The best aprons of 2022, according to chefs and bartenders

Hedley & Bennett aprons are universally adored by chefs. Many people interviewed for this article mentioned how much they love Hedley & Bennett’s 100% cotton aprons. The Waxman apron is coated with soy wax, uses 12.5 oz cotton and has sturdy leather straps. Like all Hedley & Bennett aprons it is easily customizable and you can add embroidery and patches to yours. As F&W GM Michelle Edelbaum notes, “I love the durable fabric and the long ties, the cute patterns and, of course, the pockets!”

Hedley & Bennett aprons are guaranteed for life, but pay attention to their care instructions. The Waxman apron should not be washed and should be treated with linen wax after general wear. (Other unwaxed aprons are great in the washing machine, I can vouch for.) It has a good amount of storage – pen pockets at the top and hip pockets. On the more expensive side, these aprons certainly last practically forever, so a Hedley & Bennett apron is a good investment apron.

Mike and Eylonah Strauss of Mike’s BBQ love aprons from Hedley & Bennett. “We love Hedley & Bennett’s Waxman Apron in Woodland Camo because it’s super durable and stain resistant. [Ours] even have a Mikes BBQ logo on each. [Eylonah wears] the Grateful Dead apron. This one is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. The design is colorful and welcoming.” Revolution Taco’s Carolyn Nguyen is also a big fan of the brand’s essential aprons, which celebrate collaborations with other brands and artists and come in multiple colors and patterns. only have one! I’ve had it for a while—at least six or seven years. It’s comfortable going up and down stairs, and the fabric is so light it’s easy to move around in.”

I was shocked that Nguyen managed to keep her Hedley & Bennett apron looking like new, considering all the tasks she juggles while wearing it. “I wear it while cutting, preparing the mise en place for special dishes, packing catering orders. I wear it on the line all the time. For our Peking Duck Taco, I bake the duck for 24 hours, I entrust it for 6 hours, choose the meat, finish the duck on the flat top, add plum sauce, ginger, coleslaw, pickled oyster mushrooms, sesame seeds – all this splashes the apron! Especially the duck fat!- frying, getting splashed on the steam tables, cleaning the truck and its fryers. But I just wash it in the machine and put it in the dryer.

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