A flight attendant explains the sinister reason why you shouldn’t use toilet paper on board

Stewardess and TikToker Flight Bae B explained why you should always avoid toilet paper in airplane toilets.

I think we can all agree that we prefer not to use the toilets on board the low cost airline you have booked.

But sometimes it can’t be helped. So whether you’re coming back from Ibiza or Belfast, you’ll want to hear this one.

Flight Bae B often shares her top tips for travelers on the social media site and her recent video is literally causing a stir.

The Tiktoker explains that you should always “use tissue paper instead of toilet paper, and here’s why.”

“When turbulence hits and little boys and little girls, well little boys, pointing and shooting, you know, pointing and shooting everywhere.

“It usually ends up on the toilet paper.” Pleasant.

Credit: Alamy

The stewardess added, “If you don’t want that stuff in your lower regions, the tissue paper that’s usually on top […] it’s cleaner.”

This is not the only advice offered by the flight attendant, as she also has very useful advice for hotel stays.

As you can imagine, flight attendants spend a lot of time on layovers and have picked up some helpful tips during their stays.

Flight Bae B’s first offer is to check your room.

It sounds scary, but it’s super sensible if you think about it, with the content creator urging guests to open their door and check under their bed, behind the shower curtain, and anywhere else for any “unwanted guests during that your door is still open, in case you need to call for help.

You know, like you’ve been in this hotel for The brilliant.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

The stewardess also says you should check your room for cameras “to see if there are any weird thugs there.”

And if that wasn’t scary enough, she urges, “Don’t divulge what hotel you’re staying at; the city is awesome, they’re asking you what city you’re staying in, lie.

“Don’t post anything on social media until you’re gone. People are weird and they do weird things.”

The content creator said fellow airmen shouldn’t share their layover hotels at all, because people could sneak up on other aircrew in the future.

After hearing all this, I could stay home.

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