sipping cocktails with robot bartenders aboard the world’s largest cruise ship

If you thought a cruise was a means of transport to visit port cities, prepare to be surprised.

It is a curious experience to embark on a cruise. Especially if you do it on board the largest cruise ship today, the famous Wonder of the Seas from the Royal Caribbean company. Among the many experiences and Activities you can do on board, we stand out for its technological component. We had the opportunity to learn a little more about most innovative bar of the cruise and here we leave you our personal experience order drinks from a place that, instead of servers, has a pair of robotic arms serving guests.

The so-called Bionic Bar is one of the sights of the Wonder of the Seas

Technology, cocktails and surprises in a bar seen shortly before

Located in the central area of ​​the ship, on the 5th floor, the Bionic bar turns out to be a little corner that few people frequent, both for its tight opening hours and for the enigmatic nature of its operation. A Crew memberdespite the fact that we are facing a cutting edge technological bar, is always ready to attend to passengers and to explain the operation of the bar. As you can see in the video that we show below these lines, the bar is occupied by the server robotswhose names are Mingle and Mix, while the rest of the space is distributed with a few the tables and the tablets who will serve as a liaison with the waiters to order the drinks.

The use devices is enough intuitive. The first thing the customer must do is to analyse his guest cardall passengers have one, even the youngest children, in the terminal and enter the Date of Birth, both to access the system, as a security measure to prevent underage drinking. After this screen, the system will offer you the possibility to Create a new drinkcheck previously created drinks, take a look at cocktails Bionic signaturethe most special, or try some of the drinks Bionic Classicthe most popular among users.

System security does not allow ordering drinks from minors

System security does not allow ordering drinks from minors

order cocktails that are already in the system is very easy. All you have to do is access the option that appeals to you the most, Signature or Classic, and select the drink that best suits your tastes or that catches your eye the most. Moreover, it is curious to see how in the Mirrors sides of the bar, which also act as a filteryou can know the beverages which are prepared in real timeas good as statistics of the most popular cocktails at the Bionic Bar.

There are several ways to order drinks at the Bionic Bar

There are several ways to order drinks at the Bionic Bar

The livehowever, ask personalized cocktails It wasn’t as good as expected. The treat is the same as intuitivebeing able to add different elements such as ice, alcohol, flavored drinks and small additions that give a special touch to the drink, although for some reason that escapes us during the final payment and while waiting for the robots to prepare the drink, the order ended up being canceled. One of our suspicions was to verify that the custom cocktails that we had created were considerably less expensive, approximately 7 eurosthat the Signature or Classicwhich had an average cost of 15 euros. Chance?

Custom cocktails can be created using the bar's touch screen

Custom cocktails can be created using the bar’s touch screen

Curiosities aside, the treat moved to the side screens of mirror when accepting the order, being able to check the estimated waiting time, the drinks that remained to be prepared, the remaining steps before finishing the current cocktail or the type of ingredients that were incorporated into the concoction bionic. Once finish your preparationa Attention appeared on the screens, indicating the number to which you had to go. Use of the card invited to the bar number indicated, the beverage was moved to hands lucky people customer.

There are pre-created options to choose your bionic drink

There are pre-created options to choose your bionic drink

Without a doubt, the live at the Wonder of the Seas Bionic Bar turned out extremely interestingwith problems what were they beautifully repaired by the crew members and with a different way of consuming all kinds of drinks, including some non-alcoholic ones, on board a cruise which stands out, not only for being the largest in the world, but also for offering endless activities, experiences and fun forget about the mainland for a week.

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