was reccomended for my brother(PhotoBlocker spray) now they have 150.00 of his monies cant pull website up or get anyone to answer to get a refund its been almost a month since ordering. I didnt get hooked up to them through spam, but they are not honest had i been introduced to them through spam i would have never used them. please let me know if you have heard of them? thanks akka1 [at]
Breubengarten - 2004-12-22 15:08:26
I always use disposable addresses now. For instance, when i needed to request information from Verizon, i created a new email address " [at] mydomain...." and used that. That way, if it starts getting spammed, i simply delete the address and i know they are the ones who leaked it to others. The problem is that my main email address, which is very personal and therefore not disposable, is getting spammed directly. Rather than abandon that address and get all the good senders to change to a new address, i sit and fight the spam. At this point its the lesser of the two evils, but not by much. Those of use who have used the same email address for years suffer the most because old addresses get spammed more and are harder to part with.
Ian - 2004-12-21 18:44:11
I've actually started getting spam sent directly to my email address. A couple Nigerian scams and some stuff from Russia. I NEVER used to get spam on my spamcop address for YEARS. Now I get almost one per day. Dudes, you HAVE to get disposable netmails addresses. Think about it: less than one spam per day. Oooh.
Breubengarten - 2004-12-15 06:39:57
Update: so much for 30 a day. Now i'm up to about 300 to 600 a day. Fortunately my spam filters have gotten a lot better too. But, still ... this is just ridiculous. My incoming mail is now over 98% spam!
JackiePaper - 2004-12-13 17:32:37
I hate spam- and hey kids- there IS a government agency you can report spam to: you have to forward the spam as an attachment to: uce [at]
Dale Knuth - 2004-12-11 14:45:11
whois information shows to have an address at 27 N. Wacker in Chicago, but thats a UPS mail facility. the owner, Steve Carlisle appears to live in PA. His wife was very forthcoming on the phone about the services she and her husband provide: Carlisle, Stephen 1119 Brook Ln HARRISBURG, PA 17111 717-652-6866
Don - 2004-11-20 10:32:04
Dislike spam, at a hundred spam mails a day, i get like 3000 mails per month, that's a whole 3 hours of the week i never see again
PeePee - 2004-11-06 01:52:47
it just says "Word"!, which is like what-eva... they dont even offa good perfume or make-up. I like hot guys!
stephen - 2004-11-04 10:07:12
i dont, i love spam, or course i dont really have to deal with recieving it, i get to send it!
rari - 2004-10-16 13:09:02
je vous encule
lonnie - 2004-10-15 16:24:54
Manage our company messaging environments. 70% of our mail is spam. Daily review, administration, filtering, list controls etc.. to just block abou 90 to 98 precent. if you out a week for training or vacation the percent will change, since we have to retrain daily or update daily as the SPAM is ever change by the minute some days.
mslilrose - 2004-10-05 12:10:39
Some dude who called himself a barrister(an attorney),from Sudan or somewhere, e-mailed me to tell me a family with the same last name as mine had all tragically died in a car accident, even went as far as to name the highway and the date. He told me that there was no living relatives, and I could claim the 90 some million dollar inheritance by contacting him. I admit I got caught up in the fantasy of my son and I finally not living on welfare as I struggle to put my two older daughters through college. I promised God I would be generous with my inheritence. Then two days later my friend called to tell me that some distant relatives of hers had died in a tragic car accident as well and that she stood to inherit millions of dollars. Oh well. I guess we all have distant and unknown relatives dying in car accidents. everyday
"Fatbloke " aka FB - 2004-09-26 03:31:32
People are asking about an anti-spam filter... Spam Arrest works for me grabbing post to 6 domain names... all post other than named addresses goes to a domain that gets read by the Spam Arrest mailing system, costs a few buck but worth it
'Fatbloke' aka FB - 2004-09-26 03:28:34
Spoofing email addresses on webpages using Javascript, Using SpamArrest to stop it, {CENSORED}ing about using me<at> instead of the [at] symbol? Having probems to see if I'm stupid enoughto use Formmail v1...? All reasons I have spam
BIG JIM - 2004-09-23 11:03:28
Lee Wardle - 2004-09-21 07:02:07
They distract me from what I am doing, the spam mails get crazier as these gits try to evade spam filters, its like reading a conversation from a special needs group. The twats hide like fleas or other parasitical insects. They send porn out to young kids. Once they obtain your address they cling like dog {CENSORED}e to a slipper. People who send the {CENSORED}e are the most dumbass, crass, lame, {CENSORED}ed up dickheads on the planet targeting about 0.5% of the stupid people on the internet who respond to their fecal drival. You never get to punch a spammer.
Ranting Rat - 2004-09-02 08:52:08
Spammers can eat my wank!
Bursting Mailbox - 2004-08-31 20:30:01
How in the world do I delete all the 620 pieces of junk in my e-mail box?!?!?!?!
fed up - 2004-08-31 20:22:12
I have my own domain where unknown address are emailed to my account - these new spoofers blanket to random addresses at my domain, so I get hundreds of spams every day. If I knew where one of these scumbags live, I would visit them and give them as much joy as they have given me over the years.
Mad man - 2004-08-31 18:01:26 Unsubsribe with theese gays and get even more spam!
bloody vikings - 2004-08-31 03:47:15
If even a tenth of the creativity that it takes to get these messages to my mailbox appeared in the messages themselves, then maybe they'd at least be entertaining ... BUT IT NEVER DOES AND THEY NEVER ARE!!!
Ed - 2004-08-29 09:45:15
Span interferes with the normal operation of the web. Some of us actrally are busy at trying to accomplish goals. I consider spamers no better than thieves. They are trying to take advantage of MY property, and interfere in the lives of people that have thing to do.
Dyna again - 2004-08-21 14:14:51
Je suis une francaise perdue sur votre site. I m a french girl in our website and i would like to know a god anti spam for my mailbox, thanks a lot !
DYNA - 2004-08-21 14:12:51
Spam Killer - 2004-08-20 08:55:03
Spam is only around because no one has yet to take serious physical steps to stop the perps....the day that happens things may change. - 2004-08-18 07:36:15
c.c, check out this link in the NANAE forums for that phone number. 800-893-4511
c.c. - 2004-08-17 17:55:20
Does anyone know about was reccomended for my grandmothers medications now they have 200.00 of her monies cant pull website up or get anyone to answer 800-8934511 to get a refund its been almost a month since ordering. I didnt get hooked up to them through spam, but they are not honest had i been introduced to them through spam i would have never used them. please let me know if you have heard of them? thanks
abbott - 2004-08-13 07:54:32
spam is as uselass as tits on a bore hog
zogg - 2004-08-07 22:26:18
spam blows because it clocgs up my email account and makes me sort through 1000's of emails to find the pertinent ones that I need
DF - 2004-07-29 23:54:31
It's one of the many diseases of mankind! Internet is being exploited! I can't take anymore of this {CENSORED} !!! HELP ME ! *click*
eat me - 2004-07-28 17:35:20
i live in europe and all the SPAM i get is from the US... isn't it strange ?
initials BB - 2004-07-28 17:33:04
deleting them is sooo annoying... and i already have a big d**k !
Urben - 2004-07-28 16:48:40
Spam about viagra & {CENSORED} enlargements are insulting! Besides the time I waste deleting spam from my inbox.
Jack - 2004-07-28 08:40:37
Glen Bahra - 2004-07-28 07:17:24
constantly spammed by adipren diet pills, what a bunch of T*****s, go and get a f***ing proper job you a**holes, is what i would say these incompetent knobs !!
Ray Mick - 2004-07-23 19:56:50
Over 100 every day and if I am out of town for a couple of days, the deleting is taxing.
Joseph Fink - 2004-07-22 15:22:58
I am constantly spammed by Wiffledom. What a bunch of {CENSORED}s. Can't even discontinue. Clean up your own act before you discuss SPAM as something bad. others
Obie uno - 2004-07-16 21:28:59
Privacy is no longer, they constantly bombard you with the same thing day after day as if anyone would be stupid enough to buy their products. The words Privacy, Secure, Reliability and Guarantee appear all over the site and they demonstrate none of them. Offshore Pharmacy, AKA Offshore Spamers
mecreos - 2004-07-13 14:08:17
Mass e mailers need to get a swift kick in the {CENSORED} by a steel toed work boot. Take that right up the old spam hole buddy! And no, I do not want a bigger dick or prescription drugs. I can get either quite nicely at the local head shop without getting my identity snached by some e-hood.
ttownc - 2004-07-07 02:56:10
time consming
Dave Y - 2004-07-03 00:04:58
Oh, in the time it took me to type that I won 6.5mil sterling. Woo-hoo! I can go get my breasts done & get some cheap v1agr [at] too
Dave Y - 2004-07-03 00:01:33
Spam used to be a minor irritant- now I have 22251 emails in my spam folder since the beginning of February: I re-route my email through 3 separate ISP's in different countries, and they all run spam filters. Now my domain is being used so I get bunches of angry {CENSORED}s filling up my spam folders. Bout time China took some action on these people.
Glenn - 2004-06-29 23:00:44
In addition to SPAM, the next Internet evil is Cyberstalking - now a legal term in the U.S. State of Washington. Thankfully, this state passed a law in early 2004, making Cyberstalking a serious crime. I was a victim of this crime committed by my ex-wife from Houston, Texas. I hope that along with strong anti-SPAM laws, all states, and all countries for that matter, pass similar anti-Cyberstalking laws!!!
Pataraxia - 2004-06-25 12:19:29
I H A T E S P A M because it cloggs up my email box and causes me to miss important email that I really need to look at.... It also makes me dred to open my email program or web site.... Most of it isn't even pertinent to me...i.e. I haven't a {CENSORED} so it doesn't need enlarging by 20 or more some odd products which probably don't work anyway!!.... I just wish there were something we could do to stop them from turning something that was a wonderful form of communication into a dreadful waste of time!..THERE SHOULD BE A STRICT LAW TO PREVENT SUCH THINGS FROM MUCKING UP A GOOD THING ! ( 0
Mark - 2004-06-25 04:16:09
It costs businesses around the world a fortune to deal with the offensive rubbish that these evil, selfish criminals foist on us. I say we start a fund to deal with them SERIOUSLY. And I do mean sending in the heavies to do a great deal of physical harm to them on a regular basis. Or, at the very least: phoning them at all times of day and night; posting dog {CENSORED} through their doors; shoving cream pies in their faces if they venture out in public anywhere; and so on. We should do them as much harm as possible in all ways at all times - then they'd stop.
Chris - 2004-06-23 10:16:47
I hate spam cause it fills up your emails and wastes your time. Found this site about Making Money on the Internet. Avoiding SPAM and Scams. I think it might interest you. If not allowed...mod please remove link but I couldnt find a notice disallowing urls
Headhunter - 2004-06-21 13:29:18
Eventually, the phone lines will be congested with too much traffic and the net and the phones will not work properly. Then, the phone companies will go to the government and ask for a huge handout to pay to upgrade equipment. The government will say, "How did this happen?" As if it wasn't warned to stop spam years ago, and the phone companies will get billions of dollars and WE the taxpayers will pay for it. Reminds me of a saying from Grandpa. "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." Guess the people in government didn't listen to their grandpa.
Headhunter - 2004-06-21 13:24:41
I hate spam because the &^%$# [at] are not honest. They pretend to give you an opt out, but all that does is VERIFY your email. They will send you filth after you ask them to stop, knowing you don't want it. Then you can't sit with your grandchildren next to you and read email from family because you don't know how much FILTH will pop up. Got an email,"Dedicated doctors helping people." When I opened it there was only porno filth. They aren't content to let you choose. The government missed its chance to stop it, makes me wonder about kickbacks. Legislation that would have worked was changed to force us to "opt out" Spammers won't honor that, they are DISHONEST, LIEING SCUM.
satina - 2004-06-20 23:31:31
Spam is destroying the communication system of ouremail system
Art - 2004-06-20 19:44:27
Because SPAM in making email delivery unreliable and destroying legitimate E-commerce. I now filter all my email accounts by sender. If some tries to send me mail it gets dumped even eamil from vendors I deal with and would like to get mail from. The gov needs to do something soon or email will become an unreliable medium of communication.
RUDLY AWAKENED - 2004-06-17 04:53:50
I hate spammers or anyone who calls in the middle of the freaking night to send me a worthless fax, not just once but three times... Is it persistance or stupidity?
Ralph - 2004-06-12 15:22:56
Kathy Gabriel - 2004-06-11 10:40:30
The ones that frustrate me the most are the ones whose unsubscribe links lead to CNN and that don't have valid return email addresses. I can make the full header show up, but I can't always determine who the isp is from that. It seems that spammers can spoof just about anything, including headers. How do they do that? I am getting spam from anglo-named people from Japan and Brazil, if I can believe the email headers.
Lizbeth Bolanos - 2004-06-07 11:57:28
I've never encountered such an awful situation. This is my work email and I've never used it unless it was about work. I don't know how in the world I'm stuck on this stupid spam! I'm so tired of unsubscribing numerous times every day!!!
Lewis - 2004-06-04 12:45:39
It {CENSORED} me off! buts its funny wen its dun 2 sum1 else
kalemanzi - 2004-06-03 13:43:26
I am just tired of it. to remove the spam and spyware, I need more software. That's more money. Same as virus and anti virus. I think that both belongs to the same part, and "he's' just makin a living by creating a problem and then posing to have asolution to the problem he created. sort of like satan, you know
Dodge - 2004-06-03 10:08:57
We should reverse lookup and social engineer these things and invade their privacy and tie up their personal time with useless marketing attempts. Just because they need viagra and larger play toys doesn't mean that even 1/10th of 1% are as poor and pitiful as they are. Spammers should fall to a horrible end.
jesus - 2004-06-01 19:21:32
its hard to find real email in btwn all the {CENSORED} (real email as in porno)
P.S. - 2004-06-01 16:32:59
Spammers didn't recieve enough attention from their parents. It's their way of being 'heard'. If negative attention is what spammers got from their parents - then this side of the page is what they feed on... the more more you hate it - the more they love it. It is an obsession to be pitied for it stems from a loveless childhood...
Aeon - 2004-05-28 22:48:00
To me spam is just my computer {CENSORED}, stinky, messy, worthless.. now if I could just find a spam diaper for my computer.. dayummm what and Idea!!!!!!
tim - 2004-05-28 07:52:02
because I seem to waste half my day getting ride of rubbish that will never affect me and most of it only applys to the usa, I'm in the UK
Spammer_Kicker - 2004-05-27 19:27:57
(((kanzur))) I will CUT your little NuTeS into peices and spam to every web soul I could find. Cheers ;-)
Michiel - 2004-05-27 10:48:12
I think spam sucks bigtime! 90% percent of the mails I receive are unwanted/commercial. :(
Nye Bevan - 2004-05-27 07:06:30
The UK Drugs Market is strictly Regulated by the Prescription Pricing Authority. Prescription Only Medicine advertising is mostly illegal (Usually only to Pharmacists and Doctors). All other offers of Drugs than through a Pharmacist or Doctor is call "Drug Pushing". It is illegal. No need to hate spam, simply inform some Law enforcement persons that drugs are being pushed.
moe - 2004-05-26 19:51:12
die kanzur
Moe - 2004-05-26 19:46:13
I’m a fairly healthy, upbeat, positive, spiritual, liberal minded guy. My work, most of which is over the net, is frustrated with scam offers to take my money, and lie to me, and leave me feeling guilty. If I wanted that I’d hire a prostitute… When it comes to spamers... I agree with the “firing line philosophy”. Line every one of those lazy, immoral, uneducated, tactless, lying, sociopathic (add infinitum) mistakes in the gene pool, and annihilate them! Yippee!!!!!!!! Perhaps they are lower than lawyers. If you happen to be a lawyer, and you have been appointed to pull the trigger, I’ll help you pull the trigger because of your weak fingers, but remember, you are next, so do a good job keeping the rest of us out of jail, and the world may have mercy on your wretched souls too. Ok, real world here… Get a real job you weirdoes!
Dan - 2004-05-25 19:57:53
Kris - 2004-05-22 13:29:45
Spam takes up too much of my time... just waiting for the email server to load after sitting idle overnight... it routinely takes 15-20 miniutes for the overnight emails to come in... the large volume which I must delete gets in the way of the vitally important email i do get from clients. on more than one occasion, important emails have been deleted because it just happened to be in with a bunch of other {CENSORED} that comes in. How many times do i need to unsubscribe how many times do i need to install a spam filter when will it end. Really. Spam sucks!
alien - 2004-05-22 03:12:37
if you like spam-take gun and put this in your ..and heave funny!
Stephen Beavers - 2004-05-21 03:27:08
I consider spam an invasion of privacy; and a mistrust at best. I purchased my computer with hard earned money; therefore I would like to know who gave spamers the permission to even use my computer. Every time that I use MSN anymore I can't maintain a line without popups closing my window.
Barbara - 2004-05-18 15:42:06
i think spam sucks because I have tried to filter in in many ways wich results in my not receiving my good mail half the time.
Ashley Wood - 2004-05-17 11:24:31
Because I miss important mail. and I do not have a problem falling out of bed so I don't need any viagra
Alan - 2004-05-15 11:32:23
It insults the intelligent and makes fools of the rest of us. Mozilla Thunderbird 3w Mozilla. org -- email sorts out 90% of my junk; asimple filter rule that bins anything not addressed to me bins another 9%. I was impressed how quickly the system learned -about two days-- and I've only found one false positive in over 1000 spam messages.
Chiefeng - 2004-05-14 14:29:01
My boss does not need her male organ enlarged.
kanzure - 2004-05-13 22:52:52
Money. It's good on two fronts. So what. Get a spam filter. Help a spam filter. Get rid of an email account, I don't care. Stop complaining, big wimps.
Rich - 2004-05-13 11:42:36
90% (if not more) of spam is vulgar and offensive. Why doesn't a good team - actually it only takes one - of hackers take some of these sites down. Who are they gonna complain to! I know I'd help fund the guy / team to do this. Fight fire with fire I say.!
Taryn - 2004-05-12 17:51:23
Spam blows. Especially the kind that invades your computer and you can't rid yourself of it. I recommend good spy-ware scanners, and a nice /whois domain search on any sites sent to you. Contact the guys in charge, those bastards.
Trenhern - 2004-05-12 10:50:46
I hate spam because it clogs my email and it COSTS ME MONEY!!!
Sally - 2004-05-08 11:20:57
I don't need viagra or p*nis enlargement for sure !
Brad - 2004-05-07 11:31:58
Cause if I wanted viagra no matter what the price I would go to the {CENSORED}ing chemist. People who advertise by sending people {CENSORED} over the internet should get a better life! This is worse than being a door to door salesman! At leaset door to door people get to interact with the person and use their skill to sell a product. I also hate spam cause you dont get to tell the person to {CENSORED} off out of your face!
gizmo_711 - 2004-05-05 23:53:09
I hate it cuz it fills my mail box full of {CENSORED}.....and I am really sick of the ads for "Viagra" and "how to make your manhood grow"can this madness be stopped!!!!!!!
gerhard j - 2004-05-02 19:20:39
It cloggs up my inbox. wastof space.definate turn off.
ChrisM - 2004-04-30 10:46:07
kristie - 2004-04-29 07:40:12
because i think i have more email than i actually do
Ron - 2004-04-23 09:55:54
its unsolicted, unwanted and its takes up so much time deleting it. Some don't even give return addresses so you can tell them to stop. Plus most is just nasty.
Rita - 2004-04-23 07:53:08
Because it clogs my mail box daily,and seems to replace mail I want to recieve. 200 mailings a day all headed ***SPAM*** intruding on my privacy, and time takn to delete all.
Jean - 2004-04-22 13:12:20
its unsolicted, unwanted and its takes up so much time deleting it. Some don't even give return addresses so you can tell them to stop. Plus most is just nasty.
wisclakes - 2004-04-20 23:50:06
it invades my privacy and should be banned
e.z. - 2004-04-19 22:23:29
shove adult oriented material down my throat and don't even give me a conscious choice because they won't leave me alone.
Sue A. Spammer - 2004-04-18 23:48:09
To: oz - who wrote: Wish we had a RIAA type group to sue spammers .... You do. it's called
chris - 2004-04-18 10:41:58
Is there a spam planet somewhere I can totally eliminate - destroy or that needs an atomic bomb dropped on its head to stop harrassing me
chris - 2004-04-18 10:37:36
theres no way to end the stuff when you dont reall want it
oon99 [at] - 2004-04-15 17:19:51
Stessed - 2004-04-14 17:35:12
Because we get 90k of spam everyday and it clocks up our linux front end server and sites on our exchange server until we delete it.
Irfan - 2004-04-13 04:03:02
coz it's the most detested thing on the net.
gagnonrobby - 2004-04-11 02:25:08
cant type ,so much spam
Mildred - 2004-04-10 17:31:49
I sometimes cannot work on my computer because of the annoying pop-ups.
FI{CENSORED}e - 2004-04-09 17:55:26
I would luv to meet a spammer in person.. I would help them learn what spam really taste like.. Can a person choke to death on paper.. ?
Bob - 2004-04-02 07:35:14
Because I do Spam [at]
Spam Fritter - 2004-03-31 09:29:36
I have started using Incredimail (it replaces Outlook Express) and am impressed with the rules you can incorporate to block spam. It is a free download from somewhere or other... Look it up, I can't be bothered to find the website again.
Richard - 2004-03-30 15:52:08
From: "Kelly Stein" <tutpjufdiilmvk [at] > To: <rkamler [at] > Subject: Meet me tonight Date: Monday, March 29, 2004 3:38 PM Hi, Kelly here. I am 25 year old, blonde, blue eyed petite woman looking for some satisfaction here. I saw your profile and if you are still looking for some one on one and/or group play fun let me know because I would definitely be interested in making plans. I am tired of receiving emails like this no more ----- clement introspect bradford beam consist horticulture countrify marcia baudelaire mileage preachy candlelit breezy caddis arden bhoy earl california archangel contravariant kuwait praseodymium iambic avocation verge sheppard selves rca quality cripple parody harmon siderite backdrop aeneas moss repertoire hardboard fiance footpath bahama scroll define
Dave - 2004-03-25 13:00:43
In the future, when all spam has been finally banned, we will have lynch-parties where we seek out these morons in their homes, stuff their orifices full of Hormel products and parade them through the city streets. Other than that, I love spam. Especially fried.
mark - 2004-03-25 10:21:12
Not sur ewhere my post went. rlh services is a bad spammer, so why not listed on rokso?
mark - 2004-03-25 10:11:53
Hey--that rlh services company? how come rosko has nothing on them? they seem to spam al lot with
oz - 2004-03-23 15:08:27
Wish we had a RIAA type group to sue spammers
Flash - 2004-03-23 08:42:55
Spam is just a lame way to get folks to buy their products. It dont work as many dont even read it. Homepage:
Cherie - 2004-03-21 22:58:28
Its an invasion of my time, privacy, and system. When the law suits begin, that is one band wagon you'll see me on.
mg - 2004-03-20 13:15:36
it wastes my time. it pops up windows when i go to click on my own sites the window pops up just as i click my mouse. now i have an unwanted site and manyu more popups. email spams are unwanted and usually lies and also post "clickhere to remove" and its fake
tony - 2004-03-18 14:09:26
SPAM is making Email ALMOST useless now, we should NOT have to constantly change email addresses to avoid 200 SPAMS a day! I am using Glock Spam Combat now, but it takes lots of time to process those 200 SPAMS every day before I can even look for REAL mail... I would LOVE a program that would allow me to bounce back EVERY spam I get EVERY day to each and every Spammer who sent me a SPAM that day! Someone PLEASE write a program to do that!
Marie - 2004-03-16 09:25:23
Because I have a webmaster acct, I get viagra spams -- based on the assumption that webmasters are male! Most of them are aimed at Americans e.g. buy Meds from Canada -- but I live in CANADA!! Absolutely no market research!
spamtrap - 2004-03-15 10:55:48
spamtrap hamnspam [at] , i'm using it to blacklist ips.
hamnspam [at] - 2004-03-15 10:53:49
hamnspam [at] spambots are fun
kat - 2004-03-13 23:01:31
it,s nothing but trash and something should be done once and for all to put a end to it.
robert metcalf - 2004-03-11 22:47:37
you should have certain come threw us postel service give you a certain numberthrew cable code for computer wher you can delite permnent cutt off
robert metcalf - 2004-03-11 22:34:10
junk mail they shoul took off email
robert metcalf - 2004-03-11 22:34:07
junk mail they shoul took off email
Lambo - 2004-03-11 19:56:12
Ive always had this idea that hell is a place where people have to sort through mailboxes filled with spam.
Joe Rasberry - 2004-03-10 19:53:57
Spammers are Homo-Fag-{CENSORED}s
Rich - 2004-03-08 23:45:14
I think spam should be grounds for capital punishment
Dr.Know - 2004-03-08 08:51:18
Of course hate...because CC processor company (guess the name)sold my details and actively supporting spam factories. Nobody even care to stop,because they make business for hosting companies,very good business. Spammers buy IPs in C block (255) at least,making fake hosting/IPS company to hide.
Spammersshouldbekilled - 2004-03-05 05:35:35
Fight Spam with! Visit thier website hundreds of millions of times, drive thier bandwidth usage through the roof, and make them PAY FOR IT. MAJOR SPAMMERS: spamming false claims for Human Growth Hormone (GHG) under false foreign registrations, owner has been in trouble with FDA before.
Prometheus - 2004-03-04 21:15:50
Fight spam with spam. In order for a spammer to sell a product, there must be a way for you to contact him. So use other spammer's info to do this. Be careful though, I only recommend this if you no what you are doing.
Toma - 2004-03-04 09:58:29
Spam is terrorism. It wakes you up in the morning screaming "HATE ME", which you have no choice but to follow its command. Sure advertising might work, but spam is just a tad extreme. Death to Microsoft! And Death to spam! (i wonder if theres any links there.)
Raddude - 2004-03-03 17:46:28
E.V.A. Pharmaceutics These people spam me all the time. Fu#k them. I still can get it up, and if I couldn't, I'm not so poor as to need their CHEEP Viagra.
spam suck - 2004-03-03 16:34:38
people who spam suck
- 2004-03-01 18:24:34
People who spam should have there web sites blocked for a few weeks at a time, or even better a DSA <who will be laughing then !!>
W - 2004-02-29 18:43:36
Further research includes these findings: online identities in the Philippines may be electronically forged. Check the following:
W - 2004-02-29 18:17:40
Here are some of the primary trouble-makers, all associated with an offshore pharmacy site: CSL Computer Service (, Samoa; Gandi Sarl, Paris, France; Andrew Ford Medina, Rodel Gamboa, and Ramon Agpaoa, all with addresses in the Philippines. Information accumulated from Whois searches at Network Solutions. All are being reported to the FTC, FBI, and FDA.
Spamdeath - 2004-02-24 20:56:33
I advocate the murder and dismembering of a few spammers as a way of communicating to others the rude and distasteful robbery that is the nature of spam. Spam has shown us that the US government is useless in providing any real measure of protection to the average worker, while shielding the most corrupt and illegitimate forms of nonbusiness and criminality. This perverse characteristic only serves to make the Federal government more laughable (is it possible that the US Congress could BE any more laughable??). So it is essential that good people everywhere take up the sword, or the box-knife, or whatever edged instrument may be handy, to cut off the heads and arms and perhaps other body parts of spammers, and dangle these parts from the balconies of public buildings.
Meter Pegged - 2004-02-23 19:52:05
Personally my "fun meter" is pegged. Does spam suck, absolutely! The only thing that sucks worse, is the people sending it. We need to get back to the days where SPAM was merely a pathetic imposter for meat.
Zaid - 2004-02-22 03:27:01
Where spam really sucks is when reading email's headers from the screen of my tiny mobile phone. Such a waste of time. Nokia, Ericsson and the likes, listen! SPAM makes that feature useless. Put some money into fighting spammers as well.
micro-prognosticator - 2004-02-20 21:08:04
Warning: fopen("unsub.txt", "a") - Permission denied in /home/e/www/sv/applepie.php on line 20 Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /home/e/www/sv/applepie.php on line 21 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /home/e/www/sv/applepie.php on line 22 Thank you. Please give us 24 hour to remove your E-mail from our mailing lists. ////looks like it couldn't append to 'unsub.txt'
micro-prognosticator - 2004-02-20 18:05:15
It says "In accordance with federal law...(we're giving you the option of getting removed)" It doesn't make sense either way. Maybe it works. The blind date one doesn't (there's even a form you can use to give them your REAL address, etc, how helpful is that?).
Art - 2004-02-19 22:15:24
Spam sucks and IPSs don't care to stop it. That are a few techniques that would make SPAM obsolete but very little IPSs offer it. The US goverment also tried the stupid CAN-SPAM act and now I get 300% more spam!
K - 2004-02-18 15:29:07
Well, to play devil's advocate for a moment ... assume that the "email marketer" was actually *cough* honest and *gag* forthright. If this were the case and they actually did intend to honor your remove request then you would have to tell them which address to remove. Even honest people can't read your mind. Of course, that's pure fantasy. But the theory behind it makes it perfectly valid for them to have that sort of form on their sites.
Arnoud - 2004-02-18 03:09:41
so that they know 1. that mail adres is valid 2. they give that mailadress to their customer to contact you
micro-prognosticator - 2004-02-17 13:07:21
why do so many spams have links to forms on where you put your email address in, eg to get removed... if they already have your address..., humor? save them work, favor to other spammers?
Charlie - 2004-02-17 00:01:03
AHHHHRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! SPAM IS [at] #%$# [at] ^$&*# It takes at least one or two hours every other day to empty my inbox and then I am so tired that I don't even read the "good" email. So the next time I open my inbox again... same # [at] $%#%^#$... I would give my right arm and type only with my left one, if I could eliminate not only the SPAM, but also the people who send it... lock them up, through the key away and forget them... let them eat their own sh** and drink their own... I guess you got the picture. I gotta cool down now, otherwise I'm gonna break my keyboard in pieces *lol*
To: c'K - 2004-02-13 10:25:44
please hack, IP, which traces to our old friend i've been getting nonstop spam from there for weeks, and complaints are ignored.
c'K - 2004-02-13 10:12:25
Come on, we're in a war, and unfortunately there are casualties in a war. Too bad for the innocent site that goes down, but that won't make me stop. The spammers don't respect the law, why should I? Fight fire with fire.. With weak laws and years of talking we're not about to win this war. Res non verba -> Action, not talk.. Time for talk is over, it's just that simple.
Arnoud - 2004-02-13 08:18:25
If the DNS is faked, who can assure me that the site I am attacking is not on a server of somebody who is innocent. If they hacked a server and dropped a site on it, you would be DDoS-ing the wrong one. If the spammer is any good in his hacks and stuff, a mirror site on an other hacked server goes up when the other one goes down.
c'K - 2004-02-12 16:57:34
K: Hell judges need to prove guilt and responsibility. That's why nothing in this g*{CENSORED} society works because nobody is every responsible for anything and it'll take ages to prove. I don't need no proof, I get SPAM advertising a site, I kill the site, it's just as easy. And much much faster than a fatass judge who doesn't know {CENSORED} about computers.
K - 2004-02-12 13:36:51
Thus proving that you're as low-life as the spammers? Remember, lots of spam is legal, and even if it isn't it's very difficult to prove guilt or responsibility. On the other hand, hacking is very illegal and very easy to trace and prove. I think in a case like this it's very important to remain on the moral high ground.
FED UP!!! - 2004-02-12 13:26:27
Show me how to hack and I will hack away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
c'K - 2004-02-12 13:12:40
Do as I do, just hack or DDoS their worthless sites! For SPAM to work they need an outlet. Outlet is usually a web page. Hack their server and they make no money. If a handful of hackers would do what I do Spammers would soon stop, trust me!
FED UP!!!!! - 2004-02-11 07:02:38
UGH!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of all this {CENSORED} email that floods my box every day. Have I ever ordered Xanax, Vicodin, Ambien on line? No, I think not. Have I ever wanted to make my male private organ larger, or perhaps last a little longer doing the deed? Well, maybe..IF I WAS A MAN!!!!!!! This ! [at] #$ has gone way too far, you try and email to remove yourself and either the page cannot be found or the email comes back. I apply filters and they end up putting {CENSORED} symbols or changing the name slightly. When will it END???????
K - 2004-02-11 06:59:45
Well, i suppose if it was just one tiny country left, every other network in the world would block their address space and they'd effectively be off the 'net. The problem with China is that it is a very large country with millions of good contacts. No large organization can afford to block it entirely. I have heard of lots of smaller private operators blocking all of chinanet though.
Arnoud - 2004-02-11 05:49:41
So you tell me there is no organisation that can adress any internetprovider for not acting socially? You mean that as long as there is 1 tiny country that has no rules about spam, we will spammed?
anti-spam at chinanet - 2004-02-10 22:43:11
....They don't care. I've complained to chinanet too many times, no abatement in the same spam messages, and no response. They are a spam factory. Asking them to stop spamming is like asking mcdonalds to stop selling burgers. This has become an international incident, and political forces need to get involved to stop chinanet's attack on networks worldwide. comcast is becoming pretty bad too, tons of spam from them, and no help or response from their abuse email.
HERBAL - 2004-02-09 05:45:43
Can you all send a mail to anti-spam [at] if you got spam from herbal? Maybe that will get chinanet moving.
Arnoud - 2004-02-09 05:40:37
btw John Anderson Ltd with postadress at 22 Anbrook St (Auckland, 8009, New Zealand) is herbal dont bother to mail, its a fake adress
Arnoud - 2004-02-09 05:38:08
Sended mail to anti-spam [at] and I have no reply after more then a week. Conent: Domain Name: ABC-DNS.BIZ Domain ID: D6148748-BIZ Sponsoring Registrar: DIRECT INFORMATION PVT. LTD., (D.B.A. DIRECTI.COM) Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Registrant ID: DI_278835 Registrant Name: John Anderson Registrant Organization: John Anderson Ltd Registrant Address1: 22 Anbrook St Registrant City: Auckland Registrant Postal Code: 8009 Registrant Country: New Zealand Registrant Country Code: NZ Registrant Phone Number: +64.7548956432 Registrant Email: herbalpro [at] Spam is sent from: (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=20
K - 2004-02-07 08:35:33
911Pharma-Avenger, there are several of those spams listed at all with complete headers except the recipient domain is munged. They were all received in New York state.
Green Eggs and Spam - 2004-02-07 00:29:58
Hormel Spam, its great. Love it. UCE/TOS Voilations. I hate them. Spammers flood my box by 50 or more a day same "companys" new addresses. I can filter 99% of them, but I believe because of their constant harrassment, they are going to force the issue to the point where the government will be involve in trying to control it. I don't know which will be worse. But you can thank companies like chinanet for what ever happens
911Pharma-Avenger - 2004-02-06 19:31:25
Looking to collect names, addresses and contact of victims looking to submit evidence against - 911pharma, affordablemeds,, for a lawsuit and investigation. I need header emails and what state you are in. Email to .... speedmasterguy AT netscape . net
DELUGED - 2004-02-04 21:42:48
I'm suing affordable meds and 911 pharma. Enough of the talk, whos with me? Action speaks louder than words!
Judd - 2004-02-04 19:19:51
Seriously, my inbox has been slammed for over a year now with SPAM mails that will make my {CENSORED} bigger and show me how to f*%k like Don Juan and many others. I go to great lengths to stop these by applying filters to incoming mail. What do the spammers do? They start misspelling words intentionally so they are not filtered. Numerous emails are sent to these companies' "affiliates" to take my email off the list but the SPAM keeps on coming. I've received 15 emails in one day from different senders affiliated with the same company. I feel powerless to stop it. Why I hate SPAM is the relentless effort from these bastards trying to get me to buy something I would NEVER buy. Who does buy this stuff? Nobody I know.
Judd - 2004-02-04 19:10:48
I hate SPAM. Real ham is so much better. And what's the deal with the bouncy oily substance that you get in the can. Who would eat that. Very funny commercials though, gotta give em that.
Linds - 2004-02-04 18:33:09
I work with over 200 clients for each client I have an email mask for their websites pointing at MY email address. Soooo... I get over 200 times the spam that most people get. I now spend half my darn day DELETING unwanted spam instead of working! Annoyed? Ummm.... HELL YA!
Esther - 2004-02-04 18:32:03
The number of spams I receive daily to enlarge a {CENSORED} ( which i don't have ) constitutes nothing less than sexual harrassment. Emails touting drugs for sexual performance, orgasms, or to enlarge ones breast are also sexual harrassment. This is not the sort of thing one should be sending to strangers. I'd like to sue the pants off of these spammers for sexual harrassment.
Avitar - 2004-02-04 16:40:37
If viruses make your system sick, SPAM is cancer. From the position of a Systems Administrator on a network for a company. - My current SPAM/Legit Email Ratio is about 50/1. I get about 5000 Spam messages a day. - SPAM grows about 10-30% a year, Legit Email grows about 1-2% a year. - It takes 90% of my processor overhead for 15 minutes to filter out 99% of the SPAM per day. - It takes about 1 hour to Download all the SPAM messages before they are deleted. - For about $40 a SPAMer can send around 1 to 10 million spam messages from another country avoiding proscecution. - There is no Government Agency we can send information to where we will see any action taken to stop these people. - About only 1% people actually will even open a spam message on accident, usually deleting it looking at the subject alone. - About 1% people who open the email on accident acctually read the email. And of those people only about 2% will actually go to the site or order the product.
ummm??? - 2004-02-04 16:23:16
Remeber Spam is made of pork so it isn't Kosher.
Avitar - 2004-02-04 16:20:18
When people Spam they can prevent your spam. They should do us a favor and try to win the next Darwin Award. - 2004-02-04 14:09:11
I get spam every hour promoting The IP of this site is, which is, which is basically a spam factory, and will not do anything to stop it. maybe it's time to launch some nukes at chinanet??
Jedi - 2004-02-04 12:38:58
Visit and click on "File a complaint" at this bottom of the page. These spammers have to stop.
Luke - 2004-02-04 12:02:43
Is Richard from RLH Services, aka Richard Honeck? Can anyone prove that he is sending spam through trojaned computers? and is costing us a lot of time and money from server load due to all of the bouncebacks.
Yoda - 2004-02-04 11:33:13
basically you cant stop it because they put your email into the From field so you are getting the bounces.
chokeSPAMMERS - 2004-02-04 11:14:31
How do I stop those millions of returned emails caused by and My spam filter is keep allowing them to pass.
Yoda - 2004-02-04 10:48:12
I have sent letters to which appears to be his Domain registrar, and but like you say im sure it will do no good. I think I'll try calling this Richard guy. Im getting like hundreds of bounces an hour.
DELUGED - 2004-02-04 02:56:08
The guy running the name server for and is Notice how resolves to the same IP address of the offending spam sites. If you telnet into you see ( in CHINA) they guy's name is Richard and here is his contact: RLH Services 6167 N Broadway #483 Chicago,IL , 60660 (773) 561-7530 (775) 923-1054 Fax Number He's gonna get a CALL FROM THE FBI
NotAPharmacist - 2004-02-03 23:56:47
We have been processing thousands of bounce messages every hour from and procmail helps, but it still puts a huge load on the mail server. Help! Does anyone out there know the copmany behind this? Interesting that the Received headers show sending via many hijacked hosts around the world. Could there be any link to MyDoom or another worm out there?
K - 2004-02-03 19:25:03
The people to complain to are haixia.zhao [at] and haiyun.long [at] . These are the contact addresses for the webhost for the site. Unfortunately this probably won't do any good because is a notorious spam hoster. They'll probably ignore any complaints.
Yoda - 2004-02-03 14:53:28
The owner of will die.
Becky - 2004-02-03 12:49:32
Deluged....Looks like we've got the same 2 web addresses being sent to us like me..... wildcrzywmn [at] P.S. ANY PRO-SPAMMERS send me anything because I posted my email addy will get a 7-inch sheet-kicker in their azz! Skeerd now ain't ya?
Becky - 2004-02-03 12:43:27
P.S. I've tried emailing the company & I get errors.....WTF?????
Becky - 2004-02-03 12:42:34
I'M WITH YOU DELUGED!!! I've gotten over 400 mailer-{CENSORED} messages in the past 6 hours!!!
deluged - 2004-02-03 11:41:01
AFFORDABLEMEDS.BIZ and is going down!!! I've gotten over 1000 bounced messages. I'm personally going to the Phillipines to find this sucker and tell him to sOD off
EternullDarkness - 2004-02-02 14:44:48
For those who try the DNS and domain whois research, you are probably wasting your time. Nowadays, not only do they spoof email addresses, they also spoof domains and DNS entries. So if you go through the hassle of it all, you may end up in a hefty lawsuit for false accusations towards a person or business that is a victim of being spoofed. You have to understand, just because it says something, doesn't necessary makes it true. Due to the fact how the SMTP protocol was written so long ago, SMTP doesn't require true authentication to validate and state the truth as to who or what is really sending the email. Spam has gotten so out of hand, between the excessively massive amounts and spammers purposely going out of their way to evade being filtered, as far as i am concerned, email is a technology that needs to die if it cannot be regulated and enforced worldwide. I am a SysAdmin where I work, and I am responsible for managing our spam filter. It is absolutely amazing and pathetic at the same time what spammers
just wondering - 2004-02-01 04:03:20
My big beef against spam is the insult to my intelegence. Now I don't brag to be smart but geeezzzz what idiot would buy this stuff. Obviously there is a sub intelegence in this world that buys the {CENSORED} sold in advertizing just because the comercial is cute. But look how low the spammers go in advertizing appeal. We must have some real dense people with lots of money if they will fall for the spam form of advertizing. I have been told that bulkers ( the bastards that send us the {CENSORED}) only charge $500 for one million emails sold. and they guarantee 200 idiots will respond. Go figure
Wouter - 2004-01-31 14:19:06
if somebody finds out something about (or the other names they use) or the thai registrar then let me know so i can take appropriate action. i'm willing to pay money and go out of my way to make sure these people will be punished. i get about 50 mails a day from them on an address that i never give out. the only place where it's on the web is on my internet providers userlist page.
Rajiv - 2004-01-30 11:29:42
Again, if you really want to eliminate spam, download Policy Patrol off of my site at There is a 30 day free trial, if you don't like it uninstall it.
Arnoud - 2004-01-30 08:34:01
K, so you dont want spam? Do the following to report the spammers: 1. Do an Whois Lookup to (Primairy) NAME SERVER. 1. Do a DNS Lookup at 2. Get the [A] Records of the domain name and pick up the IP. 3. Do an IP Whois Lookup to inform the Complainant of the Web Hosting Service Provider from You will get information of the host of the site or information on where to get it.
Niels Salien - 2004-01-29 17:19:08
I HATE IT because you can't choose not recieving it on TV you can change the channel, spammers just fill your mailbox without permission, AND IT'S NOT EVEN LEGAL
Arnoud - 2004-01-29 09:18:53
Think this one is who actually sends you the mails: (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27) (bl=2004-01-29,, created=2004-01-27)
Arnoud - 2004-01-29 09:15:45
Hi Peter, (bl=2004-01-16,, created=2004-01-09) Hope you can get any further with it. I dont think its the spammer itselves but the one who orders it.
Isaiah - 2004-01-28 16:58:36
Hey alan- and are doing the same thing to me! I've gotten over 200 delivery rejected emails. I reported it to yahoo, and they haven't done anything. I've sent the company threatening emails, no reply. Next I'm gonna try the BBB. If you get any more info, email me at skatehard45 [at]
Molly - 2004-01-27 12:32:47
It eats up hours of my production time while I search for my real customers who are drowning in the dispicable garbage. I estimate it has cost me thousands of dollars in lost time and lost e-mail that got trashed by mistake. I get 1000 to 2000 spams per day - even after running my e-mail through two servers with spam filters on them. How can we stop this invasive {CENSORED} and not give up our e-mail freedom? I don't want the govenment to control it or charge for it.
Alan - 2004-01-26 01:46:10
Now the jacka$$ is sending spam with as the company. Also registered in Philippines. Wish I knew some people there to pay the guy a visit!
Peter - 2004-01-25 16:58:51
Reason: A spammer is repeatedly using my personal e-mail address peter (at) thoeny (dot) com for a despicable purpose. I got lots of bounced spam messages for a product of HERBAL-WORLD.US. That web site is registered in Thailand but the spammer seems to send the product from the US. Any help in tracing this company down is appreciated so that I can take legal actions.
Alan - 2004-01-25 12:35:51
In less than 24 hours I've received over 9000 bounced spam email messsages as a spammer is forging our domain name in the emails. Like to choke the $%#% out of him. Anyone who can tell me where the owner of AFFORDABLEMEDS.BIZ lives would be my here. It is registered in Phillipines but hoping the guy is in the USA so I can get him. If you have some tips, please let me know!
cheri - 2004-01-24 22:38:23
I hate pop ups they make my life misrable, and I think its a racket that you have to pay to get rid of them, Microsoft should be sued!
Logic Rules - 2004-01-23 22:31:06
Spam is an intrusion of a service I pay for. Spammers should be charged for every Spam. We should also use an anti Spam program, and ABSOLUTELY refuse to view or purchse anything they advertise.
wizzie - 2004-01-23 17:49:23
spam wastes my time spammers suck
Hotmail Customer - 2004-01-21 15:31:37
Note the amount or the content, It is the repetition. I have gotten over 100 emails that are exactly alike, about 1-2 per day that are from the Refinance Doctor. This is unacceptable I would like to charge the Refinance Doctor for wasting my time
Anti-K - 2004-01-21 09:17:08
Originally posted by K: Sounds like john bourlet's got some unresolved personal issues he needs to deal with. ===== Sounds like somebody is too smart for the interslicewebernet.
R* - 2004-01-20 17:06:03
My email server has an auomatic spam blocker which allows me to add preferences. Unfortunately mail that I do not classify as spam sometimes goes in there too. If I didn't receive all this spam I wouldn't run into this problem. I usually receive about 700 pieces of spam to my bulk (spam) box per day. Now I have to scroll through all those spam mails just so I don't miss one from a friend.
Rajiv - 2004-01-19 15:31:01
In order to continue getting legitimate email and block spam you must use a software that has user end quarantine. It allows the user to set policies and what not to block and the software through intelligent keyword filtering will figure out what emails to keep and what to block.
K - 2004-01-16 15:09:26
Bernard, that kind of faxing has been illegal in the US for many years. You should be able to report them to the police.
Bernard - 2004-01-16 10:52:34
I don't like all those unsollicited Emails and I delete and block them systematically. Unfortunately this really complicate my life because once in while a legitimate Email may also get that treatment...This happens when my correspondant changes address. What outrages me is to receive FAXEs in the middle of the night ( the fax is on my phone line and it wakes me up), it uses my paper and the carbon of my machine and I am getting pages of offers for refinancing, buy penny stocks and taking cruises...I have call the number to be removed from the data base several times but the faxes keep coming back with another number to call...We are thinking about sending people to live on the moon and that kind of outrageous stuff cannot be stopped...I don't understand.
K - 2004-01-15 16:29:03
Rajiv, i'm glad you saw the light and decided to post the URL. You should realize however that the way you orginally posted your offer was utterly inappropriate on this forum.
Rajiv - 2004-01-15 15:28:49
Wow K, you really have some serious issues to deal with. Just to help you calm down, you might want to download Policy Patrol, an anti-spam software. The website is
IT BLOWS - 2004-01-14 12:10:20
Doug - 2004-01-14 12:09:48
Warwick - 2003-12-27 12:33:34
The are using one of my domains as a return address if you have a spare virus send it to mcgs [at]
just me - 2003-12-26 23:16:35
sucks big.
K - 2003-12-19 15:54:14
Rajiv, how stoopid do you think we are? Why should we give you our email address? You could post the URL in here for folks to download without them having to give you their email addresses. Jerque.
Rajiv - 2003-12-19 14:30:32
If you are interested, post your email and I will send you my URL for the product. Thanks
Rajiv - 2003-12-19 14:28:58
If any of you would like a low-cost piece of software to eliminate spam, let me know!!!
Ponder - 2003-12-19 13:34:10
I hate it. How stupid can SPAMMERS be? Is anyone really dumb enough to purchase from them? 1 in 10,000 maybe. Meanwhile the SPAM clogs the internet with usless traffic. Millions of the everyday JOES (that means consumers) are turning away from their email and internet accounts because they no longer want to deal with all the trash/ads/spam/viruses. Yes Millions of users are dropping there connectivity. Thank you spammers for continuing a self defeating purpose and bringing down those that rely on the internet to make a living.
Lou Grabow - 2003-12-16 16:08:35
Anyone who spams me will get a beating! lou.grabow [at]
Joe Cervan - 2003-12-14 01:49:05
I have worked to hard to save money and post a nice website, but a bastard from Poland used my business domain to run spam to AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and many other sites and now my domain is lockout. If I have the chance to put my hands on him I happily could print all the messages he sent and stick them in his back hole!
Dan MacNeil - 2003-12-12 18:07:01
I get the returned AOL mails. I can no longer send mail to AOL with my current domain. I send forms to my customers and they do not get through because som of my customers have spam settings that don't allow some forms. I find occasional emails from my customers in dead spam bin that did not get through my spam fiter to me. This is so far beyond ridicuolous that it is ridiculous. It's like a US Post Office mail man is taking off in the morning with a few thousand mails and somebody takes half of it a way from him and then gives him 50,000 letters of their own. The worst thing of all is that the politicians will not arrive at a good answer to stop this. I can jst smell a TAX on email or similar that will be veiled as a spam stopper.
Bethany - 2003-12-11 14:26:13
because you call and when you do they always rip you off or never tell you the right number or they never give you your tikets thats why it sucks
Antonio - 2003-12-10 07:06:36
It is easy to filter out unwanted email or just ignore most everything that comes form someone not in your address book. However, the thing that is killing me right now is that the entire .biz seems to be purchased and run by individuals bent on spamming by forging email headers and email addresses. My domain is becoming a real target as I get upward to 250 returned emails from AOL and other mail subsystmes with long lists of addresses that don't exsist on those domains. I have dome some research and found that and are the registrars for a majority of those domains. Intercosmos has been in court many times for liable, defamation etc because they will not take any action to block or cut-off offenders on their servers. What p***es me off even more is that they are winning the judgements brought against them. What kind of presidence is being set here. If there is any illegal activity resulting from your customers and you know about it, it should be your resposibility to deny them your services at the very least. I am going to get these guys one way or another. Anyone care to join me?
eric krieg - 2003-12-09 12:04:49
I fight back by responding to african 419 spammers, telling them, "I'm old and just got email, I can't make international calls - so please get me at this phone number . ... " - then I give them an 800 number of a spammers. Some of these dumb africans have called 20 different numbers and gone to airports expecting to meet me
les - 2003-12-08 15:43:25
spammers are pea brained guttersnipes and should be flushed away with the rest of the excreta.they are of no use to man or beast and need to be exterminated
dickheads - 2003-12-08 10:43:02
After asking my code writer to put in a nice bit that returned the spam to whatever dumb sod these vandals bounce from, www.mrg kicked my butt. What side are they on?
wankers - 2003-12-08 10:31:58
too much time deleteing things for a big dig (I am female) Bald head (I am female) In debt (I am not) Need a degree ( I have my own) Anti spam (well why would I want a spam to tell me I do not need spam) A waste of time and they all should dbe shot. Toes first.
Spamhater - 2003-12-08 03:33:53
I am sick of it. Everyday I give some {CENSORED} form Ted Hansson and how I can make moeny.Hate I don't live in the US.Tried and get stop it. All the so call send a e mail to remove [at] does nothing. Now I just sending {CENSORED} off in big red letters but I should no one reads them so what am I to do?
R - 2003-12-07 05:33:01
People sending spam forging my address. I don't want to be blacklisted for that. I will take action against servers that allow my addy to be forged. I dunno if I will have any success.
duh - 2003-12-06 19:53:24
If you have a website and want to post an email address, post something like this: myname [at] then instructions to delete the ".net" part of the address. The bots will never get it!
stijn dujardin - 2003-12-04 06:50:32
because i never want to buy something from anyone who keeps sendingt me spam. I HATE SPAMMERS
spam hater - 2003-12-04 02:51:06
as the it givess apammer more money than they need
K - 2003-12-03 08:12:26
Hey, other K from, don't i know you from somewhere? ;)
K - 2003-12-02 23:01:25
DSPAM - I hover around 99.7% accuracy...some other users are at 99.9%.
K - 2003-12-01 14:51:38
posting spammers, hence the list of addresses at the top of the page which are all clickable links. These will be read by spammers robots. However, that aside, some robots are smart enough to recognize an email address without the mailto: tag. I've had addresses that were plain text on a page harvested.
posting spammers - 2003-12-01 12:40:07
putting spammer email address on a web page will not work . The address must have the <mail to> tag , such as would happen in a guestbook
help - 2003-12-01 04:49:32
blocking "htm" and "html" will reduce spam by about 90% .
Malachim - 2003-11-30 07:00:48
I waste up to 2 or 3 hours a day, every day blocking and reporting up to 1,000 or more {CENSORED} messages these leeching bastards send us. As soon as I guess the flow to under 100 a day the gits move to a few host. Hint. I've found two of the worst of the thieves use either YoDude [at] or the sub-domain mx01 Loses a whack of good mail too, but blocking AOL, Hotmail and anything with "value" "offer" or "mail" in the domain name will reduce Spam by well over half!
AgentSmith - 2003-11-30 00:27:48
If you are as sick as I am of receiving UCE's promoting H-G-H, why not drop the site owner a friendly email? Marty Goldbaum martygoldbaum555
did_u_notice - 2003-11-27 10:25:41
Did you notice how the guestbook spammers leave an email address . They are well aware that the bots are coming to gather everything
spamfighterz - 2003-11-27 09:57:40
Si usted es realmente serio sobre odiar Spam..consider esto... donde le consiguieron la direccin... de un guestbook... entonces fije muy probablemente (no la direccin de los spammers) pero los dueos del dominio... cuando los bots consiguen a asimiento de eso los spammers se divulgarn!
spamfighterz - 2003-11-27 09:56:25
Si vous tes vraiment srieux au sujet de dtester Spam..consider ceci... o ils vous ont obtenu l'adresse... d'un guestbook, trs probablement... signalez alors (pas l'adresse d'inondateurs) mais les propritaires de domaine... quand les bots mettent la main sur cela les inondateurs se rapporteront!
spamfighterz - 2003-11-27 09:51:16
If you are really serious about hating spam ..consider this... where did they get you address ... from a guestbook , most likely ... then post (not the spammers address) but the domain owners ... when the bi\ots get hold of that the spammers will be reporting themselves !
MoMag - 2003-11-26 11:14:56
I believe Microsoft promotes such garbage so as to bring in more money so Bill Gates can build a larger home. Free enterprise is a word that spammers use for cowards and deviates of which they are the filthiest kind. Porn and trash are what spammers thrive on. Guess their mothers bred like pigs.
Helmut Scheiss - 2003-11-25 13:13:40
Why not go after the people using spam to advertise their product? I've responded to mortgage loan spam and when a person calls, I'll get their company name and contact information, call them back and let them have it. I've have a 75% success rate in getting someone to cry over the phone!
gunny - 2003-11-25 09:03:41
The reason they hide their real address is that someone would kill them or bomb their real mailbox. OH except the ads we get from CHINA we love THOSE. click on unsubscribe put in the email address of the chinese embassy.
Red - 2003-11-25 07:35:57
Did anyone read the recent article on CNN's website about the computer programmer out in CA who was charged with "Spam-Rage"? That guy is my hero.
Amy - 2003-11-24 14:11:55
I don't have time to clean out over 990 emails daily, which I will NEVER read any way and it keeps me from reading emails from my very old mother cause her email is either burried in SPAM or her email cannot go through cause my mailbox is full due to SPAM. SPAM makes her very sad and upset. It's a shame that it's angered so many old people and small children from healthy communications. SPAM is wrong!
steve - 2003-11-23 17:41:54
It clogs up my email constantly.
Bloated Mailbox - 2003-11-23 12:31:48
We are constantly being fead Spam, and Spam is not healthy. We should rename it to something like "turnips" or "kiwi"
Horacio - 2003-11-21 10:11:35
No me gustan las porqueras que me mandan y son super fastidiosos
Matt - 2003-11-18 09:38:00
I hate spam because they always assume I need a bigger {CENSORED}, to loose weight, can't sleep and need Viagra to pleasure my wife. None of these are true.
sue - 2003-11-16 20:19:27
spam wastes my money - it's not like junk mail. i PAY for the internet, i PAY for my phone and i PAY for my fax. I DO HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY WHAT TIES IT UP AND MAKES IT VIRTUALLY USELESS FOR THE PERSON WHO PAYS FOR IT. spammers pay for advertising, post office rates, commercials. HEY - DIDN'T SPAMMERS ALREADY TRY FREE INTERNET SERVICE? what happened? didn't it work? can you imagine a fax service paid with spam? it is time consuming to dump the spam. i can sign up for new email, and it'll be there waiting. i don't have to fill out a form or give out the address! INTERNET PROVIDERS DO HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY IN PREVENTING UNWANTED SPAM FROM BEING SPREAD AROUND. if RIAA can figure out a way to track people down and file charges - so can ISP's. i think if an ISP is not taking active anti-spam measures, then they should be held just as responsible.
Andrew - 2003-11-13 15:58:19
Because Spammers stole my address from my website and now use it in headers to sell Sex stuff. Mother F-ERs!!!
sherri - 2003-11-13 08:18:50
Who is stupid enough to believe any of these offers anyway?
Hilda - 2003-11-08 23:05:06
What makes them so sure that my p [at] nis even NEEDS enlarging? Hate SPAM... hate it hate it hate it hate it!
Damion - 2003-11-07 13:02:22
Ok I am having a huge problem with with spam right now except for me its not incoming spam! Some one from the site has hacked into my actual account and is sending there garbage through my name about [CENSORED]enlargements and now i cant make it stop so please if there is any thing u can do help me out thanx
Randy - 2003-11-04 17:30:25
Does anyone ever actually buy anything that these {CENSORED}s send out... I sure as hell don't.... Wouldn't trust anyone who would send out a shotgun of bull{CENSORED} that is SPAM
Sherry Wright - 2003-11-04 15:16:37
I have a 14 year old in the house and she sees things on the net that shouldn't be seen by a child. Or seen my anybody for that matter. I hate it!!!! It's almost got me to the point to going back to Pony Express(LOL). But seriously thinking about giving up my computer because of all this. I try really hard to keep all the BS away from my daughter and all this does is defeat my whole purpose. I'm tired of it and sick to death of it. Someone please do something!!!!!!!!
triplikeido999 - 2003-11-01 21:24:44
SPAM is annoying, yes it is. It's like this, I am a woman and I get mail on {CENSORED} enlargement and websites for things like animal porn...what's that about anyway? I don't own a house yet I get mortgage reduction mail, I'm not in debt...yet those {CENSORED} debt consolidators.....It's gotta stop
CC - 2003-11-01 06:09:25
I hate it. You out there stop it!
K - 2003-10-30 20:03:19
Illegal in your state maybe, but sadly not in mine yet. Grrrrrrr.
T-1000 - 2003-10-30 19:38:24
I dispise spam. It's stupid, its pointless, and it's ILLEGAL.
TOM - 2003-10-30 05:09:01
I hate spammer because since beginning of this October someone is abusing our domain forging the FROM header of his spam mails with our domain. Now we get all the bounced emails (daily up to 40.000 if not filtered), hatred mails from other spam haters, and our domain is blacklisted on some servers.
Suzie X, Freedom Fighter - 2003-10-29 14:45:47
I hate that some cheeto-munching, daylight-adverse scamster can gain access to my line of vision even for a fraction of a moment. I would like to invite them to Day of Defeat so I can kill them and they can hear me laugh... I may also design custom SPAMSTER targets so folks shooting at their local outdoor range can enjoy aiming their hunting rifles, HK-91's, M1's or whatevah and pulling the figurative DELETE button... all the while, laughing in a crazed yet fully satisfied way. Thank you for the opportunity to vent - I already feel bettah!
Playromm - 2003-10-28 08:25:11
Dislike spam i spend oll this time deleting trash spam is trash.
Sam Spamhater - 2003-10-27 00:28:06
I hate spam because it steals my time - and that means that scientific papers are not being written as fast as they would be. The scientists who have to stay exposed to the public are being blown apart by this scrounge. Guess what? spammers are slowing down medical research! They are unethical!! Tell your friends: spamming is unethical!!
T-DOG - 2003-10-26 19:03:23
Jane - 2003-10-26 17:19:55
it is annoying,intruding, and makes me furious
iamcwc - 2003-10-26 14:28:39 does this exist to opt out?? or is ita scam spam ? Fair enough when you can easily opt out, but this is a dead end addresss
Jim Key - 2003-10-26 09:00:56
I receive about 150 spams a day. I hold them in the same regard as unsolicited telephone sales people. Eventually spam could lead to gross legislation stripping the Internet of the freedoms now enjoyed. I NEVER EVER buy or communicate with Spam. If evryone were the same the Spam would die out!
Pat Benjanan - 2003-10-25 15:07:31
It's annoying when you are in the middle of your worksheet.
raj - 2003-10-25 13:16:30
Parker - 2003-10-24 19:48:18
Sombody signed up my web site and it is killing business because I can only afford a minimum amount of bandwidth the spam takes it all up and fills my emails with thousands per day leaving my customers frustrated and hateful toward my URL because the server will not allow access in a timely fashion.
smith - 2003-10-22 20:38:29
I hate getting a bunch of trash that i have to erase, my email is loaded with at least 90% spam trash, that i have to delete every time i get to work.
Doug - 2003-10-21 16:00:09
30 Spams a day. On a GOOD day!! If spam wasnt electronic then the postal service wouldnt have enough vans. At this rate all the bandwith wilkl be used by {CENSORED}ing spammers and the internet will be unuseable. Spammers shouldn't be fined..... they should be LOCKED UP FOR LIFE!
Lisa - 2003-10-21 00:40:59
I am downloading a trial version of MailFrontier, a spam reporter software. Check out the link! Hope it works!,aid,112996,tk,wb102003x,00.asp
MakeSpamIlegal - 2003-10-18 22:00:19
Spam sucks. If they would honor opt-outs, no one would care. Since they don't, we should outlaw the use of SPAM and make the companies that employ it liable for any damages, etc. Make the spammers' customers seek other alternatives and then the spammers won't be able to make any money.
rusehm - 2003-10-18 18:49:21
I hate spam because I have young kids and even though I supervise their web use, these horrible messages still manage to get through. How do I get rid of them. I can block 'Vicodin' etc. But how do I deal with the porn. Any ideas?
llpup - 2003-10-15 02:43:42
llpup - 2003-10-15 02:40:07
PORNO... More and more all the time... Have SEX with FARM Animals... Buy ViAgrA... I HAVE NO {CENSORED}! And DITTO to what "SharS" Says!
K - 2003-10-13 22:44:42
Pat, at least 99% of the spam i receive comes to addresses that i never used when filling out web forms. Even when i don't uncheck that "optin" box, i usually never get spam at the address i use. The spam i get is mostly to addresses that have been harvested from web pages.
Pat - 2003-10-13 18:43:20
I don't like spam but I don't get most of them because when I go to a website they ask me to opt in/out in order to receive stuff from affiliates or companies we do business with. You guys have got to scroll down and read when you sign up for anything.
Spam Harassment - 2003-10-13 13:55:50
J-Rat - .... spam is equal Harassment. rape is sick. therefore Harassment is sick. then SPAM are. NEVER SEND SPAM. IT IS BAD.
K - 2003-10-08 07:39:02
Lisa, browse to and enter the domain name. This is a good starting point to find out domain registration information.
lisa - 2003-10-08 01:04:11
Richard what software did you use to track those domains? I wouldn't mind purchasing it myself.
Richard T Powell - 2003-10-07 10:56:57
I spend more time deleting offensive emails that I never signed up for. This SPAMMERS remove urls are missing or invalid. Watch out for these remove domains. These Domains are registered to Edward Davidson 235 West 48th Street New York, NY 10036 It is quite obvious Mr. Davidson operates with no integrity at all.
Andy - 2003-10-05 20:54:08
Isn't spam a (the lowest) form of advertising, and since when is it legal to forge return email addresses, hijack users computer and turning them into spam engines, and out and out LIE about their product with fake claims? Why aren't these people behind bars???
Andy - 2003-10-05 20:52:05
Off with their heads!
romanianjoker - 2003-10-02 11:54:41
I hate spam cuz I really hate the unsolicited mail in my postal box too, but that's another question.
Rhonda - 2003-09-28 01:18:10
Whois View is a great little program, either run the isp # or the website..then i spam them back. It had eliminated alot of my spam.
DUSTYGRIMES - 2003-09-27 22:58:03
I have a yahoo mail account for when I have to join a website such as POGO or Yahoo Games, I go to me e-mail account and I have 110-260 different messages every day not one is a legit email that I would like to read, and if I ever did win any thing like on POGO or another legit sitew I would probably not even get the e-mail because I do not have time to weed thru porno, gambling, credit card, and other stupid ads, Half of them are trying to get you to invest in the internet and start your own spammail bus.The only thing I can say about spam is at least they dont have to cut down all the trees in order to print mail, outs, I throw away a forrest full of trees every year from junkmail at home.
DieMaggotSpammerDie - 2003-09-26 10:06:29
I am beginning to have fantasies of running through a spam farm shooting up their servers with a Thompson submachine gun. I am so sick of receiving this garbage, and I guess I'm not really very technically profecient at blocking it. It seems like I keep adding the same spammers to my "block" list over and over, as if they are rolling through an endless list of IPs or something. I do not want any parts of my anatomy enlarged. I do not want to buy heroin or slaves. And I am not interested in their alleged get rich quick scheme, or their magic elixer that supposedly cures anything from toenail fungus to lung cancer. I would like to be able to post a "no trespassing" sign of sorts on my email account, and my telephone, just like I can post on my property. Of course, spam has been around for a long time before we called it spam. My snail mail box is still full of garbage that I have to throw away every week. There must be enough people biting on their lures to keep them going, but I sure wish they would stop.
SPAMM CAN BURN IN HELL - 2003-09-22 11:52:16
SPAMM CAN BURN IN HELL!, Im working on a little device that will elimante those {CENSORED}s selling misery, porn,and FREE bull{CENSORED} lies Isnt it ironic how the Goverment can send a man to the moon, but they cant do anything sereous enough to take out this little INTERNET disease we call SPAMM, O, and by the way..anyone who has aol....youll get plenty of spamm with them wanna know why?...ILL TELL YOU ANYWAYS, aol sells your account info to all these people...and I ask you the people with aol this.How come aol can add pop up blockers, nice little features, AND STILL CANT BLOCK THE PORN FROM THERE CHAT ROOMS, heh, kind of funny isnt it?, AOL MAKES MONEY FROM I say this, anyone with the KNOWLEDGE to distroy are little enimy SPAMM, with virus's, hacking there page and ruining it,ect..ect, and you have a CONCIOUS..then distroy these people.because not only are us adults getting this, the children are whats ritechous, and try not to get caught if its against are {CENSORED}ty goverments rules..because quite
Lawrence - 2003-09-22 11:12:04
Spammers dont achieve their goals... recipients just delete them. Homepage:
R_du_neuf_trois - 2003-09-18 07:58:53
They sucks bandwidth, they're lying, we can't know who's behind
markereal3 - 2003-09-14 10:24:19
The trick is to either delete it, fight it or block it. I received my first one in six months and it was quite amusing. Only trusted friends have my e-mail and anyone else is blocked. I have multiple accounts and can switch in the unlikely event I have to. If I need something from an unidentified addy I release the block for a short time until I get it and then put the blocks back, thats how I got ONE spam. It was one of the "send me your account details and I'll top it up with cash" lamers and he kindly gave me his e-mail address, so I came across this site while I was signing him up for every newsletter on planet earth and beyond. If you are feeling really grumpy you can use SamSpade(freedownload) and go and locate where the {CENSORED} is coming from, and though I would never do it myself [:O)] you can then go kick {CENSORED} outa the server. If you get the message "site temporarily unavailable" you know you've scored a bullseye in it's gonads.
K - 2003-09-13 07:29:13
That's why my spam filter checks for this string "v\W?[i1]\W?[a4 [at] ]\W?g\W?r\W?[a4 [at] ]" instead of for "viagra". That catches most any variation, including when they stick extra spaces, dashes, periods, etc. in between the letters. Out of the last 10,000 or so spams i've gotten, 2457 have matched that string, but only about 450 have contained the correct spelling "viagra".
sickospam - 2003-09-13 01:35:08
SgtBookie, They mispell the words like Viagra intentionally to trick filters looking for certain words, even though we know pefectly well what is means.
Inphonic - 2003-09-12 14:04:38
These spammers have a toll-free number 888-378-6509. I suggest all who hate spam, call and let them know - so have to pay for it.
SgtBookie - 2003-09-12 10:07:37
Incorrect Spellings! How low tech can you get. In the Spammers world these must be the lowest of low. Come up with some interesting code or something, just quit being lame. V1agra, oh you are soooo smart to mispell!!!
chris - 2003-09-10 04:53:01
I dont like anything that is fake and not reality.
SharS - 2003-09-09 21:07:42
I am sick to death of getting stuff from! I swear to God if they don't stop sending me this garbage I am going to...Jimminy Crickets I can't to a darned thing! I've tried remove me, I've tried begging, praying for a miracle from God, but NOTHING has worked! They keep coming in with all these suggestive titles "I miss you" "You're So Hot"...My husband was starting to think I was having a fling with someone or LOTS of someones. I'd be so sore I wouldn't even be able to walk if I was banging this many people! I'm talking 4 or 5 times a day I get this spoof junk so I can't even block it from coming in. The stinking filter would be set for every domain out there, and I'd never get anything I actually want to read. And speaking of filters...THANKS FOR NOTHING PRODIGY! You filtered out stuff from my mother- my MOTHER-you smucks, but if it has something about making you're dong longer, you bet it's going to be shoved in my mail box! (no pun intended :) And if I get one more spam telling me how to stop getting spam, I'm going to sceam. You bone heads-YOU stop sending me spam, and I wouldn't have to worry about it! And I DON'T need printer ink, I might need to lose a few pounds, but that's cuz I have to sit on my arse too much each day deleting your darned SPAM! My husband doesn't need any help with his "thing", we don't need help with our sex lives, the porn spam has cured me of ever wanting sex again, I don't need a mortgage at a lower rate, I don't want viagra (the real thing OR generic), I can't take a vaction, and I'm just tired of reading it all EVERY DAY! Thank you!
Inphonic morons - 2003-09-08 16:55:01
I had requested Inphonic (and Exodus) stop spamming me numerous times, and finally I wrote them a nasty note demanding they cease - Their response: Dear Customer, Thank you for your email. In order to obtain additional information about our wireless offers you must visit, and click on "buy a phone". This web site will allow you to view the available equipment and carriers listed under your zip code. Also, you may contact 1-888-378-6509 for additional assistance. Thank you for your interest in our company. Sincerely, Customer Relations Department
Inphonic morons - 2003-09-08 16:49:19
Inphonic spams a lot of people - has been put on blacklists eveywhere for it! I had requested both Inphonic and Exodus that it stop spamming me numerous times, and finally I wrote them a nasty note demanding they cease - Their response: Dear Customer, Thank you for your email. In order to obtain additional information about our wireless offers you must visit, and click on "buy a phone". This web site will allow you to view the available equipment and carriers listed under your zip code. Also, you may contact 1-888-378-6509 for additional assistance. Thank you for your interest in our company. Sincerely, Customer Relations Department
Rhonda - 2003-09-05 23:15:16
I like how John thinks...lmao! Any other tricks?
Dr. Evil - 2003-09-05 22:41:15
New penalty for spaming.... quadruple amputation! lets see em spam with no arms and legs... Better cut out their toungs, eyes, teath and a few other things just to be sure...
K - 2003-09-04 16:15:14
John, you might want to include relavent portions of the spam itself in the first page of those faxes so that they know exactly why someone is mad at them, and that you're not just some raving mad lunatic. Make sure you don't include any personally identifying information ... especially your fax number!
John - 2003-09-04 10:26:53
When the spammers are STUPID enough to send a FAX number, I send them 200 solid black pages to use up all their expensive ink. Sending the pages 5 or 10 at a time makes it hard for them to stop it. Send it in the middle of the night when no one's there to stop the incoming onslaught.
Mad as Heck - 2003-09-03 20:09:17
It really ticks me off when you request over and over and over and over to remove your name from their list and they won't
Ray - 2003-09-03 10:25:17
It just fills up my email box. I hate spam for the same reason I hate telemarketers. They are just very annoying, and there should be a law against spamming just like there is to stop telemarketer calls.
K - 2003-08-31 16:16:45
Rodney, i quite agree. I do a lot of shopping on the 'net and never once have i been spammed by a place i've purchased from. They have all honored my mailing preferences completely. I've got several domain names and have usually created unique addresses for each place i do business with. I've never noticed an address leaking out to 3rd parties. It seems that almost all the spam i get is to addresses i've posted on websites. Spambots harvesting addresses make up most of the lists that spammers use. That's the reason for the list of bizarre addresses at the top of this page. The first address listed is traceable right to the IP address and date of the spambot which harvested it.
Rodney - 2003-08-31 15:10:39
I can't believe most of the spammers actually make money selling the garbage they advertise. It's not as if one day I go to read email from a client and get another organ-enlargement-spam and suddenly say "why didn't I think of that" and send off they money. As for not ordering anything off the 'net, that's a false premise. There are hundreds, if not thousands of very reputable companies that work off the net. Want to test it? Get your own domain and set up a different email for every business you give an email to. My mail ordering is 100% via computer and I've never been spammed from a company yet, nor have I ever had problems with my card. If you are, on the other hand, one of the thousands of idiots that will freely respond to a formmail site that asks for personal information but doesn't give you the web-owner's address or phone number, then you pretty much get what you deserve.
Mike - 2003-08-29 02:10:04
Pop ups, those annoying pop ups.The worst offender, the ones i get the most of, the sites that want to sell you the fix!! Thanks Microsoft for another crappy os!
Julie - 2003-08-26 14:33:38
Do not order anything on the computer, they keep sending you stuff and billing your credit card and you can't get it taken off!
Cardio man (last time, really) - 2003-08-26 14:32:45
Okay, okay, so the Pacer never was a cool car to own. I meant to say Pinto. Vega? No, Gremlin! Dodge Dart? Wait, um, how about the Renault Le Car?
Cardio man - 2003-08-26 14:25:56
Because it's not good for you. Honestly, if you can eat it in the suggested serving size it is okay. but that really isn't any fun because there is nothing better than a big ol' chunk of the stuff with several over easy eggs and a tall OJ. Add a slice or two of fried banana and I'm back in Waiamea getting up the energy to shoot the curls. Oh, buth the unsolicited email-- that sucks because it takes up my time to clean out my mailbox. And I like my {CENSORED} just fine like it is, thank you very much.
K - 2003-08-25 11:58:31
Cheryl, i feel your pain. I use Netscape 7.1 as my browser and it has a very nice popup stopper built right in. I almost never see a popup ad anymore. Another tactic is to use IP redirection for some of the worst ads. This isn't an ideal solution since you have to manually do this for each individual site that pops up ads, but it can help somewhat. Here's what you do: Whever you see a popup ad, have your browser display the info for the site. In Netscape, you can right-mouse-button click on the ad and choose View Info. MSIE probably has something very similar. Find the domain name of the site, highlight it, and copy it with Ctrl-C. Next, use Windows Notepad to edit the file C:\windows\hosts . Move to the last line of the file (if it already exists, otherwise just start a new file) and paste the domain name, press Tab, and then type hit Enter and save the file. You'll eventually end up with lines like this:

You'll probably have to quit and restart windows after adding new entries. After this, when a site tries to popup an ad from those domains, your computer will refuse to look for it and you won't see the ad!

Cheryl - 2003-08-25 11:32:53
Spam Sucks! My boys use this computer and see popups for teengirlmovies!! It says Porn right in the ad!!! I can't shut them off and it really {CENSORED} me OFF!!How do I stop it? I have emailed FCC but want to stop them NOW!!
Najam - 2003-08-25 01:50:47
Bcoz they disturb me and always fill my inbox with unwanted mails.
Kent - 2003-08-20 13:21:58
It taste like {CENSORED}
Ben - 2003-08-15 15:31:55
because its {CENSORED}ing stupid
rob - 2003-08-13 16:01:52
they junck up the computer sights
Jeff - 2003-08-10 00:21:07 are spammers. They own the domain and spam people with multiple ads on a daily basis. I think they should be signed up to receive spam themselves.
etta cottrell - 2003-08-09 21:58:31
i hate porns things like that should never be shown anywhere should be totally abolished
Canopic - 2003-08-04 04:37:20
It interfers with my e-mail system - takes too much time to bounce sort & report it. These people need to be prosicuted & the law changed to ensure that they are. They should be locked up & the key thrown away. Anyone who likes spam should join them!
ktpenny2000 - 2003-08-03 21:46:53
spam sucks!!!! When i'm in the middle of something it popsup! those people suck!!
brown - 2003-08-03 15:01:55
can not play pogo games
jack - 2003-08-03 10:45:42
it always pops up and messes me up on all my work
I agree with Cal - 2003-08-01 13:16:48
I consider moronic chain letters the equivalent of spam and have told everyone I know to NOT send me them. Sucky poems are not "Ancient Chinese Luck Tantras", the Gap is not giving free clothes to idiots who forward emails and a little boy with a rare disease is not getting a new kidney. I usually direct anyone who forwards me to: Usually they are so embarrassed afterwards they never forward to me again.
rhonda - 2003-08-01 00:40:19
I have just started using You have to find out where the spam comes from then send it to You first have to register by sending a email to new [at] Good luck!
K - 2003-07-31 10:30:13 Real Rewards They keep trying to offer me a mortgage quote to refinance the building i work in, which is owned by my employers, not by me. They also want me to refinance the apartment i lived in last year. 1-800-299-4825 Toll free. Tell them what you think of online mortgage quote spam.
SPAM HATER - 2003-07-31 10:25:14
I've come up with a solution! First Idea.. Since the SPAMMERS WEBSITES are hosted by a company contact the hostig company and inform the mof the companies SPAMMING!!! SECOND... Creat an automatic form filling program to infinitely order there products to F [at] CK SPAMMER!!! at some address. Then find their email adress and forward every piece of SPAM TO THEM, using a real email address from HOTMAIL of course. THIRD START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST ALL THE SPAMMING COMPANIES, the WEB PROVIDERS HOSTING THERE WEBSITES AND ANY INTERNET PROVIDER THAT SPAM WAS USED TO SEND SPAM!!!!!!!!!!! THAT MY IDEA ANYWAY!!!!
Dan - 2003-07-30 23:24:24
I hate spam every time my computer is idle I get spammed. I hate it is there any software out there that is free on the net so that we can fight this invasion if so let us know.
Nyo - 2003-07-25 07:12:10
i have the name, number and address of the first person to program an automated emailer used primarily for advertising (AKA the first spammer ever, godfather of all spam) if you want his info then respond to this with positive stuffs
SPAMMERHATER - 2003-07-24 02:34:18
Spammers are greedy. They only care about themselves and their money. They lie and deceive to make you think you can make money, but in reality it's all just for their gain alone. They should get a real job and stop costing the economy billions of dollars every year. I think ALL spammers who send unsolicited e-mail should be thrown in prison for several years, and their money and belongings taken away from them and given to the needy. Telemarketers are just as bad too, I don't know which is worse. The problem is the spammers, take them away, and the spam will leave too. I think we should declare war against them. They are electronic terrorists. This problem is getting worse. Unless something is done about them, things might be heading for a dead end.
rachel clarke - 2003-07-23 17:23:53
i just dont want them on my laptop.
Cal - 2003-07-23 12:23:28
I dont like spam but the thing i hate most is fwd's. Argh they annoy me so much. How can you save someones life by forwarding it to 15 ppl?! The worst one i got was a really horrible pic of a 7 year old girl with her face all bleeding and he nose was missing and it said that if i didnt fwd it to 15 ppl in 5 mins she would kill me when i sleep. How does that work?? Sheesh what a load of rubbish. Oh well I've had my say :)
SPAMhater #1 - 2003-07-22 17:57:36
My bad.
K - 2003-07-22 07:21:01
SPAMhater #1, has nothing to do with email spam. It's only for blocking telemarketing. they ask for your email address to verify your registration, but they don't keep a "do not email" list.
Yo - 2003-07-22 02:49:48
I don't know. Those flimsy Hotmail accounts can't take much.
SPAMhater #1 - 2003-07-21 20:07:59
There's an orginization - - where you can fill out not only your email to be removed, but also up to 3 phone numbers....if you do it in time it's supposed to block SPAM and telemarketers starting October 1. If you don't sign up by the deadline, I think the block starts 2-3 months after you register. I'm not really sure if it blocks as much as registers you in their databases that they can be prosecuted if they continue to send you SPAM.
Lolly - 2003-07-18 13:50:47
I HATE SPAM! Has anyone tried that new software for stopping spam? - if it works, I sure would like to try it! Anyone know??
Anti Spam - 2003-07-16 12:57:16
I really hate spam, but the spam that I find most annoying is the graphic porn type that promotes rape and incest. I have been getting lots of them every day for the last while. The thing that {CENSORED} me off the most is that they send out that stuff indiscriminately. Several of them have been sent to my 8-year-old son and my 10 year old daughters email account without my consent. The websites that are being spamvertised have been kicked off of several hosts for their activity and the last 3 that kicked them off are: 1.) 2.) 3.) Right now there are a group of 11 websites, specializing in rape and incest that have been hounding us. They all have the same IP address ( What a coincident!! The names of these sites are as follows: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) http://viol
mad parent - 2003-07-16 12:48:56
The thing I hate most about spam is the sleezy pornographic spam promoting rape and incest that is being indiscriminately sent to peoples email boxes. What I hate most about this is that it is being sent to my 8 year old son and 10 year old daughters email accounts without my consent. There are a group of 11 websites that are constantly harassing us everyday with their spew. They change hosts frequently, as their last 3 providers:
Miss Pee - 2003-07-13 21:33:58
I hate these pop-ups! How about we all call them all the time during breakfast lunch and dinner. They just suck!!!!
PS7603 - 2003-07-13 17:11:58
william - 2003-07-12 17:43:49
I didnt ask for it ,it should not bother me!
DORY - 2003-07-11 18:32:35
Spam is an envasion of privacy and I don't like looking at porno when I open my email. My email address belongs to me and it's up to me IF I want to give it out. I have harveste programs and think they should be illegal!!! is my worst spammer at the moment.
Dave - 2003-07-11 15:39:01
Spammers should be hurt. Early and often.
Brack Flanagan - 2003-07-10 16:38:56
I'm retired mil. officer and I can't even obtain a job for the spam and popups I rec. by the hundreds/week. The way to stop it is to SPAM CONGRESS every day!!!
silvio - 2003-07-09 17:33:36
OK fixed. Thank you for the advices. However, to keep this post on topic: SPAM SUCKS!!
Dear Silvo - 2003-07-09 13:54:52
If you are running Win Xp, this may help you get rid of those annoying popups. Click Start, then click Control Panel; Click Performance and Maintenance; Click Administrative Tools; Double-click Services; Scroll down to view and click Messenger; Right-click the highlighted line and then click Properties; Click the STOP button. Under the "Startup Type" menu click Manual; Click OK.
K - 2003-07-08 21:37:14
Silvio, adaware has some problems. In fact, there are some rumors going around that adaware is actually controlled by a spamming/popup/spyware company. I can't confirm this, but there are certain bits of spyware that adaware simply refuses to get rid of. Try Spybot Search & Destroy instead ... this program found several dozen more bits of spyware that adaware had left behind. It also seems to be updated much more often.
RDH - 2003-07-08 20:42:10
Silvio - 2003-07-08 18:28:39
I particulary hate that annoying "internet washer pro" popup. That {CENSORED} is hidden somewhere in my hard disk and Adaware cant' find it. Can anybody help me? Spam is annoying, but this is even worse... (sorry for the bad english)
Spam is stealing - 2003-07-07 15:31:18
Spam steals my bandwith - so I pay for your so called "work". Just you wait until I got hold of one of you...
Sick and Tired - 2003-07-07 11:10:51
I am receiving emails at about 200 daily. I have one service that removes about 120 a day and then my Yahoo service removes about 25 a day and then I still get about 5 to 10 a day in my inbox. Every day I select "this is spam" and I still get this {CENSORED}. Something needs to be done! G
jackie - 2003-07-06 22:59:51
they are annoying and intrusive. How about i call them everytime they sit down for dinner or look for privacy time. The same way telemarketers are going to be fined, so should spammers. Having a huge fine may just hurt them in the pocket as they hurt others privacy. Just think of the millions of money the city can make. Thats the way to get to their heart. Through their pocket
SPAMMER Hater - 2003-07-06 21:07:10
I'd like to see CNN Headline News end each half-hour segment by showing one spammer being lowered feet-first into a branch chipper. I think it's the only thing they will understand.
Mike - 2003-07-05 19:16:40
After having an email address for 8 years, I am now getting 30,000 to 50,000 emails a month. More than 99% is SPAM - SPAM is ruining the original enjoyment of email and taking the fun out of the Internet. THATS why I hate SPAM! Continuing like this is insane.We are bogging down our lives because of spam email and viruses, but on the other hand freedom for the big guys to advertise and deny some 14 year from becoming the next to make a fortune in a democratic world is also a good argument for it!
SPAM SUCKS - 2003-07-05 16:53:07
Yvonne - 2003-07-05 16:51:36
The {CENSORED} is worthless and fills up my mailbox unsolicited!!!ARGH!!!!
spambam - 2003-07-03 10:34:20
{CENSORED}ing spammers that read my message.. laugh till you can.. and count your days LOOSERS !! making money with spam ? ah ah ah GET A JOB STUPID {CENSORED} ! concerning the company that hire spammers it's clear that their products are so bad , nobody look for them. spammers. you all and your miserable and poor lifes can and will die.
Spam Hater #1 - 2003-07-02 16:04:14
Well....whilst looking through the links of this great site I found a HUGE list of Spammer's phone numbers - if you wanted to call them and tell them what cockroaches they are on their dime be sure to only call the ones with the toll free prefixes. Until Greg comes up with his auto dialing program it's all I can think of doing.
pop-up hater # 6 - 2003-07-01 18:44:45
If the penalty for SPAM should be death (which I whole-heatedly agree with), then the penaly for pop-up ads should be death by torture! And if these pop-ups are the type which secretly install hidden files and/or change your preferences then they should be tortured to death in unspeakable ways...
Lynn - 2003-06-25 23:08:24
They're using MY computer and MY time to try to sell me something! I don't object to the spam email so much as the messenger spam... it's the worst!
Spam Hater #1 - 2003-06-25 20:10:48 is another whore of a company selling email addresses - I've tried to opt out quite a few times....but since I've been inspired by Greg, I've looked up their toll free phone number. Call (888)239-3831 or better yet, tape 3 or more pages together with messages telling them exacty what they can do with their SPAM and fax them at (888)811-3069, and whae the first of the "taped together" page passes through your fax machine tape it to the end of the last page making a loop. Not only will they be charged with the toll free call, but they'll also run out of paper!!! YAY! Chalk one up for the good guys. P.S. first on your fax machine make sure you block your company info (there's an option somewhere - I'm not too fax friendly)
K - 2003-06-25 15:54:14
1-800-879-6704 is my current bane. Some of their various affiliate domains are ... and lots of others. They claim they aren't responsible for the actions of their affiliates. Call 'em up and tell them what you think of that policy!
Spam Hater #1 - 2003-06-25 11:46:54
Greg - you are a genius - you'd be even more of a genius if you could automate the calling device. If you ever do, let me know - I'll join your army of {CENSORED}ed off SPAM recipients and together we can drive those bastards into homelessness!!!! YAY!!!!
Yahoooooooo - 2003-06-25 10:13:50
i don't like to see my inbox being flooded with advertisements.... *sigh*
Greg - 2003-06-25 09:22:45
Let's get even... Some of these so called marketing companies have toll free numbers. Each call to that number results in a small charge (usually about 4 - 7 cents). Now if we could automate something to dial these numbers repeatedly it adds up. 10 calls a minute at 5 cents adds up to $30/HR. Run for 48 hrs this adds up to $1440. Best of all it costs the originating number nothing. Anyone interested?
Cye Larson - 2003-06-24 20:02:07
hello world
Kill them all - 2003-06-22 14:16:34
The only way to finish with this spam {CENSORED} is to execute them. Death penalty to spammer and give their bodies for science of dog meat!
K - 2003-06-19 08:45:43
*sigh* I hate spam because it makes illiterate and vulgar people post messages in here.
The spam killer of doom and gambler for life! - 2003-06-17 18:57:40
becase it can suck my big black dick for al I care!
Todd - 2003-06-15 00:24:54
These aholes spammed me about 1000 times. Here is their contact info: 310-927-2826 - thewebpro Jordan Montgomery 8500 wilshire blvd beverly hills ca 90210
They're Back! - 2003-06-09 12:56:42
Those jerks at online mortgage loans are spamming me again with new web links: and once again, these shysters are going through untraceable Chinese companies - this time the registrant contact is: sunshine sunshine sunshine dfsdfg 35634653 fax: 34563464 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu shanghai shanghai 200000 cn Would you trust these guys with your credit information???
beans beans beans beans - 2003-06-08 22:27:54
the more you eat the more you fart the more u fart the better u feel so go eat your own stupid beans at your own stupid little spam meal. you're ads stink. go back to school
beans beans beans beans - 2003-06-08 22:27:49
the more you eat the more you fart the more u fart the better u feel so go eat your own stupid beans at your own stupid little spam meal. you're ads stink. go back to school
3baddogs - 2003-06-08 22:21:26
you jerks don't show up in my mail box u jerks show up on MY SCREEN get the hell off i am not paying you people to advertise your STUPID ads in a billboard format on my computer. are u jerks trying to kill the positive aspects of a computer. are you jerks trying to wreak havoc. do you jerks dislike computers and the reality of the online world that much answer u chickens i dare you u dumb --ck chickens. go home little babies.
3 baddogs - 2003-06-08 22:11:34
if i see spam print up or pop up or wharever on my computer i am going to puke. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of those stupid inbisoles billboards because that is all those dipwads are is just a bog fat UGLY BILLBOARD. go away jerks we don't want you no more GO LISTEN TO TOM PETTY DONT COME A- ROUND NO MORE WHATEVER U'RE LOOKING FOR DON'T COME AROUND HERE NOOO MOORREE!
Brad - 2003-06-08 21:44:30
It's extreamly annoying, especially when you've never given your email address out to anyone and somehow they mysteriously find it and start sending you {CENSORED} in your inbox. It's annoying...
John M. - 2003-06-06 21:30:20
About a week ago, I opened an e-mail account and found a few months buildup of 266 spam e-mails. Spam is for gays and those who send it can {CENSORED} off!!!!
John M. - 2003-06-06 21:27:58
Spam is simply a pain in the wazoo and those who send it have to be complete idiots because they think that others could fall for it.
John N. - 2003-06-06 00:59:37
At least with the old fashioned kind of postal junk mail you could use it to help start a toasty, warm fire in the wood stove. The electronic kind doesn't burn so well. On a more serious note, how can anyone expect me to do business with so-called companies that troll for sales by flooding my inbox with badly written mail. Sending me e-mails chock-full of falsified headers, fake return addresses, and phoney names simply makes the sender look like some kind of crook or fly-by-night operator. It gives me the warm, fuzzy feeling I get buying a Rolex from a sharp with a trench coat standing in a darkened doorway. This does not exclude the irritation I encounter when I log onto my accounts and find the inboxes full of repeat e-mails from the same idiots. Do these people actually think that sending me an e-mail every day will get me to buy their lousy products? In fact, it guarantees that I will make an effort to stop this person from harrassing me. Because that is what I think these endless streams of spam are: ha
dude - 2003-06-03 18:39:31
report any fscking spam to
dude - 2003-06-03 18:39:11
report all that {CENSORED} to
K - 2003-06-03 12:25:40
Sounds like john bourlet's got some unresolved personal issues he needs to deal with.
john bourlet - 2003-06-03 02:18:05
spam sucks. so do the people with comments below me.
Lawrence - 2003-05-31 01:14:53
On perfect example is Internet Washer with stinks! Can't they understand no one wants a piece of their {CENSORED}?
These guys are jerks! - 2003-05-30 20:07:35
Today I got 6 (in short succession) messenger popups - my computer actually crashed from the memory overload (it's old) advertising their anti-messenger spams. Here is the info of these jerks, if anyone wants to harrass them with advertising like they harrass other internet users. D Squared Solutions As you probably guessed, I didn't spend $25 on their stupid product.
RE: - 2003-05-30 18:19:39
You actually make money from spam? I guess wealthy morons aren't in short supply in your world - who actually responds to anonymous junk offers?
Tired of 9-5 smut - 2003-05-30 18:18:00
Our office email addresses was listed in two "help-wanted" ads and ever since our HR dept has been deluged with porno, porno and more porno! There are people trying to send resumes and apply for jobs and we have to filter through all kinds of stuff that is not suitable (toilet cams, Llama love, greased inmates, etc) for any legitimate business to receive; and it's clogging the server. Anyone who ever applied for a job online and got no response - blame spammers.
Phil - 2003-05-24 04:59:02
Its a {CENSORED}in pain in the arse, waiting for ages checking email just to find a load of {CENSORED} when it finaly arrives
Tails the Fox - 2003-05-22 15:02:29
I don't need to waste more time typing why I hate it. I spend too much deletinc {CENSORED} mail from my inbox.
Steve - 2003-05-16 14:31:55
What a waste of time. For you US-based recipients of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), forward the email with full headers to uce [at] - this is the address of the UCE prosecution division at the US Federal Trade Commission. Used to get a bunch of UCE at my work account, started forwarding them to this email address, now my junk counts are way down.
Justin - 2003-05-16 09:13:43
It takes me nearly 10 minutes each morning to weed out spam I receive overnight, delaying the actual work that I need to get to. It also takes time away from me during the day when I am deleting them as they come in. I feel violated that you feel the need to send me stuff that I don't want... by the way, how the hell did you get my address? I never signed up with my address for anything, I should only get email from my associates.... can suck my {CENSORED}!!!
Try this site - 2003-05-15 08:02:40
K - 2003-05-14 15:42:58
Candy, who are you talking to?
Candy - 2003-05-14 13:49:50
i'm only going to say this onc. One more of your advertisements pops up and im going to take you to court.. got it? good. don't test me either i do have ways of finding who and where you are
Me - 2003-05-12 19:26:01
Spam is a tool of weak kneed hard is it to get a program to send off 1000s of emails that are pointless..i dare spammers to actually make everyone who gets one of theirs glad they got it. But no you wont because you say we are stupid so you can justify being an assine creature not worth spitting on.
JOEL !!! - 2003-05-12 11:33:47
Spam the Spammer II - 2003-05-10 15:48:18
Spam the spammer - 2003-05-08 10:26:02
Here's a "remove" link from a spammer. Replace xxxx with the target email and it will be placed in the spamorama world
Laura - 2003-05-08 09:24:07
Spam is the online version of telemarketing. >:\
steve - 2003-05-07 02:47:33
because i don't need a larger {CENSORED}
419 Scams - 2003-05-05 20:38:37
The first time I got an email addressed to Dear Sir (I'm a woman) talking about my trustworthiness (Unless you tell me something juicy!) in business (I was unemployed at the time) mentioning my aquaintance in Nigeria (the only African I know is originally from East Africa and has lived here for 20 years) and signed "Jesus Bless You" (I'm not Christian) I assumed it was a joke. I now report them to the RCMP after receiving 15 of these moronic things things and discovering that people had been defrauded of thousands of dollars. I only wonder which people - how could anyone be so stupid as to wire money to someone in a foreign country who is supposedly (based on the content of these letter) syphoning money from public funds and doesn't even know their name? If people that stupid & gillible have email addresses, let me know- I can get them a good deal on some Florida swampland.
HGH 1000 Fake {CENSORED} - 2003-05-05 20:18:17
I keep getting bi-weekly spams for "homeopathic HGH spray" offering a "100% Money-Back Guarantee" that I will "Lose Weight While I Sleep & Reverse Aging" and stating that they were supported by the New England Journal of Medicine. That publication has stated that there is NO SUCH THING as a homeopathic spray containing human growth hormone. The fact that the web site offers no customer service complaint number, office or mailing address also makes me a little skeptical about getting a refeund if I don't magically become 18 overnight- Especially since what they promise is scientifically impossible and every claim in the email is FRAUDULENT. My only question is: Does some moron get this spam and give these shysters a credit card number to order the binaca/windex/bathtub gin/goat pee or whatever is in the HGH 1000 spray bottle?
ronald - 2003-05-04 08:16:14
because the bastards always use bogus names and phoney addresses, through asian ISPs, and you can't send them your spam greetings in retaliation! spamcop never gets these guys and gals either. and they never personally answer the phone numbers provided!
Spammers think I'm fat - 2003-05-03 16:56:56
ugly, old AND a hermaphodite! Why else would I recieve offers to lose 20 pounds, defy aging & remove my wrinkles, shrink my nose, butt & abs, increase my bust size by two cups and enlarge my {CENSORED} all in the same day? Think an offer to decrease gullibility will be next in the ol' inbox?
Why spam is moronic - 2003-05-02 20:25:20
It is the most worthless marketing method available. I don't know how anyone in my demographic (young Anglo woman) had their office email address sold to so many spammers offering cheap Viagara by mail, stuff written in Mandarin & "Hot teen slut" photos. How do these Spammers earn money if they don't have any sort of target consumer group? Even postal junk mail lists are geared to a target demographic - nobody with a tough, inner city zip code gets "Pony Enthusiast" magazine offers and rural bible-belt codes usually don't find coupons for "Pimp Mac Daddyz Hot Tub Club" in thier mail boxes. I have NEVER gotten a single spam for a product/web site I may be vaguely interested in, whereas occasionaly a junk flyer in my postal box will be for something I'd like.
anti-spam man - 2003-05-01 22:01:37
add to your list. Another stupid spammer...hosts should relaize somthing is up when they never post a default [root] page! :O
Mortgage Free - 2003-05-01 16:42:18 -> These clowns SPAM me from various forged Yahoo address every day. Their links include: Like 50% of the spam I get, these clowns are down with - The Shanghai Cable Network - I sure hope they like all the "Make money from home" newsletters I signed them up for...
HooHaa - 2003-04-27 18:10:30
Spam? Ha, says I !!! I rarely see any spam ever since I installed McAfee's Spamkiller and "trained" it's filters. Where once I received 30-50 spams a day, I now only see 2 or 3 that slip by the filtering. No problem though - quick scan of the full email data yields new filters and that's that for those that snuck by! Aha! But I do HATE spam! Just don't see very much of it since Spamkiller kills it all at the server end. Have a happy whatever!
Art - 2003-04-25 11:27:37
I have 7 email accounts. My work account, ATTBI, YAHOO, EXCITE, 2 HOTMAIL (1 phoney name), NETSCAPE. These are listed in order of value with NETSCAPE being the least valuable. Their filtering is NO FILTERS. So I start all my contacts with NETSCAPE, if there is any doubt of their trustworthyness. I very rarely get any SPAM in those accounts at the beginning of my email list. I just sent 29 subscriptions to all of the SPAMMERS that I got today. Thanks to: Spam em - 2003-03-15 07:13:16 The spammers like it so give em some
star - 2003-04-23 17:16:15
Reason 2005 why spammers suck: Apparently they find animals sexy - Good for them right? But do I HAVE to see it everytime I open my email? I mean, REALLY, do I???? IF spam is illegal WHY O WHY is still operating? Thats where it all comes from!!! KILL WEBFINITY.NET!!!!!
Randini - 2003-04-18 20:25:05
I can understand Spam on free email accounts like hotmail but when I pay for a service that company should not sell of their email lists!
d.o.s. attack spammers - 2003-04-18 16:12:58
they are unwanted, waste our time and labor, and they DON'T CARE what we think about it. Email your state and federal representatives
madas - 2003-04-16 21:29:33
spam is a yet another blot om the planet!i am innundated with the rubbish,recently i did a favour which required my not using the internet for a period of less than three days, on return the spam download to my mailbox numbered 350 items, my advice to anyone booking a weeks holiday is to cancel your isp aand disconnect from the internet period, untill you return to restablish your isp connection!these dreadful bites of rubbish and uninteligent scrapes of muck,the products of uneducated and desperate for a buck cowboys, are the same creeps who bombard household mail boxes! employing empty headed creatures who cant read no junk mail or official mail only notices even when, the attached notice is larger than the actual post box! same thing applies to email it seems! what part of NO do these cretins not understand ???
nono - 2003-04-16 05:34:34
Anybody there knows how to crack, hack, or kill in any way ? They spam me several times a day ! I don't need anything from them ! They suck !
BurnDownAllSpam - 2003-04-13 17:20:08
costs to much time, to much resources. Burn them all.
Spammers, Proof of Butt-Babies - 2003-04-06 12:00:52
meditate on this - 2003-04-06 11:54:59
Enough is enough - 2003-04-06 11:47:21
What about physically eliminating a couple of these pukes? I am sure the results will be amazingly better than any software out there!
spqr - 2003-04-05 02:37:47
The only ppl making money from spam are the list brokers and smapware sellers. Noone makes money selling anymore because the list brokers and spamware sellers lost all self-control and sold their software to everybody. Now we all get 15 farmporn, mortgage and Norton Systemworks spam every day and who the hell wants any of it.
Jenny aka Jen - 2003-03-31 10:41:09
waste of my time....
TOASTEDspam - 2003-03-31 10:33:05
Taffie, that sounds like a fascinating new twist! There are groups out there that fall under the category of "clueless spammers", who, with good intent, are simply using others bad information. Usually these folks fall by the wayside very quickly since they don't realize they should hide their tracks. However, they do often have some way to get in contact with the "bad guys" who supplied the addresses. This sounds like a resource that needs to be tapped. If you're interested, would like to publish an article on this. Please get in touch with us at (replacing .at. with [at] of course). Thank you!
Taffie - 2003-03-31 09:17:19
My mailbox isn't that large. I receive at LEAST 30-40 a day. Trying to gain my help to move funds from Africa, sell me viagra (I'm a woman!), advertising every kind of insurance and loan known to mankind...none of which I am remotely interested in. I am so careful to control my email address, so I'm always amazed at the lengths spammers go to gathering them. I actually traced several back to the company origination point. I wanted to know how much they paid for my email adress and what they thought they were receiving were lists of addresses of people with specified interests in their products, which was not even close to accurate. He was very helpful. We called the list provided and I help extract a refund for the list sold to him under false pretenses. It is truly a parasite and needs controls. While I originally didn't want to see them, they should have done a better job of self-managing, but since they didn't, they need to be tarred & feathered.
Christy - 2003-03-29 23:50:43
I hate spam because I now hessitate to give my email addresses to opt-in services; it never fails that those I trust end up selling or harassing my address. I'm fed up with keeping up with several email accounts to allude these [censored].
K - 2003-03-27 23:13:43
It can't be illegal - spammers sign me up for their lists without my consent all the time! They wouldn't do anything illegal now, would they? ;)
J - 2003-03-26 23:58:24
This is for K and V is this legal?? or do I need to be untraceable to flood these spammers??
IRS MAN - 2003-03-26 10:20:03
Spam burns up my time and I would never never never buy anything from someone who sends me one- I JUST ADD THEM TO MY BLOCK SENDERS LIST (DON'T JUST DELETE THEM OR USE THE REMOVE LINK AS IT WILL NOT WORK). Also add key words to your message rules. Who knows maybe one of these days,if your a spamer, I,ll simply goes to "whois" find you and audit you. That would be fun.
spammer torturer wannabe - 2003-03-24 13:17:37
I was and still am being harassed by who were spamming my mailbox daily. They forged the brand names of reputable companies in their email headers and forged their identitiy in the headers themselves. I sent a complaint mail to these people expressing my hurt at their mailbombing campaign. Unfortunately I used my real name in the complaint and now my own real name is being put into the subject line of spam they send me . In fact now I have found that I have new spam from which has the audacity to use my real name in the subject line. :o( Now I have found they are offering prescription drugs (probably illegal as these people have no scruples) in the unsolicited spam mail. Another thing is always has hosted a link from the the spam; (this link in turn led to; and despite my informing them of this fact they still send spam which bypasses my junk mail filter daily. They change the 'from' part of the address to make their spam unblockable :o( Well thats it. Any enemy of the spammers is a friend on mine. A thousand blessings on the Dude who brings them to justice. :o)
Get Even - 2003-03-23 10:22:48
Byron - 2003-03-20 14:48:24
I hate spam, I cost me too much money. My system has filled up with over 1 gig of micro snots "Third Party" urls. aka index.dat. They have also added spyware called iuident. over a meg already with Unwanted, unneeded junk. I want to know why spammers have the right to bypass the law of privacy. Because of spammers I am on the verge of using my system as a boat anchor and forgetting the internet. I am tired of paying for spam blockers that Micro snots 3rd party users can get thru, I am tired of spammers like Internet-washer where you have to do a system rest to get rid of it. I am tired of the "appearance" that the US Judicial system and the US Congress won't do a {CENSORED} thing. I tried to file a theft of service against some of the spammers, but the local judge won't approve it. I have CTS and I am anemic, by the time I get done clicking off spam my wrists hurts to much to enjoy the net. I am too anemic to do very much, the net is the last thing I have for some mentaly stimulating enjoyment.
K - 2003-03-19 07:09:21
J, just pop over to and look at the spammers email address lists and the page to sign up for free spam. That should be enough to get you started.
J - 2003-03-18 22:14:12
This is to V Where can i find those lists so I can do the same thing. SPAM will lockup my systems at work and I sure would like to get even. Just post the info here and I would appreciate it.
Jessica - 2003-03-18 09:31:54
I do not like spam. I work for an ISP and customers do not like it either, therefore they call us to get rid of it. Its a big issue that is really getting on everones nerves. causes Outlook to time out & clutters your inbox. If you dislike spam too, the best thing to do is get a good spam blocking program and be VERY careful who you give your address out to.
Be patient - 2003-03-15 07:11:47 Ya gotta click the box "all newsletters and wait until ya get a popup , does not take long
newsletters a plenty - 2003-03-15 07:05:33 This takes a minute but is worth the wait , be sure to check the box for all nesletters
Spamfighter - 2003-03-15 06:57:50
spam [at] spam_me [at] You can subscribe these spammers to newsletters and can use anything preceding the [at] . the mx0## can be changed to send to another mailbox
shainee - 2003-03-13 08:26:53
i am vegetarian and am therefore opposed to any kind of meat, and anything that is sort of meat...which, for those of you who actually EAT spam, know it's not really "meat"...anything that comes in a can...well...what can i say? however....talking about the email kind? yeah...i still don't like that kind of spam either! clutters up my already bursting inbox with useless schemes on how i can lose 30lbs in 3 days...well, if they'd seen me they'd know i dont' NEED to lose 30lbs in 3 days, nor do i need any enlargements of any kind, or free holidays (which somewhere, sometime i will have to pay for) etc etc etc. spam INHALES!
V - 2003-03-12 13:40:06
I recently decided to wage war on SPAM senders and those who advertise with them. I picked a company, found thier help e-mail address went to a SPAM site and signed that company's e-mail address up for every news letter and e-mail available! Then reversed companies and did it again. The very next day I tried to go to one of those sites and they were "under construction". It could be a coincidence but how cool is that if it wasn't? Maybe if everyone did that to what ever companies are Spamming them the 'Spammers' would all just burt into flames and disappear! Give it a try. Tell 'em V sent you.
Sheila - 2003-03-11 18:54:55
For the same reason I hate's MY time, MY space, MY everything that the spammers are STEALING. I religiously report ALL spam to AOL and the FTC, as well as the offending ISP when I can figure out which one it came from, although none of it really does much good. Today, however, I reported one in particular and the next thing I knew, I received a Mailer-{CENSORED} message saying that MY message was undeliverable!! That's right....all I did was open the message and report it (I DID NOT click on any links in the message), and the JACKA$$ that sent it to me then turned around and used MY address to forward it to other people. Now THAT REALLY ticks me off!!! Now it's time to start getting even....which is how I found this site! So, to whoever created this site.....I think I LOVE YOU!!!
pal - 2003-03-11 09:03:44
it's a law of nature, one side will take over, the stronger will survive,'s ashame there's evil mothers here in something so simple...good vs. evil, right vs. wrong ????the kids must play, i guess.
linda - 2003-03-10 14:24:57
Someone no one ever see's - 2003-03-10 09:42:12
Spam fills up my inbox, tastes rubbish on bread, comes filled with viruses, has a horrible taste which is only marginally better than spinich, never actully says anything intresting, you cannot feed it to your pet cat with out running the serious risk of actully poisening it.
Nideveta - 2003-03-10 07:38:08
You see, I am torn on this issue, but I decided to stick with this box for the simple fact that if I don't, I will have about 250 000 different anti-Spam(C) people chasing after me in Austin Mini's trying to hunt me down for daring to oppose the all powerful "Anti-Spam(C) Movement". *Whew...takes breath...* Personally, I think Spam(C) is a delicious treat, especially when served with Arsenic. It can also be used to chase away animals due to it's pungent odour, and is an excellent door-stopper. So, why I posted here, I don't know. Something just came over me. However, I had better jet, I think I hear some cars coming around the corner. It might be the "Anti-Spam(C) Movement". Wish me luck. Nideveta Spam(C)-Is-Good-4-You Movement Spam(C) City, Utah U.S.A. 56008
Lisa Crews you know me as Lise - 2003-03-08 23:31:43
I hate Spam as food (too fattenings) and as emails (no solicitations allowed). and Spam stinks and all!
Anniem - 2003-03-08 19:31:40
for those people that like spam because they have no other email... I sure wish you'd take all the {CENSORED} I have. A lot of mail friends send me can't get through because of these losers.
Ricky the Elk - 2003-03-06 19:23:13
I have a limited email space too and sometimes it conufsses my dad and he sometimes deleted things I actually needed that's email but he confussed it for spam. That's why I have yahoo-mail now lol
Dorcas - 2003-03-06 18:00:17
I do intensely dislike spam. It doesn't only clog up my computer, but I find it takes up time to get rid of all these e-mails I can use better, and I feel it is an intrusion on my privacy. In short, I don't want unsollicited junk mail which is at times not only sleazy but simply perverse. We should be by law be protected against the Spam intrusion.
MaDDnEsS - 2003-03-06 09:37:30
It either tastes funny or cloggs up my computer , either way DOWN WITH SPAM
laurelle - 2003-03-06 02:45:25
shouldn't we be saying spam "inhales"
GoodCub - 2003-03-05 18:25:23
Spam tastes bad
Kajun - 2003-03-05 14:13:58
What gets into a person's mind that makes them think I would want to refinance my home based on a spam e-mail from !5tdhnsbvdghs [at] ??
Cornbread - 2003-03-05 08:48:26
I can not figure out for the life of me why these spammer idiots would even begin to think that I would do any form of business with someone who, aside of obviously being sleazy, would rudely bomb my email box with garbage. Spammers are unwelcome intruders, who somehow think they have a right to barge into someone else's space. In fact, that is in a way what they are doing. They are invading your space, and in some cases almost daring you to do something about it. Yet they still somehow think that their targets would buy something from them? They think their target audience would trust them enough to begin with, even if they did want to buy what the spammers are selling? So what's next? Someone kicks your front door off at night, jumps into your living room, and starts pitching some product? (Not at my house.) That's about how annoying spam is. Spammers, get a legitimate job and go away. Earn an honest living for a change.
Perdonada - 2003-03-05 02:26:02
Spam sucks because I have a limit on my storage space in my e-mail account, and I have better things to put there than spam. :p Spam takes up storage space and pushes me dangerously close to going over my limit. Stupid spam. Oh yeah, and it's nasty and fake and way too salty.
Isaiah - 2003-03-05 01:28:35
Spam sucks!!! but not as bad as pop ups!!1
Placid - 2003-03-04 20:59:06
It's annoying and it freezes you computer!!!!!!
Baby - 2003-03-04 18:56:15
Hate Spam, for reason and one reason ONLY IT'S USELESS junk sometimes offensive. No a good part of the time its offensive.
Mr Bill - 2003-03-04 15:41:19
It's totally useless and a major pain....... Holds me up from doing what I need to get done!
Kaboodle - 2003-03-04 10:05:33
Well, considering I'm a girl, I don't like the ones to "Enlarge" myself.
Barb - 2003-03-03 22:21:05
it's annoying, waste of time
Breubengarten - 2003-03-03 20:25:34
Way too much time. I get about 30 a day and it probably takes at least 10 seconds to download each one and decide it's spam before i can click delete. We're talking over half an hour a week. That's sick. Even at minimum wage these spammers owe me over $135 a year. Where do i send the bill?
Kim - 2003-03-03 20:19:30 can't readily identify it
Kim - 2003-03-03 20:18:56
it just takes up way way too much time
grannett - 2017-01-04 20:17:19
Sometimes it's actually pretty funny.
CSnyder - 2016-10-08 19:28:21
in the butt
Phred - 2015-03-19 14:29:47
I *love* the feeling of my arteries clogging!
Jon - 2014-12-08 17:53:46
tastes ono
Flignhardt - 2014-11-24 09:25:40
It tastes nummy on sammiches!
giuseppe - 2013-10-22 16:24:02
because it's a good joke
oliver scholl - 2013-10-17 20:33:11
i do it its a lots of money
LOVEspammmmmmmmmm - 2013-09-09 18:18:09
cuz u sux
Somone Moneake Wyatt - 2013-06-10 16:27:03
Contact threat messages
Matthew - 2013-05-23 21:36:38
I don't like spam but i don't think the people below me understand that spammers use programs to mass send these emails, so they don't check it themselves and consequently don't give a {CENSORED}
Bob - 2013-05-01 07:46:38
i spam spammers to let the see what spammer spamming does to spammers
Joe - 2013-04-04 21:56:37
I send spam back at spammers ;)
i like spam - 2013-01-15 19:27:01
sdfsfs - 2012-12-01 20:03:22
Jasmine - 2012-11-02 22:57:37
I like sending hate mail to them that really is the only reason
Carlos - 2012-10-29 11:10:28
Because i want to test my super email server with a good antispam.
Nell Hall - 2012-10-24 15:19:15
Spam me
jilijeyn - 2012-09-15 02:29:08
i love it!!
1651646468454163 - 2012-09-10 21:23:28
RICHARD - 2012-06-21 16:41:42
i love spam so much i want it in my inbox. spam me: spam[at]
Jake Johnson - 2011-11-21 14:50:04
Spam Researcher
{CENSORED} Spam - 2011-10-26 09:21:01
{CENSORED} spammers
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:56:11
Can the admin stop {CENSORED} my {CENSORED} message? I am not a {CENSORED} moron or a {CENSORED}! I will not {CENSORED} tolerate to have my {CENSORED} message {CENSORED} censored. I {CENSORED} want my {CENSORED} free speech! {CENSORED} stop {CENSORED} my {CENSORED} word you {CENSORED} {CENSORED}.
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:53:53
It s real {CENSORED} day today. I am so {CENSORED} pleased to post a {CENSORED} list of what I am {CENSORED} thinking. Of course I {CENSORED} dont understand why my {CENSORED} message will be {CENSORED} censored. I think this is {CENSORED} absurd and I think then when living in a free {CENSORED} society we have the {CENSORED} right to express our {CENSORED} way of {CENSORED} thinking about {CENSORED} reality. Its not a {CENSORED} if people are {CENSORED} crazy around this {CENSORED} place.
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:50:40
Whos thes spammers s{CENSORED}
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:49:48
I am a green ninja who prefer a good hand to toilet paper
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:48:24
Hi! I don't understand! Here is my username and password: root [at] j88DF8D Can someone tell what am I doing wrong?
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:46:36
..Cuz 1 pr2f2r gr22n c0l0r l33t it b1tch
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:44:24
Got you! Like a processional spammer! I am officially good at aiming attention on an unknown subject. Someone give me a spammer medal plz!
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:42:47
** Disclaimer You has been warned: don't read the following message:
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:41:30
If a person is stupid enough to be trapped by spammers he/she/it deserve to die. Society need more spammer to finish the job.
Renaud - 2011-10-02 23:30:23
* Watch stupid misspelled word * Funny trojan * Funny trail * A good thing to read while waiting on the phone
aho - 2011-07-04 07:33:08
jhon - 2011-06-11 02:37:39
just like
RaminDiksin - 2011-03-06 07:51:13
Without Spam, I would not get any email at all, NOT! 8o
Terra - 2010-06-14 16:48:41
Increases sex drive. terraf [at]
yjordan98 [at] - 2010-06-14 04:30:16
I loves it
John - 2010-06-12 10:54:10
Spam tastes good
Joe - 2010-05-29 19:00:12
Spam tastes good.
edl - 2010-05-13 14:38:44
Because I'm a masssive cook! edlstewards [at]
joey N - 2010-05-04 10:01:17
i like spam. i want to rub it all over my body and have my dog eat it off me
more! - 2010-03-14 03:00:01
Why can't I get any spam???
Spammers [at] - 2010-03-14 02:36:16
It's fun! {CENSORED} [at] Spammers [at]
arnel - 2010-03-02 09:43:42
to know about spam
Cate - 2010-02-21 12:13:26
It's fun! cate_byers [at]
gflesher [at] - 2010-02-10 11:37:33
I like spam because it tastes like chicken.
Hawai'i 5-0 - 2010-02-02 12:18:50
cuz without spam, my people would starve and McDonalds would go out of business
Joseph - 2010-01-21 15:20:19
I love spam a lot. only reason is because i like testing my spam filter... sign me up for anything lol Joseph Alexander Fournier ba9476 [at]
fag - 2009-11-15 10:08:37
teampeaceout [at] because i like mail. i have no friends
Hard Tymes - 2009-11-08 15:18:19
Thank You Spammers! I'll soon have my 3rd Ph.D because of your Emails! Hell! I've even had these guys PAY me not to write back! I like getting paid. Hard Tymes Dot Com
lester butts - 2009-11-06 13:42:18
i like spam
Adam - 2009-09-16 19:44:26
It's fun to buy from spam.
G - 2009-09-05 00:47:25
Because I can sue spammers... and win!!!
skull - 2009-09-04 00:48:12
coz i can do it :)
Me - 2009-09-03 23:23:39
Because you are not my security system.
spamlover - 2009-08-28 22:50:49
Because it helps us finding virii virussamples [at]
Bek Cooke - 2009-07-28 09:56:09
I love Spam! ultra_bekula [at]
Phil - 2009-07-14 01:23:54
I love spam! It brightens my day to hear someone from Nigeria who claims I have won THIRTY-SIX MILLION USDOLLARS in the Nigerian lottery and signs off with a different name to that of which he introduced himself!
FUNKY - 2009-06-04 05:14:29
Ulrich Hebel - 2009-05-31 22:58:05
heres my email-- I dare you!! ulrichhebel [at]
Ulrich Hebel - 2009-05-31 22:56:21
spam me I dare you !! Germans rule-- usa sucks!
Adrian Sebborn - 2009-05-27 09:14:17
om nom!
Randy - 2009-05-20 15:56:03
Cause it`s cool.
waste - 2009-05-20 02:56:46
its too sexy...
jake - 2009-04-28 13:37:32
stevesupasteve [at] Spam is excellent for that one guy who runs his mouth just too much, please spam bomb the above account.
market198 [at] - 2009-04-25 12:48:04
it makes me feel like I have friends. I wish I got about 500x what I do right now.
starz1003 [at] - 2009-04-22 18:25:04
because it taste good
joe - 2009-04-09 11:53:50
looking at life in general i will like to know more about spam - 2009-03-07 15:28:47
Because we like it! vladimir [at] brenda [at] laura [at] fernandes [at] pereira [at]
Dravekx - 2009-02-23 17:28:02
I love spam, especially gay porn spam, mmmmmmmm yummy... send me some please!
abdi - 2009-02-05 07:32:02
i like it
bhanter - 2008-12-12 14:29:48
i like
lin4ik - 2008-12-11 08:57:35
lin4ik - 2008-12-11 08:55:49
todel,kad tai bjauru
Ruth Jane - 2008-12-09 06:30:35
Because there are some really GOOD deals out there, you just need to look through them, my email address is rjgreenaway [at]
Drioux - 2008-12-07 09:29:09
Cause I love Free {CENSORED} man! Send to me: Drioux_Galvan [at] or Drioux_Galvan [at] Send me all your cool stuff man!
ripleyhorse [at] - 2008-11-12 00:00:02
it tastes good
i love spam - 2008-11-08 18:34:09
because I don't get ANY of it! Hah! claacos [at]
MaxAnderson - 2008-11-05 00:10:39
Spam tastes like not rotton chicken!!!!
HIT ME - 2008-11-04 18:21:10
martin928 [at] - 2008-11-01 02:47:58
Mo Money
Schrute - 2008-10-31 01:00:19
it makes me schrutes!!!!!!! and sometimes a few stanley nickels..
youwish youknew - 2008-10-31 00:56:35
because i send it.
Matt - 2008-10-30 17:15:03
Scott you nasty.
spam me - 2008-10-30 06:19:06
spam me as much as you can before 05-12-2008 meestespam [at]
john - 2008-10-29 20:49:57
can anybody teach me how to spam good vaild cc..pls mail me to this box bonelon [at]
jerica - - 2008-10-25 06:30:42
i like it
Corey - 2008-10-23 16:46:36
Its funny
Scott - 2008-10-09 23:08:04
Other wise I'll just jack off all day. It gives me something to do with m y time. Every once in a while I find something I actually like. I'm addicted to sex.
Courious George - 2008-09-27 16:40:05
Why do Hawaiians love spam so much???
Blutooth - 2008-09-27 00:21:48
On doubt
Tully - 2008-09-15 20:51:53
Spam is good with fried rice :).
jerica - 2008-08-29 22:06:13
luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jerica - 2008-08-29 22:05:47
it is cute
hyyh - 2008-08-27 01:33:58 [at] Love it!
Forchais - 2008-08-26 08:15:03
I like to forward it... :) sparky.peteris [at]
quinn - 2008-08-21 23:51:32
I can sign my friends up for it.
Noob - 2008-08-09 01:38:01
BPeckinpaugh at Please send me spam, I want to see how fast I can fill my inbox! =)
claudia - 2008-07-31 04:37:26
i like to click
grichey [at] - 2008-07-21 16:54:37
It keeps me busy
Ruth - 2008-07-20 14:03:36
I agree with banana. it sounds like rnnjmauro [at] needs some spam.
BananaMan - 2008-07-20 14:01:18
I won't lie. Just send spam to rnnjmauro [at] He divorced his wife to pretend that he's a teenager again. Again, for the spiders this time: rnnjmauro [at]
PIckels - 2008-07-19 22:29:17
I LOVE spam! My email is pickleman72 [at] and if you can help subscribe me to more i'd appreciate it!
Jorge - 2008-07-05 15:47:48
I like spam cooked with a little bit of mustrard on lightly toasted bread.
cundy mcfadden - 2008-07-05 06:00:08
send me spam so hopefully i can have some viruses to send to nigerian scammers :) i now run linux so im not worried about picking up a virus from spam...
Peter - 2008-06-30 16:37:39
admin [at] Send me ALL the Spam possible...I love it
gsa13 [at] - 2008-06-25 00:00:28
gsa13 [at] Please send me some spam emails, i'm conducting a study on it.
ILOVESPAM - 2008-06-23 10:42:30
mjinga wa kenya - 2008-06-20 07:07:56
spam ni smpams inaleta watoto
Chris stone - 2008-06-19 23:03:46
Spam MEEEE cjstone18 [at]
Joe Jackson - 2008-06-18 20:03:54
Because im a mother. joe_jackson84 [at] SPAM ME PLEASE :)
Nick Lulzon - 2008-06-12 03:53:18
It tastes good.
K - 2008-06-10 16:23:19
jjj, world record for what? My spam traps collect a couple thousand every week. I've got nearly half a million spams in my junk folder now. 2134 is a tiny number.
Alex - 2008-06-06 15:12:35
I like it because I can train SPAMfighter and bloku u loosers sending it!!! :)
Joe - 2008-06-03 22:46:22
It prevents the spread of AIDS
Byron - 2008-06-03 22:43:54
It cures cancer
Emeziem - 2008-06-03 14:28:56
It helps in education
jjj - 2008-06-02 12:48:55
the_spam_eater [at] give me spam!!! wORLD GUINNESS RECORD 2134 sPAMS
vic - 2008-05-28 13:24:02
victoriatherese [at]
Rafa - 2008-05-26 18:36:44
I like very much spam!!!
Kenneth - 2008-05-25 06:35:46
Some lozers need to be spammed!
hgh90210[dot]com - 2008-05-21 12:32:29
Matthew Paul Argall - 2008-05-17 01:56:13
Spam is fun. It's healthy and entertaining.
retarded - 2008-05-16 17:40:39
Spam is just plain fun. How else would I have grown my {CENSORED} to 12" and made my boyfriend the happiest guy on earth? I was able to pick him up wearing a fake Rolex too. A Rolex I bought with the money I got from the ex army general in Nigeria who had a stash of cash hidden away that he had to deposit in my bank account. SPAM has done wonders for me!
corina - 2008-05-14 13:57:47
imi place, si atat!
Neil - 2008-05-13 13:59:20
I love spam in my email <neil [at] >
inrig berghmann - 2008-05-08 15:29:07
i think that spam is sexy. email me with your reasons. edoiskl [at]
Wim - 2008-04-18 07:56:03
just go ahead. It will wind up DELETED in the SpamFighter. And you will have your e-mail adres where you spammed from -- deleted. We then do not worry about you anymore, because your sent messages will not be read anymore.
Anon - 2008-04-07 22:14:01
Because some people just deserve to be spammed.
Annonymous - 2008-04-03 18:03:52
Because those retards to my right who don't know how to practice proper internet security deserve it.
Tyler - 2008-03-23 01:57:31
It gives me targets to practice hacking on.
Princess - 2008-03-18 08:00:58
Because I can spam the girl who's spamming me! Spam her with all your might! Her address: princess_ganda at
SPAM MEEEEE - 2008-03-16 17:43:41
spam meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if_time_was_god [at]
Phil Mc.Crackin - 2008-03-16 07:33:48
Because my friends love having surprise spam!
la.styles43 [at] - 2008-03-14 15:13:17
I'm an idiot
Debby - 2008-03-12 16:17:09
I want spam at rainer911 [at]
King - 2008-02-10 18:34:07
I can spam my friends' emails
someone - 2008-01-22 16:08:37
it's a good simple thing to start an AI project on.
Brian Peppers - 2008-01-22 00:31:45
Because Scientology is closed due to THETANS. XENU d0t n3t
john - 2008-01-04 22:19:54
it is not worse than getting junk mail everyday in my mailbox. but it is not as bad as getting those annoying phone calls in the worst possible moment during the day / night
ilovespam - 2008-01-02 12:18:26
I need lots of spam and my address is truecrimeauthor [at]
Bas - 2007-12-18 08:11:44
viagra rocks
Doko - 2007-12-10 02:20:25
Because SPAM is so informatif
luis - 2007-12-04 02:22:48
i like very much
Lannoy Roger - 2007-11-30 15:57:21
Simply because it is my business. lannoyroger AT
Stupid idiots staff - 2007-11-23 04:08:16
Nothings illegal about spam. Everybody has equal share on the internet.
Boxy Bean - 2007-11-18 19:38:27
because i like it. send me some: boxybean [at]
jams - 2007-11-08 13:41:02
i like them but i just cant find them.
achtmillionentrolle [at] - 2007-10-29 20:05:43
Plz send spam!
David A. Wang - 2007-10-29 04:01:37
Spam is really fun. :D
I rip ppl off on ebay - 2007-10-16 19:47:08
xentech1 [at]
Howard Brialey - 2007-10-11 16:59:53
I think I can beat all spam and its senders! try: brialey [at]
mandoc [at] - 2007-10-10 00:28:51
please, send me a lot of spam!
David Ray - 2007-10-01 15:32:57
It entertains me. Send me some. dominatoray [at]
matt - 2007-10-01 10:29:48
cause i like to be random
kunkle911 [at] - 2007-09-11 19:14:01
kunkle911 [at] SPAM ME, SPAM IS COOL ;) kunkle911 at
starman4ever [at] - 2007-09-08 06:10:36
I am lonely
spammerswelcomed [at] - 2007-09-07 10:39:01
Just coz i don't get n e thing else in my inbox
der - 2007-08-31 17:45:52
Da_Badass [at] sign me up i love it!
Nonny - 2007-08-31 17:31:32
Spam sign up places like is great for signing up a jerky boss or annoying client for.
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I like spam,dont know why? Please send me spams on kamlesh [at] kamlesh [at]
Ion - 2007-08-21 07:46:30
No, my sheeps like them spam. They are asking for it.
Sally Sux - 2007-08-11 17:23:05
sallyg [at] is a {CENSORED}, that is all. PS spam SUX!
jnkguy [at] - 2007-08-10 18:47:11
i love spam. it makes me happy. jnkguy [at]
ryan - 2007-08-09 12:01:15
it tastes good!
CASSIE - 2007-08-08 10:18:01
Dima - 2007-08-02 03:04:18
SPAM it's good way to have much money
speedidly [at] - 2007-07-26 19:35:51
it tastes like chicken. please keep spamming me...
jewbacca - 2007-07-24 16:27:20
SPAM ME IF YOU CAN bearsfan1995 [at]
Tim shaw - 2007-07-16 06:53:19
cause it made me pregnant
ted [at] - 2007-06-28 01:43:55
Wicked_l337_dude - 2007-06-15 11:44:21
I am ultra cool and uber l337 (rofl, that "elite" for you n00bs, you noob). Spam is cool cause like I totally pwng noobs (n00bs, for all my fellow UBERHAXORS, you are cool, but not like me, i am UBERKOOLAID). rofl (P.S. What the {CENSORED} is PS? is it anything like PMS? cause my my dad keeps telling me that my mum has PMS 24/7. I asked her if I could have some cause she has like 247, but shes a {CENSORED} (dont tell her I said this, plz, and i wont hax u) and she said no. Bithc!!1!! Anyway, if any hot babies out there, mail me at Wicked_l337_dude [at] . I hax hotmail, so dont try to spam me.
well... - 2007-06-07 21:54:25
i think that spam helps me so i dont miss out on the XXX HOT news (BABYSITTER SWALLOWS HUGEEEEE MEATSACKS etc.)
ls - 2007-06-02 15:07:48
to train my spamfilter
fyr - 2007-06-01 20:23:29
coz i often miss out good deals on {CENSORED} enlargement program.
spam [at] - 2007-06-01 16:44:58
Because I can learn spamassassin ;)
Krissie - 2007-05-31 12:10:18
Because i enjoyed it!
David - 2007-05-02 18:30:52
Sometimes there are really hot deals on Viagra that I miss out on. I like it when people do my Viagra searching FOR me. Please send me all your Viagra emails.
p_x_traum [at] - 2007-04-23 18:46:32
Because my second identity would be so lonely otherwise.
Me - 2007-04-06 13:23:44
Because I can sign my brother up for SPAM!
SPAM ME PLEASE - 2007-03-29 04:59:08
ey_nelly [at] ey_nelly [at] ey_nelly [at] ey_nelly [at]
BANK LOGIN SPAMMER - 2007-03-28 23:18:03
some guy - 2007-03-28 20:05:50
hey if u guys love to spam spam this guy seaevil50 [at]
Me - 2007-03-25 14:59:20
I like spam because I'm a spam researcher and I like the competition. sucks [at]
srsersrf - 2007-03-23 04:10:33
the only good thing is seeing how quick you can fill up an inbox with it. my spam email is [at]
otkinny [at] - 2007-03-22 20:34:40
Spam is great. I buy all my stuff from my spam.
Keith - 2007-03-21 11:03:18
Please send me spam ! I love it ! My address is keith.hudson [at]
Comrad w00t - 2007-03-20 03:53:38
You can subscribe other people for this holiness. I love this {CENSORED}. The commies
Pisi-Deff - 2007-03-16 14:46:46
The same reason as previous poster :D
You get what you give - 2007-03-03 14:19:28
Because you can get revenge on people you hate!
otkinny [at] - 2007-02-27 15:43:35
I have no life and want all the e-mail that I can get
asdfasdf - 2007-02-06 10:32:30
because its a G! Straight up!
saman_kit [at] - 2007-01-26 05:07:36
It's bad!
FUBAR - 2007-01-20 15:52:57
It makes my {CENSORED} BIGGER!
VINCERAWR - 2007-01-19 22:13:41
Spam is yummy.
Chester d'Tester - 2007-01-16 19:37:57
Spam and eggs is great with toast... Oh you mean email spam oh that does suck
nenoface [at] - 2007-01-13 04:29:36
spam is nice, i like
I Ate Spam Once - 2006-12-27 07:13:07
i ate spam onceyea and let me tell you , it was good
Matt - 2006-12-26 17:26:51
Its just extra {CENSORED} to laugh at
tenn - 2006-12-26 12:57:06
i worship spam because it makes an effective weapon against mine enemies.
Spam Lover - 2006-12-22 10:59:08
I love spam the food
sam - 2006-12-22 10:54:25
spam makes it look like i have friends and get emails i love you spam keep coming
boibo - 2006-12-18 19:18:50
spam saves trees! Replace all paper junk mail with spam!
this screw ball tried to scam me - 2006-11-29 23:40:14
nusepoate2006 [at] please fill his box with spam
spamhugger - 2006-11-27 10:52:32
stash2.max [at] spam rulezzzzzzz it makes my inbox look full which gives me pleasure...
Isa - 2006-11-25 02:34:04
i like spam because it makes me feel wanted.
Davy Junior - 2006-11-11 02:37:17
Because I like it when my email gets lots of spam. In fact, send me more at d.wang92656 [at]
ryzook [at] - 2006-11-08 18:48:55
ryzook [at] I am trying to pick up a married woman and her husband is putting me on this list....I'm such a puss. Email me about it
ryan - 2006-11-08 18:48:02
ryzook [at] spam me...sign me up for free stuff and send me dirty emails
skreweded - 2006-11-03 18:32:25
Actually, I hate spam. I just want to test Gmails spam blocking... Sign me up for spam! skreweded [at]
amyK - 2006-10-30 23:17:50
Please send me a whole bunch of new free offers! stormystorment [at]
KK - 2006-10-30 21:46:07
I lurvve it cutie_44me [at]
Gavin A - 2006-10-24 06:11:59
Thanks to the wonder of spam I now have a 18 inch cock which I can use as a piledriver, 3 dead ex nigerian presidents have deposited 180 million in my account, and I have 2 doctorates. Oh, and it tastes nice.
ccidcard [at] - 2006-10-08 18:43:13
"ccidcard5 [at] " wants spam. Just try and get through Microsoft's spam filter. Ha Ha Ha!
Izziet - 2006-09-24 19:35:03
It stinks!
Tim - 2006-09-09 23:28:56
spam is good to send to other people
gaga - 2006-09-07 12:51:23
r_ruest_jr [at] i love spam
lLololOololILOVESPAM - 2006-09-05 13:27:21
lOlolOLolOLolOL send spam TO michaelserphos [at] I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE SPAMM
Ace - 2006-09-01 16:33:12
Because it is good fried in butter and covered with ranch dressing on top of a pile of mayo. Yummy!
Cornholio - 2006-08-23 22:51:30
I am Cornholio...I need spam for my bunghole!
Ali Kirca - 2006-08-10 05:20:41
send me spam alikirca [at]
j don - 2006-07-31 21:39:15
spam at mk [at]
leet - 2006-07-29 10:05:55
I like spam! Spam me [at] MSN [at] !
Romanian Spammer - 2006-07-25 08:34:36 > me either - 2006-07-25 08:39:55
i like spam.. i am romanian 2.. so i spam everyone... btw SPAM = Stupid Message Annoying People
Romanian Spammer - 2006-07-25 08:34:36
i like spam :D
t3h sp4m - 2006-07-06 20:15:43
I have created a special email account, which is ment to receive spam (hopefully hundreds per day when the adress is spreaded enough), which will be forwarded in the near future to some people who have done very {CENSORED}ty things to me... retribution {CENSORED}es. Add this adress to as much spam services as you know. I'll handle the confirmations if needed ;) t3h.sp4m [at]
omoghene obahor - 2006-06-27 16:25:45
spam is follow up on my previous post
Spam Lover - 2006-06-26 22:18:29
I like SPAM because it is very good when you are hungry.
dwayne - 2006-06-21 21:39:06
because its like a rude mixture of spice and ham...its not right
kieran taylor - 2006-06-20 17:06:51
ktaylor [at] because it's the best
Omgarus - 2006-06-18 14:27:42
It's so funny which stories the spammers tell! I like this crazy stuff,so i subscribed for spam! ^^
Richie Rich - 2006-06-18 11:05:04
good addresses to spam admin [at] zmzm1980 [at] These adresses are interesting believe me
K - 2006-06-11 18:31:21
Lo ho fatto. Le che informazioni state cercando? Pardon il mio italiano, io ha usato il babelfish per tradurre.
KingSpicer - 2006-06-10 21:46:08
Because i dont get spam, i give spam
edwin - 2006-06-05 02:57:37
i like spam send me it
me - 2006-06-02 03:14:25
send to me tha_dash [at] Im doing a test to see how many emails i can get per dau. SEND TO ME!
mike - 2006-06-01 21:30:28
yaehne [at] I LIKE SPAM SEND ME IT
Tman - 2006-06-01 18:08:37
spam is fun to sign people up who {CENSORED}ed you off on istant messenger!
Alex - 2006-05-30 02:19:48
I'm being sarcastic.
Amar - 2006-05-29 22:18:57
I love spam, so share the love spam me please the_amazing_amar [at] Please send spam to me plz!!! i love u ash
chance - 2006-05-23 20:25:51
don't send spam to anyone
Phil Coyle - 2006-05-21 02:08:05
I need ze spam... Here. cows_moo_allot [at] cows_moo_allot [at] cows_moo_allot [at] GIVE IT TO ME~!
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because im a turd my email is leo_chen0124 [at]
Amarni41 [at] - 2006-05-14 18:05:07
spam me please
- - 2006-05-13 18:34:05
i think spam is a pain if u get it, but it is a gd way to get revenge >)
Joe - 2006-05-08 04:14:21
I love SPAM! MORE I MUST HAVE MORE!!! Send me more now! joecoulter [at]
SPAM ME - 2006-04-29 14:03:48
quirinb_92 [at] SPAM ME PLEASE
... - 2006-04-29 14:02:07 word... revenge.
0thlon - 2006-04-28 09:58:21
on the other hand its great for revenge
robb - 2006-04-27 00:54:06
I like spam beacause it<ul><li>gives me somthing to look forward to every day</li><li>it uses up the excess of bandwidth we have in this contry</li><li> it gives you somthing to complain about</li></ul>
qoylc7j [at] - 2006-04-19 10:12:27
google pr main
Somone Moneake Wyatt - 2006-04-17 16:29:14
I myself love spam. In particuarly for the fact it's remindably of store brought ham. clos'est thing to it.
Cynical idiot - 2006-04-14 06:18:47
Because I make a lot of money out of fooling people, and if they're that stupid they deserve to pay for my Cadillac.
ARMax - 2006-04-13 08:24:41
ARMax_Mods [at] Thats My Email, Send Me All The Spam You Want, Sign Me Up For Any Newsletters. SPAM ME!
apolige - 2006-04-12 13:44:11
ashton d was not the person who did it the person is UNKNOWN
dick - 2006-04-10 19:09:02
spam old friends that i hate!!
Dummy - 2006-04-09 17:58:04
well i dont like it cuz.... o wait is this the like box? whoops
JAPHspam - 2006-03-11 21:25:55
email:ca920105 [at] I just like spam! I'm collocting junk email...
Anonymous - 2006-02-27 04:50:47
I love spam because I have made lots of money selling spam filters. I could never have done it without spam.
Jason Burns - 2006-02-24 09:54:09
Spam is great for other people, like the pointy haired guy that just fired me
k0l0s0s - 2006-02-23 03:28:43
gives more fat to my DSPAM
Shera Ditoy - 2006-02-18 06:41:55
If it wasnt for spam i wouldnt have met my new boyfriend who is a marketing genius. Spam saved my life!
edwins twin brother Murry - 2006-02-18 03:51:17
I am totally diggin my new boyfriend named vincent the man whore! he is friggin hawtt!!!!!!! well i enjoy toasted spam on my gwak sandwitchez! YUM! GO GWAK!! I heart man whores they r soooooo friggin sweeet and fun to party with! LOL (not that i would kno cuz im a manly man!) OMG i just got the cutest new pink butt floss! it make my cheeks feel free! im gonna go put them on! thre a bit too tight! LOL love ya much vince! <3
Tsuname - 2006-02-01 13:07:20
phoenix.control [at] - please spam me.
Tom - 2006-01-31 12:40:03
It gives me something to read
kookoocrackpot [at] - 2006-01-26 05:20:59
because i dont get any.
YoYoYo - 2006-01-24 22:22:08
Yo Yo, everyone spam this phone number:
Josh - 2006-01-24 22:20:39
PLEASE spam me at thejedi [at]
IT IS 5 STAR ENTERTAINMENT - 2006-01-24 06:52:56
please spam amar_proof_armor [at]
Luke Smith - 2006-01-24 02:16:24
Spam me! dungrel [at]
freewall - 2006-01-11 12:07:42
Sure, we like spam. Just try to spam us.
Spam Boy - 2005-12-18 22:07:41
Are we talking about the stuff that comes in cans? Because that stuff makes me drool... ssafha...ohhh...spam...mmm...spam and favorite...excuse me while I go for my meal of spam with milk and cookies
jorge - 2005-12-14 09:53:20
cuz i av no friends nd it makes me feel loved!
Charlie - 2005-12-14 09:31:44
Cos it makes me feel popular :oP
bloonz - 2005-12-12 08:48:01
I dont have any friends, so the people spamming me.. well, theire my friends now!
Pee Pee Papa - 2005-12-09 13:00:37
I like spam/ cuz I am/a gangsta rappa/ I'm stuck on the crappa/ someone call my papa/ yo mom I like to tap-a/ quick like a comet/ can I get whatever from Mr. muhammed?
RealSpamLover - 2005-12-09 02:42:16
I think you all don't really love spam, and just say you do, which is wrong. I really do love spam. You all are just lying or joking. But I love spam, and I love receiving spam. Don't say that you love spam, because you don't really and I do. So stop acting like you like spam, because it cheapens me and my own (legitimate) love of spam.
Dietmar Knipp - 2005-12-07 13:32:45
The porn is great!
Crazy - 2005-12-07 03:24:10
I'm trying to fill up a gmail account with just spam.
J. Edgar Spammer - 2005-12-02 15:28:56
Because I make $2000 or more per day for doing almost nothing. {CENSORED} desk jobs DG4L
idufus [at] - 2005-12-01 22:14:28
it keeps me happily employed blocking it ;-)
SPAMSPAM - 2005-10-26 10:00:58
BuckFush - 2005-10-02 17:44:01
Cause since I get spam I have LOTS of Vi [at] gr_a and I can f*ck arround like crazy!
Frank Eisenhauer - 2005-10-02 17:43:12
Cause I have a good ANTI-Spam tool! :-)
Ospamma bin laden - 2005-10-01 22:01:57
all email is stupid. spam is just a jihad against yuppie retards.
KAREN_MCDEVITT [at] - 2005-09-27 03:36:44
because i'm a piggy so write me KAREN_MCDEVITT [at]
fax spammer - 2005-09-26 12:49:16
i love it... mpsschaeckermann [at]
Me - 2005-09-25 11:49:41
I love spam because it feeds my Bayesian spam filter, keeping it healthy :) And you get some great viagra offers that don't exist!
George W. Bush - 2005-09-23 17:06:58
I am in favor of anything business people want to do to screw the little guy. So was my daddy and so was Ronnie Reagan. It's my philosophy to smile when in public and look really concerned about these people and then pass every bill I can while I'm in office to help my buddies make more money at the publics expence.
joe - 2005-09-20 23:14:45
if you collect enough, you can insulate your house with it... . . ummm...
PIE MAN - 2005-09-20 17:49:14
Pat Mc Ruoch - 2005-09-15 11:02:07
viagra gives me enought wood to make a forest
geir - 2005-09-13 13:56:25
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JAPHspam - 2005-09-02 05:49:18
email:ca920105 [at] I just like spam! I'm collocting junk email...
Shetyl - 2005-08-26 06:37:24
You get some great Viagra offers.
JS - 2005-08-22 06:10:42
Spammers make me laugh! They're absurd!
ericka kane - 2005-08-21 20:05:35 is great spam
Rick - 2005-08-21 19:24:55
I love how it clogs my inbox does anyone know of the spam subscriber program? I WANT SPAM!!!! SIGN ME UP FOR EVERYTHING!!! rickien [at] seriously I'm experimenting trying to get a whole lot of spam to my inbox its gmail i'm trying to see if i'll ever be able to fill it thanks for your help everyone (don't worry i swear 150% this isn't some kinda of joke)
g0d - 2005-08-19 11:01:09
It makes my winky bigger :)
spamzilla - 2005-08-19 04:10:32
my boss really loves him up some spam. couldnt have done it without you, thanks for all the support and hard work . muhuahahahahaha.
son-of-spam - 2005-08-19 03:55:03
spam email is the root of all that is wholesome. if it were not for spam email, there could be no unwholesome. wholesome is spam. sure that is it. spam is good. spam is clean.good clean fun is spam e mail and like it.
elvis - 2005-08-19 03:52:18
spam is delicious on peanut butter and bannana sandwiches.nice clumpy treats. i especially enjoy the clotted fat, it is beautiful as it glistens in the light over the stove.
GEORGE W.BUSH - 2005-08-19 03:50:16
HILLY BILLY - 2005-08-19 03:47:39
hoa moc mien _ vietnammese - 2005-08-05 02:47:00
because i am spammer
mogu [at] - 2005-08-03 01:23:03
james_udo77 [at] - 2005-08-02 08:34:47
because i am a mugu
Edwin - 2005-08-01 16:22:43
hey humphry no one talks to me like that!!!!! u know what if u don't want to toast spam over the fire with me any more than fine!!!! be that way. but i want my i love spam butt floss back!! uve been using it tooo long!!! you r such a spam hater!!!
Edwin - 2005-08-01 16:16:57
u r soooo retarted Humphry!!! like spam makes my life complete!! spam is the only fricken reason i didn't somke or drink in high school!!! and yes world i am messed!!!!! wow that felt good to get out! will u marry me spam??
Edwin - 2005-08-01 16:09:21
I loaf spam like wonder bread!!! duhhhh!if you don't believe me ask the romans!! GO spam!
Paul - 2005-08-01 01:44:59
I used to be depressed and had death on my mind all the time, now with spam, my mind is set to deleting this great conjure of offers sent from some sort of god. Thank you spam!
Xtropez - 2005-07-30 08:58:17
I love it :)
wol - 2005-07-28 08:44:18
Because when my spam-count finally hit 3 digits per day, and my delete-key finger was swollen like a braunschweiger, I finally got off my bunz and wrote an automatic delete-key finger. So now I don't have to give spammers the finger anymore -- my computer can do it for me!
Bobbie - 2005-07-19 09:09:29
I also hate typos.
Bobbie - 2005-07-19 09:07:59
I love spam! I love getting loads of email and having to sort through all that {CENSORED} to find my <i>real</i> mail. I love the fact that I spend so much time reading them (roughly 0.0 seconds) and I love deleting them (roughly 0.2 seconds). And I LOVE SACRASM.
George A Pontifulous - 2005-07-18 17:21:55
When I was a lad, we had spam. It was pink, tasted odd and you didn't know what was in it. But it was good for ya, I mean, it brought me up in ma texas and turned me in to the grandfather I am today. As it did with my sister, who is also my wife, and mother, but now adays, we have this newfangled spam. Newfangled spam is a threat to our society, or so i'm told, and is a sin, and also foreign. Now ai don't mind foreigners, as long as they stay away from me, but to have it appearing in my letterbox, a foreign sinner! Or atleast thats what the viccar done says.
mattpurves - 2005-07-18 17:14:12
spams great cause its virus
Abraham Winkholm - 2005-07-18 17:13:17
I like spam because it Is a wholesome mixture of ham and pork, suitable fror the whole familiy and availably at your local cornerstore NOW!
Alex Harvey - 2005-07-18 17:10:39
I love spam, because before I got an email adress, I was routinely humiliated because of the small size of my manhood. But after gettting spam, I sent off for several Enlarging suplements! When they come, I'm told that I will be the envy of all my freinds!
Adam Gilbert - 2005-07-18 17:07:41
I like spam because somone singed up under the user name of spam at my forum:
Jean Grey - 2005-07-17 15:12:55
Because where else can I receive Speecial Offrs for wonderful things like: LEVlTRRA, \/ALUUM, \/llGRA, CAALlS, L0RAAZEPAM; learn to: increase my sp,erm, pe,asure, and power; and be told about: A Penny Stox Idea For You; all by wonderful ppl like: Duh A. Emporium, Psalters E. Sacristan, Your Opportunity and Tower F. Forelegs
Tim - 2005-07-13 03:30:34
I do like SPAM because I get to see a lot of different products that I wouldn't otherwise see. Thanks tims [at]
george whelan - 2005-07-05 09:08:20
I am part of the US Marketing conglomerate Offer-world. We send MMM (Mass marketing messages). many people find this mail beneficial, if you ahve a strong view on this, my personal email account is coldbass [at] . Thank you.
JIM MCCARTHY - 2005-07-04 15:40:17
K.I just got back yesterday from HAWAII.I wes their just 6 days.I was going to invite you.Then i thought you are probably afraid to fly.Buy K.
J - 2005-06-27 20:18:00
Yes, I agree with K. People who post in all caps just look childish and foolish. Grow up Jim!
K - 2005-06-25 08:08:02
Jim, of course they do. That's to fill the spambots' lists with bogus information. And you still have your caps lock key stuck. Isn't it time to move out of 1st grade?
JIM MCCARTHY - 2005-06-24 15:43:19
spamlovers - 2005-06-23 10:11:38
LOL at you loosers that love spam. I think you were f***** by your father right after birth.
Georgie - 2005-06-15 04:49:06
Spamzor me georgie_1005 [at]
Try me - 2005-06-14 08:23:04
Michael16 at mailinator
Martin Aps - 2005-06-08 05:36:05
I love spam, please send more to maps [at]
roobyridge - 2005-06-07 14:11:24
jay! You bring up a good point, though I like spam. Just because you donate and give to charity doesn't mean you have the right to pass legislation which continually rapes the planet and its resources, including the underprivaleged 3rd world labor on who's backs you intend to destroy the known world, just so you can have a better vacation next year. Thanks!
Limo Driver - 2005-06-06 09:50:46
I like spam because I'm a lonely person and nobody ever writes to me. So every time I open my email account, my heart lights up with a little warm fuzzy feeling that there may be someone who wants to talk to me... Alas, it is usually a dissapointment, but I don't despair - there is always tomorrow!
Dupek - 2005-05-29 19:09:43
Because spam likes me biuro [at] biuro [at] biuro [at]
K - 2005-05-28 06:57:54
Jim, then maybe you should stop spamming. Oh, and turn off your caps lock key. It makes you look like a blathering idiot.
Gregory - 2005-05-25 12:12:17
Go ahead and laugh, but spam is great. I just made a deal with this nigerian prince with some money he has to "hide" and I am going to get $50k out of it. YOU GUYS ARE SUCKERS!, I am going to be rich because of SPAM! Also, in about three weeks my winky is going to HUGE!
jr. kilat - 2005-05-16 06:58:16
I like spam because you know the some of the business company its really good or bad you can choose and i know the information
RGB - 2005-04-21 20:41:12
PS: SPAM is like fishing! There are alot of stupid people out there....If they are stupid enough to bite the hook then "F" them if they can't take a joke! "If you don't like what I say, then go out and commit an act of random kindness! Or crash your computer and throw your fishing poles away! Hang up the American dream. Suck Shrubs teeny weeny!
RGB - 2005-04-21 20:33:22
Because it represents the last ditch attempt to realize the American Dream. I'm sorry let me say that in other words/ {The American dream is dead! Mega corporate America and Republican greed have sucked the American dreram dry of the poor. But atleast SPAM is a last ditch attempt to give a loser a lucky break! LOL {CENSORED} America! It is a land of greed! America is the land of the big lie~ {CENSORED} George Bush Too. Pray for him to croak! Greedy Republican Americans need to learn to have empathy and share, not hoard and be closed minded. Republicans will destroy the earth with their greedy mentality. It's time for a revolution!
Amy - 2005-04-21 02:52:21
K - 2005-04-20 07:23:36
Meg, and how many times a day am i supposed to hit delete before i'm not being lazy anymore? 10? 50? 200? 1000? Some larger companies spend thousdands of dollars every day paying their employees to sit there and "just hit delete". That is NOT acceptable. YOU are paying higher prices for products you buy because the company that made them had to spend money deleting spam. Yes, it does hurt everyone.
Meg - 2005-04-19 15:52:48
SPAM HURTS NO ONE! What the f, you can't simply hit delete? Is this the laziness that America has come to be? That's sad.
Gavin - 2005-04-18 17:26:32
Spam: A sucker is born every minute, and only a sucker sucks on spam. So thanks to all the suckers who sucked on my spam.
John - 2005-04-16 23:31:27
I get messages from people to check my spam folder for great deals My friend has one and he's makng money! I want a spam folder!!! How do I get one?!?
John - 2005-04-16 23:28:19
Some eople tell mecheck my spamfolder for a special message. Where the $#% [at] is my spam folder???
spammereport - 2005-04-14 17:32:49
spammereport [at] y I like spam because it is creative and sexy. Also it keeps the old people informed about current issues. There are alot of grannies that are much happier because of spam.
Swan - 2005-04-12 12:58:45
because i can delete it
A friend - 2005-04-04 19:49:07
You can sign ppl up to it who you dont like
Evil Eye - 2005-03-24 07:40:56
E.V.A. Pharmaceutics, aka Certified Natural Laboratories, Inc is based at: 701 E. 2nd St. Wichita, KS 67202 Phone: (316)269-2623 They make and sell via MLM: Fatblast Viagra Pro Horny goat weed Maxaman Virility Patch Spermamax Cialis Soft Tabs Super HGH Uncle Rummie's Hangover pills Extreme Fat Burner Pro-Erex II Male Quick Detox, and more.
kuratkull - 2005-03-13 17:06:32
i like spam beacuse i do not get any...i like my email service provider... :) And it is fun to sign other ppl up for spam 2
Bite Me - 2005-03-11 19:26:30
I love spam. It uses up my valuable resources, I spent most of my day throwing the into the garbage. I would rather a spammer call me on the phone so I can just hang the F up.
Ace - 2005-03-09 14:18:37
Because it makes illegal drugs so easy to get from China and Canada. Everyone else is stoned but me and it makes me feel smarter.
Ace - 2005-03-09 14:16:22
Because I get to yell at ISPs and Network admins... Make the site disapear and really {CENSORED} off people. NOW THAT IS THE FUN OF SPAM! Also tasty on a ritz, but snot could be tasty on a ritz and I cant {CENSORED} to anyone about that :-(.
Satan - 2005-03-07 14:10:35
It is funny!
Art - 2005-02-27 20:52:45
Anyone who ever served in World War II or Alaska appreciates SPAM, particularly if TOASTED over an open fire.
google tester - 2005-02-25 16:52:00
Its a quick way to see how quickly my gmail account fills up!
Bigjew - 2005-02-23 10:19:55
i like spam becuase i dont get any a dont even try not to get any. only stupid people who go around thinking they are important get screwed.
Jerry - 2005-02-21 14:30:57
Nobody ever e-mails me, and I'm lonely
pinkballs - 2005-02-20 16:19:20
i love using server space. Email me all the spam you can at pinkballs
bankofspam - 2005-02-19 19:20:00
If there is someone I don't like, I can get at them by signing there email address up for spam. This is one of the few ways to get at some people anonymously, eg boss, teacher, wife, parents, etc
MIKE - 2005-02-18 21:47:46
OMFG i luv spam... Sign me up for any you want... my e-mail is mikethe1. THANX and keep SPAMMING...
Reverend HooHaa - 2005-02-17 19:17:53
Helps me pass the time of day. And keeps me away from web sites like this one:
goodman - 2005-02-16 04:51:47
goodman381 tyen it feels like i have friends
hiba - 2005-02-11 15:31:20
i hate someone
hammer_e - 2005-02-07 18:35:46
i love spam email because no one loves me. hammer_e
lollie_luv_every1 - 2005-02-05 17:21:40
mmmm spam is tasty sign me up for more!
Davis - 2005-02-04 09:26:22
I like spam - especially when people don't sign off administrative accounts on public computers. I sign them up for all the spam they can get. Then they usually learn their lesson (SIGN OFF, DAMMITT!)
Ethan Hunt - 2005-01-20 16:39:11
greg, admin BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
Ethan Hunt - 2005-01-20 16:37:21
It's the only way to test SPAM and anti-virus appliances
htpham - 2005-01-13 14:46:59
Please sign me up to the MOST SPAM ever seen in THIS GALAXY! I Freeking DESERVE IT, REALLY BAD!!!
Qifan Xi - 2005-01-09 19:37:21
you can spam gay p0rn against people that bully you at school.
K - 2005-01-02 06:02:13
JIM, maybe if you didn't spam guestbooks like this one so much, your messages wouldn't get deleted. Think about it. You're an obsessive-compulsive and you spam every guestbook & forum can find. Go read the little note in blue at the top of the page.
A - 2004-12-24 16:14:37
you can use it against people
Jamie - 2004-12-21 09:27:36
is it spam is food?
Martin Ungerwiederaton - 2004-12-15 19:08:06
Because it will destroy the WesternCivilisation TM.
Huh? - 2004-12-11 17:19:16
Why does spam prevent people fromkilling their parents?
afilias - 2004-11-27 22:55:37
we just luvz it
dee&Dee - 2004-11-24 21:46:48
i love spam, because my mailbox is always full :0
Brian "Giant Bee" Carroll - 2004-11-22 23:57:22
It prevents people from killing their parents.
akyari0011 - 2004-11-13 11:53:55
It is an excellent way to receive offers
fundo55 - 2004-11-10 02:39:15
medical reasons
Joe - 2004-11-06 01:50:01
It smells like yummy!
werido - 2004-11-06 01:48:46
it turns me on like girlfriend
Stephen - 2004-11-04 10:06:34
I love spam because it provides for the cars i drive and the houses i live in.
Spam - 2004-10-25 13:33:55
I don't like spam.
:) - 2004-10-21 12:58:17
I like Spam with ketchup.
BLANDIE - 2004-10-12 19:05:19
i like spam 2 Spread my virii, ha ha
A R Fredrick - 2004-10-11 04:13:35
cock_smoker - 2004-10-06 18:30:15
i like signing ppl up for spam as well. like this one cockgobbler that is a complete douchenozzle.
donkey's_ass_licker - 2004-10-06 18:28:17
i like signing up {CENSORED}faces up for spam so it floods their email. especially {CENSORED}ers that are gay {CENSORED}ers
TomB - 2004-10-04 07:26:12
Spamburgers. Need I say more?
Me - 2004-09-24 13:07:20
A way to get revenge is to sign them up for spam, muahahahah
Lee Wardle - 2004-09-21 07:23:53
Newsletters and email updates from sites that give away free things are totally cool. For instance if somebody sends me a cool email telling me how to get viagra or something, as it is a free market economy with free speech I like to return the favour. As my entroproneurial contact usually for some reason has a temporary email address, through the wonders of whois I find the admin email of the website that he/she/it would like me to visit and then sign them up for free emails and newsletters. I am learning to do this in various languages including Turkish, French, German and Italian, because when I send in request not to have anymore emails they do not seem to understand English. Oh! If the ISP does not respond I sign them up also. There are all kinds of variations currently I am signing an online pharmacy up to help them get info about other online pharmacies, of course not forgeting to involve the Korean ISP that host them in the fun. Sadly though you don't get to punch anybody!
revenger - 2004-09-19 12:19:50
It makes it easier to get revenge on someone for annoying you.
V1a9RA-L0V3R - 2004-09-12 06:50:37
CH3AP V1A9RA -- N0 Pr e s c ri p t10n needed!!! Fa5T Discr33t sh1pp1ng! http://iamagoodfornothingpieceofsh*
Phil Mi - 2004-08-20 12:13:24
Where else can you find one patch that makes Willie bigger, makes your breasts firmer (and more suptle), approves you for a loan, re-does the siding on your home, replaces the windows on your home with energy efficient ones, and allows you to help all those poor Nigerians distribute their money safely Thank God for SPAM
bikeyboy - 2004-08-16 22:14:11
its fun and keeps me from gettin bored. give me all you got. crazybaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabe of penny-arcade (I wish) - 2004-08-13 23:05:48
I {CENSORED}ing LOVE spam, not actually getting it, but giving it, I am by no means a mass e-mailer, I just sign certain people up for it, why? so they cahnge their {CENSORED} e-mails and have to deal with loads of new stress...
zogg - 2004-08-07 22:31:36
I like spam because it tells me how to get illicit drugs online legally...and it tells me how I can grow my {CENSORED} 12 inches larger then normal(whats a normal size for a white male who is 5'5"?)also spam tells me how to find sluts to get sex from no questions asked ...just pay a fee and u can get laid!
EVIL - 2004-07-29 23:57:51
It's pure evil! Evilness shall rule da world! MWUHAHAHA!
You - 2004-07-29 13:50:12
The only rhing good about spam is you can sign people you dont like up for it.
Phil - 2004-07-29 06:18:51
Both my pen1s and my br3asts are tiny, i have erectile dysfunction, a clogged-up colon, i'm overweight, need a mortgage, can't get enough p0rn, am losing my hair, want to play at online casinos, would love to meet people for online web-cam chats and am absolutely positive that if I send my bank details to this disgraced former Nigerian government official then he will most definitely credit my bank account with 18 million US dollars. Which can only be a good thing? Can't it?
Person - 2004-07-26 21:05:19
I like spam because im gay
Mr. Gombe - 2004-07-20 11:35:10
I love Spam with bread and mustard. Hormel makes good stuff and Spam is what's for dinner.
cool - 2004-07-13 10:49:09
is cool
the best person in the world!! - 2004-06-24 16:41:25
I like spam!! I like spam!!!I like spam!! I like spam!!!!
DerSuperSpender - 2004-06-24 12:51:10
Because spam alerts me to the existence of consumer product/porn sites/money-making opportunities which I otherwise wouldn't have purchased/visited/participated in!
Bill - 2004-06-22 15:54:04
I like spam because I can file lawsuits against the spammers, take their money, then put them out of business -- IT FEELS GOOD!
Roger - 2004-05-26 19:53:58
I love spam! Are you {CENSORED}ing nuts? Of course I hate that {CENSORED}!
Moe - 2004-05-26 19:51:36
die kanzur
- 2004-05-15 10:57:03
niet alleen bandwijdte ook hersencellen
Dhr. Bulck Spam - 2004-05-14 10:33:56
Zo zie je maar... SPAM pikt onnodige bandwijdte in.
Dhr. Bulck Spam - 2004-05-14 10:32:09
kanzure - 2004-05-13 22:52:12
Joyce - 2004-05-09 14:54:45
SPAM is a good MEAT to be eaten with toasted sandwich or with fried eggs as a breakfast. It's YUMMY.
Dave - 2004-05-09 01:32:16
SPAM THE RIAA!!!!! LETS SIGN ALL THERE EMAIL ADDRESSES UP FOR SPAM since they like to target people anonymously like 12 year olds and 80 year olds..
AdamP - 2004-05-05 19:48:26
Because all the stupid spammers get to have their messages displayed on my website, which I can then advertise as relevant in places like this. I have a special account set up where I TRY to get spam, and all that spam is available for viewing at <A HREF="">this page</A> (use it to train your filters or something).
Marcia Brady - 2004-04-27 17:21:24
I love spam because it makes me just a little more groovy than Jan and Greg. Its gonna be a sunshine day! p.s. Janet Reno is Hot I tell you! Hot! HOT! HOT!!!
Thomas - 2004-04-26 09:23:55
There's nothing cool about it. Nor is there any reason to like it. Unless you're bored.
Jim - 2004-04-20 19:30:01
I believe that sending and receiving email is a necessary activity. Certainly we have all received direct mail advertizements and offers etc. in the snail mail box of decades. This is a free enterprise system. Its just very unfortunate that it has been greatly abused. Perhaps this is simply more ecidence that we need Jesus Christ to change our heart and give us a new start.
Mentox - 2004-04-19 23:15:44
I like spam b/c in many cases the morons who send it leave a nice trail. I find it amusing to give them a reason to have to purchase a new h/d, as the old one has turned to grilled cheese
Dave - 2004-04-12 07:12:35
I like spam because i have no friends and no life and when i get spam it's like all these people like me. if you ewant to spam me email me.
FI{CENSORED}E - 2004-04-09 17:58:02
I would like to meet a spammer in person.. Maybe one day I will..
<bob> - 2004-04-01 18:59:12
<bob> likes to eat spam
RC Looke - 2004-04-01 18:13:10
I used to hate Spam with a passion. And I spent countless man-hours trying to get rid of it. But now I love it. Spam Fighting is a great hobby and I gained a lot of knowledge over the years from doing the research and writing my own automated tools in Perl and Shell Script to help me fight spam. It's been very educational! Not only that, but I get an emotional Hi everytime I get one of those S.O.B.'s kicked off the net.
yeah - 2004-04-01 11:50:23
I can put people i don't like on their mailers!
Marie - 2004-03-16 09:27:01
Gives me something to be mad at other than drivers who don't signal, my customers who lie, and my neighbors who can't shut up!
Jeff Lester - 2004-03-11 13:52:00
Dear sirs- Spam has had an enormous impact on the length, thickness, and firmness of my erections. I also now make thousands of dollars a week from home in my spare time. My mortgage interest rate is lower than it has been in over 40 years. I have satisfied my desire to make a difference in the world by sending $30 to the 5 people whose names are above mine on the list, and there are barely legal busty babes all over the country who want to fellate my longer thicker firmer penile erections. I feel very blessed to receive the spam that I do, and I hope that everyone gets to experience the richness which it has added to my life. Sincerely - Jeff Lester
Toma - 2004-03-04 09:59:16
It gives me a reason to live. Even tho if my reason to live is to torture and murder all spammers. Go life!
tooamused - 2004-03-03 17:32:56
It usually sucks, but sometimes you get gems like: "Hi, my name is Tabitha... I just turned 18, which is great! Because my favorite hobby is sucking cock!!!"
freekyfcker - 2004-03-03 11:46:57
i love getting spamed..its feels like having sex with whores.
Derek - 2004-03-01 21:36:48
I like spam because I would like to how do it and send my email address to all the lonely horny women on the planet. Can anyone help me? Are there any single girls out there who would like to get laided?
chris - 2004-02-28 22:11:17
I feed spam to my little brother when he is sleeping with his mouth open
GaLoNzO - 2004-02-28 16:27:03
I like spams because I can say about my web site in spams, but I haven,t good spamer warm :-(
Leggerdemain - 2004-02-24 21:22:35
Spam reminds us every day that there is an extraordinary amount of deceipt, corruption, larceny, fraud, predatory behavior, and filth on the net -- and in the world. It keeps us on our toes, keeping us from the comfortable "Leave It To Beaver" perception that the net is essentially good and wholesome. Spam reminds us that when the freedom to act is not tempered by the responsibility to do no harm, that it is the duty of societies to forcibly kerb outrageous and damaging behaviours. Spam reminds us that there are many, many incorrigible, evil people, who have no possible redeeming qualities, whose very lives are a waste of resources, people who should be simply dragged from their desks and butchered in the streets, their bodies left to rot and be eaten by the ravens, the dogs, and the maggots.
Spam-lover - 2004-02-21 22:33:01
Nobody send me email. Now I get tons of mail! I love it!
Hardly Smith - 2004-02-20 10:57:39
I'd always wanted to bust down walls with my huge cock. Thanks to spam I'm now able to do that. I love spam.
Sexy_kiss_xox [at] - 2004-02-07 21:27:35
Avitar - 2004-02-04 16:18:35
Only in the US can jobs be made from treating only the symptom of problems which must be updated regularly because of moronic corrupt politicians are getting kickbacks from it. SPAM is the new lifeblood of politics... note that all Spam laws make political organizations immune to procesution.
Arnoud - 2004-01-30 09:00:55
Better report him to his provider instead of taking steps that wont solve the issue.
Need HELP! - 2004-01-05 18:18:21
I need someone to help me subscribe an email to as much spam as humanly possible. And you sound like the perfect peoplefor the job. This is the email of a guy who took my profile on a website, copied it onto another profile, made it gay, and put my pictures up, he is also threatening other people who live in my area, this obviously cannot comeout good for me, he forgot one important detail, to hide his email address. So I would like to make some payback... Please help. picassosingle That's his email, please mass spam his *** . -Thanks!
FlapJack - 2004-01-05 10:47:12
I like spam because it serves as a free monitoring tool for my mail server. Basically, if I stop receiving spam it means that I need to go check my exchange server to be sure it has not blue-screened.
mattdaddy - 2003-12-19 23:19:50
i like it cause it's kind of hard to find stuff for hermaphrodites who need bigger breasts and a {CENSORED} enlargement patch, as well as helping me with my non-existent credit card debt.
Jozef Magnuska - 2003-12-14 01:53:13
Because I love to make money from the work of others GANDI SARL is my heroe!!
Omoghene Obahor - 2003-12-13 17:52:04
Spam is great!!! I love filling my mailbox!!! mogino2003 [at] Houston, TX
Headshrinker - 2003-12-12 10:50:59
When Reichsfuerer Ashcroft and the Right-Wing-Reactionary-Raceist-Religious-Nut-Cult Party and its Political Police (currently called FBI) finally have installed their so called "anti-terrorist" snoopware throughout the Internet, and can monitor every keystroke on your computer, as well as censor everything in cyberspace, no one will need to worry about "spam" - except that indoctrination propaganda they'll be ramming down your throats that is. Free speech is always a two-way cutting sword; and I'll take "spam" over censorship in these United States any day!
poor nigerian - 2003-12-08 10:44:00
It helpd my third World country get money from suckers
spam lover - 2003-12-04 02:52:24
it gives u coll things in ur mail bnox like how to make money please send me some more spam
kadie - 2003-12-03 19:26:20
I love spam, I have a collection of it, especially porn, hell I dont have to pay for it that way and some of it is just {CENSORED} amusing, heh. I have a boring life I guess, but I find pleasure in it, It keeps me company in the middle of the night:-) so if you like, send *me* your spam! kadie {}
list man - 2003-12-02 09:33:13
you people need to stop posting all the domain registrars in guestbooks , you are starting to corrupt our lists
AgentSmith - 2003-11-30 00:24:37
The best thing about spam is that I can command the respect of my peers by simply replying and getting my very own PhD from an "unregistered" where else could you find that kind of opportunity?
Greg - 2003-11-24 02:50:47
I don't hate my spammer he seems to have only good intentions for me. I would like to return all the wonderfull offers he has sent me. First I have been offered an extra 3 inches 200 times in the last 2 months So I would like to stretch his tottie 15 meters. Then I would like to feed him about half a ton of viagra. All the doors he has opened for me, will then be open to him (If he can get through them that is)
The Spamanizer - 2003-11-23 12:35:53
Can I Treet you with some more Spam?
Rick Needham - 2003-11-22 00:44:48
I love to play golf ... in the last 3 months, somehow, my email address is now on an incredible "golf-spam-list" and I have received numerous offers for clubs, equipment, gold balls etc ... all claiming to take "X-number" of strokes off my game ... my "weekend score" is about 87 .. OK .. 96 ... now I realize that if I purchased all of the "spam accessories" (just added it up ... $945.00) ... my weekend score would drop to 42 for an 18-hole round ... eat your heart out Tiger .. my $945.00 is in the mail (can't trust email anymore) ... I'll be on "The Tour" in Feb!!! Rick Harrisburg, PA
mer25 - 2003-11-20 14:42:38
I love getting spam. Only good e-mail I ever get
Famous Anus - 2003-11-18 20:23:31
Spam lets me dream of having bigger, firmer, and longer lasting erections. And all the hot babes who are hungry for my chili pepper (which, by now, is of gigantic proportions.) Unlimited prescriptions drugs without the bother of actually being seen by a doctor. Hell, if it's good enough for Rush Limpbaugh, it's good enough for me. Reality seems so bland by comparison. Did I mention that I like to dump in my trousers for the nice, warm feeling it gives me? Do I have room to mention that the A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberties Union) actually supports the rights of spammers to send us spam? It's true. Call and ask them. They have a web site, and email address, but after the first time I wrote to tell them to shove the spam up their collective a_holes, they put me on their spam blocking list. Can we all say "hypocrite" Someone told me that Microsoft donates big bucks to the ACLU and pressures them to block anti-spam legislation because Microsoft wants to sell spam-blocking software, and if spam goes away, so will
dapro's personal ethics coach - 2003-11-17 11:53:22
I like Spam because it's nice chopped up and fried in scrambled eggs. I don't like dapro because he is a moron. Why dapro is a moron 1: TV is not email. My mom doesn't hire actors and writers, build sets, and produce and direct an episode of a TV program if she wants me to come over and mow her lawn. Why dapro is a moron 2: Email is not a broadcast medium. Email must be addressed to specific people. Why dapro is a moron 3: Nobody has to pay to watch broadcast TV. That's why there are ads. Why dapro is a moron 4: Billboards are on someone else's private property, not mine. If they appear on my property, I will sue the trespasser who put them there. Why dapro is a moron 5: To unsubscribe from TV ads, click the OFF button on your tv. Why dapro is a moron 6: To unsubscribe from newspaper ads, unsubscribe from the newspaper. Why dapro is a moron 7: "With online spam at least I can hit delete." Yes, after you've already paid for the services that bring it to you, you can then delete the unwanted junk. After a dog t
K - 2003-11-14 21:31:41
dapro: you're missing the point. You DO opt in to TV commercials when you turn on the television. You know in advance that that is how the television show is funded. You DO opt in to newspaper ads when you buy the newspaper because you know that's how the newspaper funds most of it's production. Graffiti and billboards are in public and they don't intrude into your private domain. Real junk mail, well, i'll agree with you that that is a problem; but it's not terribly bad because the senders pay for it, not you. Email spam, that's the true menace because it wastes your time and your resources and it doesn't have to be there for you to access the internet. It invades your personal domain uninvited.
dapro - 2003-11-14 17:44:09
Offline spam is worse than online spam. Yet people don't put in as much effort to stop tv commercials, billboards, flyers, real junk mail, graffiti, etc. I never opted in to any of it and there is absolutely no way to unsubscribe. With online spam at least I can hit delete. With offline spam it just stays there or becomes litter. Don't believe the hype!!!!
Werewolf - 2003-11-13 15:16:52
I love spam because it feeds my Bayesian spam filter, keeping it healthy :)
Jerry - 2003-11-07 20:50:11
Spam serves to remind us that we are nothing but clever apes and that there is no God. Or that Satan's influence is strong. Or...
suga_luv7 - 2003-11-06 15:59:03
I love spam, it helps out the economy! Give me more!
Lisa - 2003-10-31 00:54:30
Beer..not for long..your days are numbered!
BeerShtz - 2003-10-29 12:46:34
SPAM creates jobs!
Sam Spamhater - 2003-10-27 00:25:29
I like spam because it reveals the unethical people of the world.
I_GET_EVEN - 2003-10-16 16:52:41
I love to send email. I love it so much that I spam every spammer with 50 emails each twice a day. I am nice enough though to use my own server and a valid return email.
LLPUP - 2003-10-15 02:39:51
419-abuser - 2003-10-08 17:01:06
Because I drag 419 scamsters along as long as possible and let them pay to call me on the phone.
romanianjoker - 2003-10-02 11:56:59
I like spam cuz it is a part of a biz, so makes a lot of work places, like this site, BTW.
Tennis Spammer - 2003-09-30 22:13:11
I like spam cause I don't get any.... clubtennistb
DUSTYGRIMES - 2003-09-27 23:02:17
oh I dont like it sorry, would love to Pillory about 100 Spammers and telemarkwters,in the downtown square so people could come by and spit on them
4U2NVMe - 2003-09-16 18:46:28
To spam the people i hate
NANAE-phobe - 2003-09-15 14:10:49
If you've ever visited NANAE ( and read some of their extreme attitudes toward spam, you'd like it, too. Think about it: an entire group dedicated to stamping out or blacklisting something over which they have no control. Try adding a post to their group if you're not a "regular". You'll be blacklisted for not cowtowing to every network admin in the group. They'll track down your post, finger your email address, nslookup your domain, and block YOUR entire IP block for blinking in their direction. And spammers are supposed to be the bad guys. Sheesh!
Mikhail - 2003-09-15 14:05:39
I love to see all the advertisements flowing through my inbox. Ah, ecommerce in motion! That's music to my ears.
Brian - 2003-09-15 14:04:29
I like spam because I track down the "offending" website and add their contact emails to the "Sign up for free spam" list at Lets some spammers get a taste of their own yummy medicine. Of course, I'm really only signing up the clueless website owners who are stupid enough to trust spammers with "millions" email lists.
davewilliams4c - 2003-09-14 10:11:12
If {CENSORED} arent clever enough to deal with it, why should people with brains care. What are they gonna complain about next ? Birds crapping.
Giustino - 2003-09-10 13:48:20
Reasons I'm here: reason number the first) I also hate pink B) Technically I send spam III) I love deleting stuff FOUR) When a river comes upon a rock, it flows around it. Spam will always be an impedement but flow around it and you'll eventually wear it down.
andrew - 2003-09-07 19:23:14
rhonda remember that the spammer mostly uses an other persons account
David L - 2003-09-01 13:49:54
mike - 2003-08-27 10:00:16
I want some people I know to be spammed, where can i find online forms where I can fill multiple emails? I don't want to write to spammers because they will spamme too, just online forms. thanks
Me... - 2003-08-15 14:38:08
It gives me a job... so I can sit all day, read spam that annoys my users, and add it to my black list. To bad it actually takes away all my time so I can't even fix my network problems.
omnipoint marketing - 2003-08-10 01:12:36
We get money to shovel out the spam , and shovel it out we do .
Rhonda - 2003-08-01 00:43:31
I just track it back to the spammer..and send them 20x the mail I get!
steve - 2003-07-22 18:05:30
i sign up a gay kid for a lot of porn spam.... its funny!
The Magic Mullet - 2003-07-22 02:48:46
I make a lot of money off of spamming people to sell stuff off my website, so it's good for me. That's the only reason spam exists, people - it's capitalism and intrusive marketing at their finest.
JB - 2003-07-17 14:48:08
I'm kinda into porn and I'm happy to learn about the myriad and plethora of opportunities available to me.
SPAMhater #1 - 2003-07-16 15:54:40
LOL 2face!
2face - 2003-07-05 19:28:40
I dont like SPAM but I hate pink and wanted to be on the green side of this board.
acid_man - 2003-06-03 02:16:54
we can spam the hell out of a**holes
field - 2003-05-28 09:34:22
send me alllll your spamm guys alexfield
Reply to You're Just Jealous - 2003-05-17 10:48:15
You mean that nice widow of the old prime minister of Nigeria who's husband just died and she wants to save the millions he left her by putting them in a US bank acct with my name in it ISN'T REAL? I feel so USED!!!
K - 2003-05-08 16:08:47
Hkan Brkan: try this on for size:
Hkan Brkan - 2003-05-08 08:40:01
Is there any website there u can sign up 4 spam? helsingborgsaktionen
chris - 2003-05-06 19:02:32
It tastes good!
6 Months after purchase - 2003-05-05 20:38:38
what meat would you prefer - Spam or pork chops - when you only have a mini-fridge canned foods come in handy.
You're just jealous! - 2003-05-05 20:25:25
All you folks envy me because I can refinance my home without going to a bank, extend my manhood by 5 inches, lose my belly with prescription diet pills & my bad attitude with antidepressants without ever going to a doctor, get really legitimate insurance without talking to a broker, go to Cancun for free, earn thousands in my spare time from home just by reading email and hundreds of hot, sexy, single ladies want me. I even have anonymous associates in Nigeria who are going to get me millions of dollars! It must be true - my email tells me so...
Spam isn't so bad... - 2003-05-02 20:27:17
Kam,Prem & Klik are much worse - although regular canned ham or corned beef still beat Spam hands down in sandwiches.
HooHaa (What? You wanted a REAL name?) - 2003-04-27 18:05:37
On a dreary, rainy day, one can while away the time signing up all the morons who are stupid enough to post REAL email addresses in "spam" messages on message boards and forums. Just use a web proxy site and the "remove" addresses the spammers are so kind to send. Voila! They are now on never-ending, ever-generating mailing lists! Also a great source for signing up message board/forum morons for even more spam is at:
Zed - 2003-04-08 13:44:54
I like SPam . . . . but only Spamlite. THe Original Spam is too salty
Use for spam - 2003-04-07 14:23:19
Signup enemies for spam
Spam em - 2003-03-15 07:13:16 The spammers like it so give em some
Kelly - 2003-03-13 08:29:54
It reminds me of my dad. He always used to make the best spam sandwiches for me when i was a kid. I miss him so much!
Torrey - 2003-03-06 14:44:23
well now that we are talking about the food, spam is good. Fry it and put some cheese and ketchup or mayonaise on it, mmmmm mmmmm what a treat.
Tertlejuniorette - 2003-03-05 19:45:55
Oh here's another reason, because I like to see that funny spam commercial on tv :D heeheehee
CubCake - 2003-03-05 18:26:02
I like spam because you can burn it MUUAAAHHAHAHAHAA! *8) I like fire* I mean...I like to set spam on fire...I MEAN! *hehehe*
caveman - 2003-03-05 13:28:17
I love Spam. One type is made here in Minnesota even. But the type I think we are talking about here is unwanted/unsilicited Emails. The good thing about spam is it lets me know there are 1000's of beautiful women out there that love me and want to meke me happy. It also gives me a lot of ways that I can become a Millionaire if I want to. IT also shows me there are lots of new and exciting products out there that I can buy. all in all spam iss good for my male EGO ;)
firekid - 2003-03-05 01:27:35
i like spam, it gives me something to laugh at when ive had a bad day, and if it wasnt for spam id rarely get mail. Most of the time i delete it, but sometimes it gets me laughing so hard i start hurting. :-) but nobody said i was normal anyway.
Placid - 2003-03-04 20:59:15
but I also agree with Baby, it's better than no mail at all. Especially when you get really bored...
Barb - 2003-03-03 22:21:40
i guess it's better than no mail at all? LOL NOT!!!
Chuckles - 2003-03-03 20:32:33
I like Spamwiches!
WunderTertle - 2003-03-03 19:55:28
I love it toasted over a campfire! It's quite delicious :)